Ethereal Crystals Reiki

Ethereal Crystals Reiki

Beyond her certification as a Master of Crystology, Elizabeth has been attuned to give Ethereal Crystals Reiki, that is, she can send the energy of a crystal anywhere, and that energy will remain until it is no longer needed. Because this is Divine energy, it can be up to 400 times stronger than the energy of the physical gemstone itself. Other advantages are that an etheric stone will never “roll off” and it can be placed where physical stones cannot: in a chakra, for example!

If you desire to have ethereal crystals placed for yourself, please contact Elizabeth for a consultation. An ethereal crystals consultation lasts about 15-20 minutes, and includes placement of 5 different crystals from the extensive list below (please scroll down) anywhere you like: favorite options are chakras, aura, home, office, organs, and limbs (in hands for healers, in legs and feet for those who have trouble staying embodied and grounded to the Earth). Please have your choices made ahead of time, though there will be a few minutes to ask Elizabeth her opinion if you are wavering between 2 options.

You can purchase your initial or follow-up consultation here. Initial consultations run slightly longer, so you’ll receive a promo code to use on future consultations at this link as well.

Ethereal Crystals Consultation with Placement of Up to 5 Stones:




bowl of crystals


Following is the list of  crystals and gemstones along with Ole Gabrielson’s descriptions of their properties (you will note they differ somewhat from others’ descriptions, but that is perfectly normal; I have added some information in italics where I felt it was useful):

ALEXANDRITE– A green form of Chrysoberyl. Encourages regeneration, renewal, protection, joy, emotional maturity, purity, grace and elegance. This stone got its name because it was discovered in Russia on the birthday of Tsar Nicholas’s son Alexander. It is a rare stone that changes color in natural light from green to violet and back again.

AMAZONITE– A green or blue-green member of the Feldspar clan. Inspires truth, sincerity, honor, self-love, communication, eloquence, integrity, trust, clairvoyance, clarity, prophecy and openness. Held to the third eye (middle of forehead), Amazonite unlocks psychic vision. A water element stone (for emotions). Keyword: Personal Truth.

AMBER– Solidified and petrified sap from a pine tree. Its color is golden or amber. Amber brings romantic love, purification, wisdom, energy and balance. It enhances patience, altruism, strength, calmness, healing, remembrance of past lives and ancient knowledge. This gentle stone draws out negative energy from the body and purifies the spirit and heart as well. Amber also helps us discover ancient wisdom and knowledge. Also works as a pain-reliever.

AMETHYST– Quartz. Ranges in color from violet to dark purple. Amethyst is associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, psychic abilities, inner peace, healing and positive transformation. This stone brings an understanding of death and rebirth and relieves stress. Amethyst is a teacher of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. This stone is very healing of body, mind and soul. Keyword: Divine Connection.

APACHE TEARS– Small, dark, smoky-translucent Obsidian pebbles. Eases and releases pain, loss, sadness, anger, to help heal and go on with life. For looking within, protection, vision quest/purpose. gently grounds and unblocks lower body and endocrine glands/chakras. Helps healing. Represents tears of grief shed by Native American women after their loved ones’ deaths due to invading troops.

APOPHYLLITE  – Clear, white, light green striated crystals. Helps one connect to spirit and act in truth. Very powerful for deep, peaceful stillness and alpha state/meditation/dream recall. Clairvoyance, out of body travel. Green is most powerful: Heals and brings joyous openness to the heart Chakra as it opens the brow and crown chakras. Clears mental fuzziness and channels for higher-self + angelic realm contact. Helps see truth for growth. Mirror Apophyllite has the additional reflective qualities of being able to receive back what intentions are sent into the “mirror’ of this stone. It has been used for centuries in India in the “art of gazing”. One Mirror Apophyllite is usually passed down from generation to generation. It is often called upon to reflect doings from the past to its user, in order to see both the good and the bad aspects of a families’ past. Allowing the gazer to be aware of and work on improving the deficiencies from within. It provides a clear and absolute connection between the physical bodies and the astral bodies of its user. Mirror Apophylite is an extremely powerful crystal and will also enrich the users’ intuitive capacities by stimulating the Third Eye Chakra.

