Friday 13 Opening Portals Welcome

Welcome to the Friday the 13th/Pisces Full Moon Event to Honor and Anchor in the Divine Feminine and Masculine!

The event will take place in my home and garden. You can come with your own eco-friendly bug spray, or I have some in case it’s needed.

The address:

1753 Wilder Court Dunwoody, GA  30338 (not far outside the perimeter to the north of town)

If you need to reach me, please text this number: 404 414 2293

If using public transportation, take the Red Line MARTA train to the Sandy Springs station. Then it’s a short Uber/Lyft/taxi ride to my home. (You probably know the bus route better than I so I won’t take a stab at it.)

Below are maps if you’re driving. Please park out front in the street. Thanks.

Please plan to arrive around dusk; 8/8:15. We will begin around 8:30.

As a reminder, this event will be held in sacred space. If you want to arrive early (around 8) to give me a hug and introduce yourself before dropping into empty presence, that would be great. You can leave your things inside the door. Unless it’s raining (currently listed as a 20% chance), we will be outside for the event.

Be thinking of things you would like to release and call in–personally and for the planetary collective.

I cannot wait to give you a huge hug and open massive portals for change!


P.S.: Don’t forget that you have access to the entire virtual Ritual-in-a-Box; you can read more here. But in the meantime, here’s some information about out first live virtual meeting happening the day before our in-person event on Friday night, about which you would have received a document via email upon registration.

The live Akashic Records transmission will occur at 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific/4 pm GMT on 12 September 2019. Expect the call to last about 2 hours. Ideally, you would be participating from a quiet, sacred space rather than a loud and busy one like a café or coffee shop. Have plenty of water on hand (double or triple what you think you’ll need—trust me on this!) and a journal to take notes.

For safety’s sake, do not participate or listen to the replay from behind the wheel of a moving car. You’ll want to layer on 3 different kinds of grounding before driving (hugging a tree, lying or walking barefooted on the grass for 5-10 minutes, eating grounding foods like proteins or root veggies, doing a more strenuous yoga pose like plank or any of the Warrior poses.

At the appointed time, dial in to 425-440-5010 with the PIN 944199# or follow this link and select “web call.” (Selecting “broadcast” will allow you to listen live but not to speak):

We will not be opening any personal Records, so please do not ask a question specific to you such as “Why do I feel [a specific way]?” Instead, ask questions such as: “Are many people feeling [this specific way]? Why? What is important to know about that? Is it important to overcome or let go of, or is this something people who feel that way are meant to enjoy or learn from?” In this way, you may in fact get the perfectly-tailored-to-you answer without running afoul of the “no personal questions” rule.

In this case, the sky is the limit, practically. I hope that people will ask about the best ways to empower the Divine Feminine (and Sacred Masculine—they rise together in Synarchy or not at all), new information we could all use about how the Feminine works best and how to invite more into our lives on the personal, professional, and collective levels. One question coming to me right now is about the health consequences of Patriarchal ways of being vs. Synarchic ones. What are the best ways to de-program adults from Patriarchal belief systems? Or to empower young people not to take them on in the first place? Are there overlooked places in history where the Divine Feminine was at play but no one saw it? (And many more. Ask away!)

A few important guidelines about the way I channel the Akashic Records: I do not take on a different voice when channeling the Keepers. Also, the Keepers are not human so do not understand the word “should.” The very notion of “should” makes no sense to them, they can’t even hear it; so instead of should use “is it best” and you’re golden. Also, if you want to ask about drafts for the future, I have found it best to use this phrase: “one the scale of 1 to 100, what are the chances of [the event or circumstance you’re curious about] happening in or within [add a timeframe here!]

Please also go the the FB group for the other links and documents. If you’re not on Facebook right now (I get it!) simply reply to my latest email and I will share these things with you that way, with Love. These include links to the ritual, altar suggestions, and the Divine Masculine and Feminine Activations.

Looking forward to “seeing” you in the group and on the call! If you have any questions, please reach out to me at