Beltane Passage

Celebrating the Wheel of the Year

If you’re here reading this, you most likely know that Beltane is the cross-quarter holy day at the first of May celebrating the full flowering of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

This year as I was preparing my annual Beltane celebration, I kept hearing that it was going to be different (what else is new in 2021, right?). The Great Sphinx of Giza kept showing up in my meditations. I had already been struck by ALL of the 5’s in the date of the astrologically exact Beltane (the precise mid-point between March’s Equinox and June’s Solstice): May the 5th, 5/5 no matter how you slice it. Plus, the number of the year carries a 5 frequency: that of freedom, revolution, adaptability, looking forward AND back, pivoting on a dime, balance, adventure, and most of all, CHANGE.

A triple-change gateway was something I found quite compelling, and it made me open up even more to my sense that this Beltane was not (going to be) like the others.

I did as I often do when I have a question but don’t have the leisure to open the Records (if I have to be sharp for driving or for a conversation with a potential partner or client, for example): I asked for a card to help me focus and understand. I was led to my friend Jen Duchene’s amazing Illuminating Journey deck, and this is the card that came:

You can’t make this up!! It’s a 5 (2 + 3 = 5) with a Sphinx on it. Bwahahaha!

It’s the 23 Soul Portal, called “Wisdom of the Sphinx” with the following description: “Everything is full of symbolism, meaning, and direction. Look deeply at what resonates within,”

It also has the Flower or Path of Venus sacred geometry showing in the sky as well as impressed into the sandy soil. Venus, as ruler of Taurus, is the presiding deity for Beltane.

Following the advice to “look deeply at what resonates within,” I stuck with the Sphinx path. I even decided to do a channeling on the message of the Sphinx and WOW! It’s quite amazing. The hour-long recording is included in this event.

When you listen to the channeling, you’ll discover:

  • the Sphinx’s relationship to and role in the emerging paradigm, as well as her role in the transition to the now-dying paradigm, thousands of years ago
  • her role as a guide in leadership, and especially Feminine leadership for women and men both
  • new information about paradigm shift AS revolution (energetically and otherwise)
  • the connection between the Sphinx and the story of the Garden of Eden
  • the potent links between the Sphinx and other ancient Goddesses
  • what the return of the Sphinx as a potent symbol of the Feminine means
  • her message to you! (There was a specific question about what those who listen to this particular message can know about themselves today and in past lives)
  • and a lot more, of course

Along with the Sphinx transmission, this Beltane Passage event includes a journey which is both embodied and otherworldly.

I have a knack for taking people to far-away places where their Truth lives, and that’s where we’re going.

Now, the live event is on the 5/5/5 day, but whenever you listen and participate (yes, this IS a participatory event; an active conversation between you and your Higher Self) you will be connected to the energies of the 5/5/5 Gateway of Change.

We will be working with intentions as we move through the gateway. As you know, the changes keep coming; this journey will help us to ground into our intentions and shape our future as we are shaped by it.

This is a progressive gateway, and the Sphinx is taking us on a journey through time. To help us move through what might feel like the “shifting sands of time” as we experience the end of one Age or paradigm, and enter a new one.

Will you join me at this Gate of Change ? The Journey of the Sphinx is now only available as a 4-part cycle, available here.


Own Your Magick, Beloved!

And may our Winged Hearts fly ever free!