AQUAMARINE– A blue-green member of the Beryl clan. Associated with cleansing, meditation, serenity, peace, prophecy, inspiration, tranquility, strength and the wise use of inner power. This stone is attuned to the ocean and helps us to get in touch with the nature spirits of the sea. It is traditionally used to soothe, calm and alleviate fears and phobias. Promotes safe travel on water.

AVENTURINE– Quartz. Ranges in color from golden brown to green. Enhances creativity, imagination, independence, prosperity, career success, calmness and balance. It helps us to see alternatives and potentials. Green aventurine is considered to be especially healing of mind and body.

AZURITE– A dark blue, metallic mineral. Augments clear understanding, cleansing, healing, transformation, perspective, purification, patience, kindness, intuition, prophecy and truth. This stone offers spiritual guidance, promotes psychic dreams, unites the subconscious with the conscious mind and expands the limits of our minds. A wind element stone, for the intellect, great for the Third Eye. Keyword: Insight.

BLOODSTONE– Quartz. A dark green Chalcedony with red flecks. Also called Heliotrope. Brings rain, abundance, alignment, organization, smooth energy flow, generosity, idealism, good fortune and purification. It is good to keep a bloodstone in any place that needs its energy cleansed. A good grounding earth-element stone. Called the Stone of the Spiritual Warrior. Keyword: Courage. Also associated with Christ-Consciousness. Strengthens the blood in particular.

BLUE LACE AGATE  – is associated with hope, unity, cleansing, harmony, protection, optimism, positive thinking, appreciation for nature, smooth energy flow, joy, truth, purification and promptness. Makes us more easygoing.

BOJISTONES- Iron-magnetite concretion. Solid round, grey-brown discs with high iron. Grounding, electromagnetic. Balances body’s energy field. Many have found they reduce pain by holding 1 in each hand. Recharges electrically in sun. (Store bojis apart –otherwise they will magnetically neutralize each other. Also wearing/holding with tiger’s eye or other stone containing asbestos may bring on ill feeling.) Rough “male” and smooth “female” stones both have + and – charge.

BOTSWANA AGATE– Quartz. A banded agate that is said to augment protection, fertility, sensuality, sexuality, passion, artistic expression and emotional comfort. It is said to be one of the best stones to provide support during periods of change and transition.

GOLD CALCITE– is said to deepen intellect, memory, wisdom, psychic abilities, astral projection, channeling and higher consciousness. Great for students!!

GREEN CALCITE  – promotes healing, mental balance and communication between the intellect and the emotions.

CARNELIAN– Quartz. A form of Chalcedony. Its color is reddish-orange or brown. Carnelian is linked with emotional warmth, sociability, creativity, individuality, memory, appreciation of nature, harmony, courage, happiness, self-esteem, rebirth, reincarnation and past life recall. This stone calms our fears about death and rebirth, bringing serenity and acceptance of the great cycle of life.Keyword: Action!

CHALCEDONY– Quartz. Usually gray, but may also be brown, black, blue or white. Augments emotional balance, vitality, stamina, endurance, energy, intensity, hardiness, nurturance, generosity, liveliness, kindness, charity and friendliness.

CHAROITE– Purple, solid. Newly coming into greater use. Works with Indigo & violet Chakra to transmute/lift us out of emotions, fear. Seeing old patterns with new possibilities. Opens heart, inspiration, service, seeing clearly (mentally, physically, psychically), faster healing. Some find useful also for entity release work and Alcohol/liver detoxification. This is a fascinating stone with swirling patterns of Purple, black, white and sometimes specks of orange. A wind-element stone (for the mind) that reminds me of Halloween. Keyword: Path of Service.

