Free Crystal Love-Stream Welcome

You’re all set!

You made it! You’re all set for the Crystal-Pulling Parties on my personal Facebook page. And unless you unsubscribe from my list, you’re good to go for all future pulling parties as well–no need to register again.

At this moment, your inbox should be receiving an email with the following information, but I’m offering it here too if that’s more convenient; your mini-guide to the crystal pull:

To get your stones pulled, you DO have to make your request in the proper post: it’s always the livestream (“crystal love-stream”) that I have announced. I won’t be able to go retrieve requests from other threads, and you must be present to play. I’d love to be able to find your message anywhere–in my email, on my fan page, off the thread on my personal page, in a FB/Messenger message–and go from there, but with the scores of requests, I just cannot, and humbly ask you to follow this one simple rule. Thanks for understanding.

When you arrive on the love-stream, you must post your request; simply showing up or saying hi doesn’t count, as not everyone wants to play and I respect that. And feel free to tag people whom you love, and who would be open to/in need of receiving this kind of support. The more, the merrier!

Here’s the key to the messages from crystals:

Amazonite: Personal Truth

Amethyst: Divine Connection

Bloodstone: Courage

Blue Lace Agate: Ease of Expression

Bronzite: Focus/Shielding

Carnelian: Action

Chrysocolla: Sacred Sounds

Citrine: Abundance

Dragon’s Eye: Grounding + whatever Dragon means to you

Dumortierite: Organization

Fluorite: Manifesting Intuition

Garnet: Prosperity

Green Aventurine: Growth + Luck

Hawk’s Eye: Support for Great Ideas + whatever Hawk means to you

Hematite: Manifesting Light

Howlite: Initiation

Kunzite/Hiddenite: Joy + Gratitude

Labradorite: Magick

Lepidolite: Balanced Mood/Shine Your Light

Moonstone: Divine Feminine/Cycles

Ocean Jasper: Self-acceptance

Petrified Wood: New Beginnings (on the way)

Rhodochrosite: Heal Your Inner Child

Rose Quartz: Love

Smokey Quartz: Grounding/Protection

Snowflake Obsidian: Protection/Relevation

Sugilite: Follow Your Dreams

Sunstone: Aligned leadership

Tiger Eye: Success

When I pull these stones for you, they are either telling you something (i.e. “follow your dreams”) or filling in an energetic gap, or both. If you get Rose Quartz, it’s both telling you to love more AND bringing more of the heart-opening that allows you to receive (and give) more love.

Congrats–you now have everything you need to read your basic message from the stones that picked you (they choose you, not the other way around).

Of course, if this has really awakened a love of crystals and you want to know more–i.e., what it means to have double or triple stones of the same variety, what the chakra and elemental associations of each stones are, a much fuller description of all 28 stones, my no-fail step-by-step process for interpreting pulls including a sample interpretation from an actual pull that you can see in a photo–you’ll want to get the Earth Magick Essentials guide. It’s not too late.

There’s a 6-page intro with my philosophy and 8 pages of tables with crystal info.

Here you can see the extended information about each stone, its elemental and chakra association and more, in easy-to-read tables in alphabetical order.

The guide is a super-reasonable $17. You can use it over and over, every time I pull stones for you. You’ll be quite the crystal connoisseur by the time you’ve absorbed it all!

Thanks for playing with crystals with me, and I know you’ll love the energy. When you’ve read your message, be sure to tell me about how it resonates with you. (I love this work!) MWAH!

Be sure to send your friends an invitation by tagging them directly on the thread or by sharing the livestream video on your page and tagging them there.

Thanks for playing with me, and

Own Your Crystalline Magick!