Feb 2016 Money Transmission Complete

Step Into the Vortex 9


You made it! All set up and ready to go. We are LIVE on Saturday 27 February 2016 at high noon ET.

To attend the event LIVE on the phone, you can Skype “joinconference” or dial 425-440-5100 and use the PIN: 944199#

You can also find US and international local numbers here: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/

This is where you can join the listen-only webcast; it’s also the replay page where you can download the event after we’re done:


PRO tip: You might want to put this info into your calendar now so that you won’t have to go looking for it later.

Be sure to set yourself up for the event in a quiet place. Light a candle, bring LOTS of water to drink, and take a few deep breaths before we begin. This work is both FUN and TRANSFORMATIVE!

You’ll be receiving an email from me a day or so before the event to help you think about how to formulate your questions, etc.

In the meantime, you might consider who you know who could benefit from this work, and invite them to sign up on the registration page: https://www.elizabethlocey.com/live-oracle-transmission-on-money-and-sacred-economics/

This is heavy-duty spiritual work, and without an energetic exchange, your friend won’t be able to benefit from the transformation, so please–for everyone’s sake–don’t share the information on this page. Do let your friends and loved ones come for a small price break on your behalf with the PROMO CODE “20OFF”.

Thanks again for joining me, and for respecting the work.

Can’t wait to see you on the line!