CHRYSOCOLLA– A blue-green member of the quartz clan. Also known as Gem Silica. Is associated with tranquility, serenity, peace, subconscious wisdom, intuition, patience, nurturance, acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, calmness, meditation, honesty, hope, intimacy, gentleness and sensitivity. Keyword: Sacred Sounds.

CITRINE– A golden yellow quartz. Augments happiness, prosperity, generosity, creativity, pleasure, protection, strength, alignment, confidence, stability, moderation, energy, comfort, career success, truth, goodness, warmth, digestion, assimilation, enjoyment of life and spiritual growth. This is a stone of success in all walks of life. Citrine also absorbs negativity in the environment and transmutes it to joy! Keyword: Manifestation.

CRYSTAL(CLEAR QUARTZ) – One of earth’s most common minerals. It is also known as rock crystal or quartz crystal. Clear quartz crystals facilitate wisdom, clarity of thought, general healing, memory, meditation, communication, transformation, awakening, cleansing, pureness of heart, intention, higher consciousness, positive thoughts, harmony and love. This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations. Clear Quartz may be abundantly available, but it is no run-of-the-mill stone. It is also known as the Master Healer, in part because it can be programmed via intention to do anything you want! Keyword: Clarity.

SINGLE TERMINATED CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL – Among the most common of crystals out there today. Good for amplification, storage, focusing, transfer and transformation of energy. It can be used to clear, heal, attract and protect. Good for the 3rd eye. Clear Quartz with one terminated (pointy end) and one plain (flat) end. Terminated end focuses the power like a laser.

DOUBLE TERMINATED CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Crystals that are naturally faceted at both ends. Promote psychic ability, dream recall and are balancing to body, mind and spirit. They allow easier access to the meditative states, the spirit world and to our own inner feelings and creativity. Energy can run in either direction with a DT crystal.

DIAMOND– The color is generally clear. The CLEAR DIAMOND is said to bond relationships, and encourage innocence, love, longevity, balance, clarity, profundity, abundance, courage, purity, hope and discernment and fertility. This stone helps us get to the essence of things. BLACK DIAMONDS grant us the courage to look within without illusion. BLUE DIAMONDS inspire us to take better care of our health and strengthen will power. PINK DIAMONDS foster creative expression. YELLOW DIAMONDS make us more thoughtful and considerate.

EMERALD– A green member of the Beryl clan. Emeralds promote love, romance, joy, cleansing, clairvoyance, clear vision, memory, faith, intuition, serenity, intelligence and communication. This is a truth-promoting stone, inspiring deep knowing from within. The classic heart-chakra stone!

FIRE OPAL– Inspires dynamic energy, intensity, passion, emotional expressiveness.

FLUORITE– Commonly white, yellow, blue, green, purple or a mixture of these colors. Fluorite fosters truth, intellect, consciousness, aura cleansing and protection. BLUE FLUORITE calms the emotions. PURPLE FLUORITE increases spiritual balance and mystic visions. YELLOW FLUORITE nurtures wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. WHITE FLUORITE builds purity of spirit. Fluorite is a very protective stone, especially offering psychic protection. Keyword: Self-Discipline.

RED GARNET– inspires romantic love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, energy, past life recall, career success, social popularity and self confidence. Helps us become more productive and achievement-oriented. Great for the Root Chakra. Keyword: Prosperity.

HEMATITE– An iron ore. Reddish, gray or black. Hematite enhances focus, concentration, will-power, reliability, courage, confidence, optimism, trust, balance and stability. This stone has been traditionally considered to have a beneficial effect on legal situations. Hematite is one of the most grounding stones available, and can protect you from negativity by reflecting it straight back to its source. Keyword: Manifest Light.

