Invitation to Traverse Eclipse Season Collectively

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13 April -3 June

Well, here we are in Eclipse Season again.

It’s a 6- or 8-week period in which there is at least one Solar and one Lunar Eclipse, sometimes an extra one depending on the placement of the Lunar Nodes.

These transformative periods blow in twice a year on the winds of change and permanently re-sculpt our landscape. Their impact is resounding, and the repercussions last at least until the next Eclipse Season six months down the road, possibly much longer depending on the totality of the eclipse. (A Total Solar Eclipse like we’re experiencing 19/20 April or a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse carries the biggest wallop.)

Moreover, every 19 years the exact same eclipse will repeat.

This is a cosmic cycle by which we can measure out our lives.

Let’s take a moment right now to look back at what was happening in April/May of 2004. Right now we are all finishing a cycle which began then. It will serve you to look at what was initiated then, and where you are today with that energy thread as it ties itself off. My answer is in the video below:

(If you can’t see the entire frame, please click on the image and it should expand.)

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Locey, and I have made it my life’s work be in magickal co-partnership with the material and ethereal planes, consciously weaving them together in order to dissolve the illusion of separation.

I am a teacher, way-shower, crystal magicienne, astrology adept, best-selling author, trained priestess, and oracle. I love putting a human voice to divine wisdom and bringing through the knowing that was lost to time and patriarchal efforts to control the narrative.

The very first time I consciously interacted with my own Akashic Records in May 2008, I asked who I was on a soul level. The answer was so beautiful that it made me cry: “You are a Truth Teller with capital T’s. When you sing your Truth Song, imprisoned angels are set free.” I couldn’t even let it in, though, because I knew myself to be a scholar of French + Women’s Studies, chair of my department, a favorite professor on campus.

That changed soon enough: within twenty months of Akashic First Contact–and significantly, on the morning after a massive Lunar Eclipse!–I quit my guaranteed job for life, for which I had been training since I was 2 years old.

I exchanged my purple grading pen and academic regalia for a crystal-topped staff and oracle’s robes. Summer of 2009 was spent in the literal literary archive in Normandy France, and summer of 2010 exploring the ethereal archive of the Akashic Records. It was a pretty seamless pivot, all things considered. I am still following narrative threads, connecting dots, writing, guiding, acting as a mentor and teacher.

Today, I’m thrilled to be able to invite you into this new Eclipse Season journey in my role as tour guide, space-holder, channel. Don’t think for a minute that I’m not counting myself as a fellow-traveler, though! I know the power of eclipses because that Lunar Eclipse on New Year’s Eve 2009, the impact of which I did not feel until the next day, which just happened to be the first day of a new decade, stripped me. It took my job security, my identity as an academic, my community of campus denizens. Yes, I made it through with minimal scarring, but maybe it didn’t need to be such a lonely and challenging path to walk.I never looked back, but I felt very isolated and ostracized by my academic peers. The change was exciting, but it was not fun.

I wish that I had then had a group container like this one in which to hold me as I shed my professor’s skin and emerged an Oracle.

Every Eclipse Season is a birthing channel. This one in spring 2023 is a MASSIVE one, as the entire planet is moving through it.

Dear One, we are stronger together.

When we link arms, we are infinitely more than the sum of our parts.

Come, take my hand, and let us journey through the rough seas of Eclipse Season together. It will be quite a ride—dare I say a real trip!—but because we travel together with each other, our essence-selves, and the journey guides, we will be tapped into Beauty, Love, Oneness, Expansion, Rebirth, and Delight. Are you ready? Let’s go.

[Gulp! Ready or not, Eclipse Season is here. Riding the waves of change is so much easier than fighting them. But if you were inclined to fight the changes, you wouldn’t still be reading, would you?]