JADE– Most often green, but can come in a variety of colors. All jade augments longevity, fertility, serenity, wisdom, practicality, tranquility, balance, peace, harmony, moderation, perspective, equilibrium and stability. This is a stone that helps us understand our dreams and teaches us to live in harmony with the laws of nature and spirit. BLACK JADE offers protection from negativity and fosters the wise use of power. BLUE JADE inspires meditation. BUTTERFAT JADE brings relaxation. LAVENDER JADE inspires love, optimism and beauty. ORANGE JADE enhances energy and protection. WHITE JADE fosters practical application of spirituality. YELLOW JADE is linked with assimilation, digestion, understanding and empathy.

RED JASPER– Quartz. Red, yellow or brown Chalcedony. Jasper is associated with relaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing, consolation, tranquility, completion, wholeness, healing and gentle endings. This stone is good for those who need more organizational abilities.

KUNZITE– A pink to light violet member of the Spodumene clan. Kunzite is associated with gentleness, friendliness, self-discipline, emotional balance, inner love, maturity, security, calmness, openness and moderation. This stone helps us to attract gentle friends and teaches us to combine compassionate self-love with discipline. Keyword: Gratitude.

KYANITE– Instant balance, Protection of chakras. Kyanite is an excellent stone to have around you all the time, as it instantly balances the chakras and protects the aura! It can also help you make connections, and is even good at re-knitting bones. Keyword: Inner Bridges.

LABRADORITE– Dark to gray-black, blue or green Feldspar. Labradorite promotes psychic abilities, occult powers, strength of will and a feeling of inner worth. Labradorite strengthens and protects our aura and teaches us to use mystical Power wisely and well. This stone also aids us in communicating with our highest self and with the Creator. Keyword: Magic!

LAPIS LAZULI– Also known as Lapis or Lazulite The color is dark blue with gold flecks. Lapis Lazuli is associated with truthfulness, openness, inner power, love, purification, intuition, a sense of wonder and mystery, positive magic, self-confidence, virility, manifestation, an appreciation of mystery, psychic ability and tranquility. This stone is also considered strengthening to mind and body. Lapis lazuli allows us to tap our own inner power while purifying the soul and the thoughts. Helps us contact our spirit guardians. The gold or silver flecks in the lapis are inclusions of pyrite. This is an excellent Brow Chakra stone. Placed in your sinuses, lapis can open them when swollen and congested. Keyword: Self-Knowledge.

LARIMAR (Atlantis Stone) – A gentle, soft, sky-blue Caribbean healer. Brings tranquility of water/sea and air to heart and mind. Soothes and uplifts hurt, fear, depression, pain of life, changes with love. Self-expression, patience, acceptingness, simplicity, creativity, artwork. With red spots: helps gentle people be assertive. Cools, draws out inflammation, fevers, sunburn heat. Especially helps the creativity and Throat Chakra (shoulder, thyroid, nose). Pleasantly uplifts the heart and eases stress. Keyword: Nurturing.

MALACHITE– A green metallic mineral. Comes in varying shades of green and is often banded. Augments loyalty, leadership ability, protection, subconscious wisdom, comfort, balance, peace, sensitivity, emotional maturity. inner clarity, self-understanding, positive transformation and healing. This stone reflects the feelings of those who wear it. It also promotes purification and healing dreams as well as drawing out negative energy. Malachite is green because of its high copper content, so it is highly conductive of electricity and energy. Keyword: Willpower.

MOLDAVITE– A green meteorite. Especially good for channeling healing energy. Helps us to communicate with our higher self and with extra-terrestrials. This is one of my favorite stones! The jury is still out on whether Moldavite is actually a tektite (meteorite) or if it was formed from Earth material when a large meteorite struck the Earth over 14 million years ago. In any case, it is HIGHLY energized and not for those new to crystal energy. There is a well-documented response among those who first hold this stone in their hands; it is called the “Moldavite Flush” because one is likely to get rising or falling energy in your face accompanied by dizziness and even trembling. Moldavite is a stone of Transformation. It knows your Path and will move anything that is not in alignment with that Path out of your way, including your job, your home, your primary relationships… Using Moldavite is like jumping in a Worm Hole toward Enlightenment: the ride may be very bumpy and insecure-feeling, but you get where you want to be much more quickly! Keyword: Transformation.

MOONSTONE– Feldspar. Usually milky with a bluish or yellowish tint. Moonstones foster happiness, good fortune, nurturing, mothering, unselfishness, humanitarian love, hope, spiritual insight, easy childbirth, safe travel on water, new beginnings, abundance and ancient wisdom. This stone gets us in touch with our feelings and is linked with the moon. It is best to attune its energies to the moon’s phases. Moonstone is protective of women and nature, and is a sacred stone of the moon goddess. Linked as it is to the Moon, Moonstone’s Keyword is Cycles. It tells us to be aware of when we should expect things or not. For example, one should not expect to harvest an idea or a project immediately after planting it, nor should one expect to plant anew just after harvesting: the ground needs to lie fallow for a time in order to renew itself. The key stone for Feminine Power and Wisdom.

MOQUI MARBLES– Moqui Marbles are composed of iron concretions over the sometimes pink Navajo Sandstone of Utah. Once considered of extraterrestrial (meteorite) origin, a recent geological study has shown these nodules were formed between 130-160 million years ago by rainwater. Often thought of as “Shaman Stones”, having Moqui Marbles in the home is said to welcome the spirits of departed loved ones.

Morganite – fosters tolerance, empathy, love, acceptance and a “live and let live” attitude.

PERIDOT– Yellow-green, olive-green, brown. Also known as Olivine or Chrysolite. Inspires healing, renewal, purification, rebirth and growth. It alleviates anger, jealousy and irritation. It is associated with stress reduction, relaxation, health vigor, recuperative abilities, comfort and intuition. Especially good for healing the healers.

PRASEM– (AFRICAN JADE) mind-wave restructuring, helps you to deal with stress.

PYRITE– A yellow metallic mineral. Fosters intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis and creativity. Encourages communication between the conscious and subconscious minds, and between the left and right hemispheres. Promotes psychic development, memory, practicality, optimism, strength of will, channeling abilities, learning and perception. Allows us to tap and unfold our unique talents and abilities. Keyword: Male Power.

PYRITE SUN– Grounding, Solar Plexus.

RHODOCHROSITE– Rose or peach-colored, with white band. Healing, comfort, harmony, amity and friendship. Promotes smooth energy flow, emotional expressiveness, kindness, tolerance, compassion and self-love. Helps us live our spiritual beliefs. Keyword: Inner Child. Rhodochrosite helps us to face and resolve emotional traumas left over from childhood, and to learn to love ourselves again as the pure Light that we are. Many adults are emotionally stuck in childhood about certain issues, and this stone is a miracle-worker in that respect. One of my personal favorites!

ROSE QUARTZ– Pink. Enhances all forms of love: self-love, mother love, caring, kindness, platonic and romantic love. Opens our hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful and gentle. Emanates unconditional love and nurturance and helps us attract positive, gentle love into our lives. Teaches forgiveness and tolerance. Keyword: Love. Who couldn’t use more Love in their lives? Love is also the antidote to Fear, which is quite abundant in the world today. Use Rose Quartz as an effective Fear-Fighter in your life!

RUBY– A red member of the Corundum clan. Fosters integrity, devotion, happiness, healing, courage, passion, romance, enthusiasm and generosity. Also evokes warmth, generosity, inspiration, prosperity, high energy, power and leadership ability. A great Root Chakra stone, with the addition of fire element energy for vitality. Keyword: Life Force.

RUBY-ZOISITE– Green with red streaks of ruby. For trust in the universe, releasing fears. Strengthens heart, energy/adrenals and reproductive Chakra. General health.

DARK BLUE SAPPHIRE– inspires creative expression, intuition and meditation.