What Eclipse Crossing is:

  • An adventure through portals in space-time to deepen into how best to live in Earth’s new energy matrix and to ride the waves of change which are already here
  • The opportunity to unearth your deepest, most beautiful & powerful essence-self, and to embody it going forward
  • An intimate deep dive into the Mystery–not even Elizabeth knows what will come through!
  • An 8-times weekly dip into pools of unconditional love, accessible at any time via the class recordings
  • A weaving-together of Akashic Records, Shamanic Journeying, Crystals, oracle cards, potent spiritual guides, and more
  • A space for stretching out your intuitive powers and boosting trust in your own connection to the Divine when they are at their strongest
  • Nourishment for the soul and chewy snacks for the curious mind
  • 100% guided and channeled (the “mic drop” moments come fast + furious in all the best ways!)
  • A collective experience of spiritual expansion to be savored alongside like-minded fellow travelers
  • A robust container for the unfoldment of personal, collective, and planetary rebirth
  • A playful experience of what might otherwise feel hard
  • Pure celebration of the dance of life and magickal future possibilities

What Eclipse Crossing isn’t:

  • It’s not a “program” that was created by Elizabeth but is rather a co-creation with the adventure guides; all the transformative learning comes through her, but is not from her
  • It’s not even about learning per se, but more about experiencing what’s possible and holding onto those threads of possibility so that we can continue to be guided well beyond this eclipse season
  • The magick of Eclipse Crossing is not bound by space, time, national borders, or even the limits of human imagination; it is available when you need it, even if you discover this page “after it’s over,” because there is no such thing as “too late” when it’s a question of energy work

Discover a new landscape of abundance and possibility. Bathe in pools of unconditional Love. Link arms with me and other powerful wisdom-keepers this Eclipse Season.

Join the Adventure for $333

You may be wondering…

Q: What if I’m busy when the live meetings are happening?

A: You’ll never “miss out” on anything, because the energy of every Moon Phase is held within the calls themselves.

As you listen to the replay (which you download for keeps), you will be transported out of Earthly space-time to a present moment of pure, delicious, unconditional Love. The crystals and cards pulled to help guide us on every leg of the journey are posted in the group page, transmitting their wisdom before you even press play.

If you have a question that comes up, keep listening. So often on these journeys the questions are anticipated by the Akashic Record Keepers and our journey guides. Often people report that the answers are spoken before they can even formulate the question fully, even if they are not present in so-called real time (snort!) on the call.


Q: What if I discovered this adventure after it’s already completed?

A: Please see the above answer. There is never any “too late,” because the energies are directed from within the Akashic Records where everything is known. Including the fact that you were going to be a participant, well before you knew Eclipse Crossing existed. Your presence was already inscribed and therefore accounted for, but not in a reductive or deterministic way.

The human relationship with time has shifted much since 2020, but how it works—both cyclically (a major focus of this adventure) and as a single, all-encompassing, unifying “present moment” field—is still a great mystery to the human mind. You can experience it here on this journey, but it is not yet time to unlock the mystery of it.

Q: How many meetings are there in Eclipse Crossing?

A: We meet 8 times. As soon as you register, you will receive a document with all the meeting dates as well as other key dates for Eclipse Season. There is SO much going on in the skies even beyond the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde!

We extend our journey 2 weeks beyond the official end of Eclipse Season to help ground all of the transformation. Often an eclipse will “drop another shoe” so to speak a few weeks later.

Q: What if I don’t know anything about astrology?

A: Rest assured that Eclipse Crossing (as with all of my group offerings) magickally expands or shrinks to fit all of the participants. The energy of the Akashic realm relaxes the mind so that it doesn’t get as hooked on questions that would take you away from the full experience of sacred wisdom. Whenever you listen, you will be transported back to that realm and re-plunged into those delightful pools of unconditional Love. In that space of non-space, your understanding is expanded. And, if you find that you would like to learn more about astrology from Elizabeth, she is offering Pluto’s Playground later this summer in a more traditional learning format, based on experiential learning and the Socratic method. If you register for Eclipse Crossing you will find a special discount code for Pluto’s Playground on the members’ page.

Q: What are the Akashic Records?
A: This is another name for the archive of collective wisdom. It is infinite: simultaneously infinitely vast and infinitely tiny. I have been working in the Records over many lifetimes, and in this lifetime most explicitly since 2008. When someone has a nears-death experience and say “my life flashed before my eyes,” this is the human brain’s experience of the Akashic Records. If you don’t know my work, let’s set up a time to talk. Eclipse Crossing is a great way to amplify the effects of this potent window in time; adding a personal Akashic Records experience might also be exactly what your soul is seeking now.

Beloved, I look forward to dancing with you on our collective journey. If you have questions which are not answered here, do not hesitate to reach out to me at: elizabeth[at]elizabethlocey[dot]com

We are already deep into a most magickal moment of a stunningly transformational year!

Own Your Magick.

May our winged hearts fly ever free!