SODALITE– Deep blue with white streaks and flecks. Encourages rational thinking, logic, intelligence, emotional balance, intuition, higher knowledge, clarity, truth and perception. Fosters knowledge, learning proficiency, consciousness, communication and wisdom. This stone helps us unite the logical with the spiritual. Keyword: Journey. A fine Third-Eye stone, great for students.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN– Promotes self-esteem and confidence. Clairaudience and owning our lower aspects for growth; Healthy balance. Snowflake Obsidian helps to bring hidden truths or patterns to the surface, and once there, to mop up the negative emotions that might arise as well. An excellent stone for transition and change, it links the Root and Crown chakras.

SUGILITE– Dark purple. Also known as Luvulite. Helps us attain conscious awareness, spirituality, positive thoughts and feelings as well as channeling ability. It helps our souls remain unhurt by the shocks and disappointments of the world. A wind-element stone whose Keyword is Dreams: it prompts us to follow our dreams even when the ego-mind has all sorts of arguments against it.

TANZANITE– A blue form of Zoisite. Is linked with composure, poise and harmony.Teaches us to slow down and take it easy. Good for workaholics.

TEKTITE– Is said to promote extra-terrestrial communication and contact. Also associated with great wisdom and knowledge.

BLACK TOURMALINE – protects us from negative energy. Wonderful grounding crystal. For my money, one of the most useful protective stones around. Is especially good at protecting us from the harmful effects of Electromagnetic pollution, particularly in cases where one wears a cell phone in one’s energy field (on a belt or in a pocket), uses a laptop on one’s lap (I’m guilty!), or sits under fluorescent lights. Electromagnetic smog brings free radicals into the body which can make us age prematurely among other unpleasant things. Black Tourmaline provides protection by furnishing negative ions (like anti-oxidants in food) to bond with and thus render neutral the positive ions of the EM pollutants. Keyword: Purification.

VIOLET TOURMALINE – inspires meditation.

PINK TOURMALINE –  attunes us to love and opens the heart.

TURQUOISE– Color ranges from blue to green. Increases serenity, protection, meditation energy, wisdom, balance, honest communication, strength, friendship and love. Considered to be generally healing and fostering of empathy, positive thinking and sensitivity. Connects us with all life. A nice stone for the throat chakra. Native American cultures use it so much because they believe it brings heaven down to earth. A storm element stone. Keyword: Wholeness.


In addition to the above-mentioned stones, I can also place the following special crystal formations (delivered as clear quartz):


ISIS CRYSTAL helps one to cope with grief or loss, connects you to the Divine Feminine.

CHANNELING CRYSTAL aids in communication with spirit guides.

WARRIOR CRYSTAL enhances personal truths, integrity, and helps one to live a “right-minded life and to know the warrior within.”

LASER CRYSTAL helps communication with other worlds. And makes a nice wand–focuses the energy out the tip.

NEEDLE CRYSTAL helps to “balance scattered energy patterns.”

GENERATOR CRYSTAL helps to stimulate telepathic communication, especially in groups of healers and teachers.

KEY CRYSTAL is used unlock the doors to healing or psychic awareness. Helps you to access missing information.

E.T. CRYSTAL facilitates communication with extra-terrestrial beings.

PHANTOM CRYSTAL is used to facilitate access to past lives and spirit guidance.

CRYSTAL CLUSTER enhances peace and harmony within a group, family, social or business environment.

DOLPHIN CRYSTAL helps us learn to receive abundance and to nurture ourselves as well as others. Assists in working with all traumas, including abuse.

RECORD KEEPER CRYSTAL is used to learn ancient knowledge and gather information. Also used for meditation, they often can take you back to ancient times

TWIN FLAME CRYSTAL is used to attract like minded, spiritual companions.

TIME LINK CRYSTAL teaches patience and reminds you to give yourself time, it can assist in managing one’s time; it can aid tremendously in telepathic communication, and can assist one in past and parallel life recall.