Friday the 13th Ritual

Join Elizabeth this Friday the 13th and Celebrate the Goddess’s High Holy Day with a Ritual Journey


If you’re here reading this, I don’t have to tell you that 13 is the number of the Goddess–the number of Moons in a year, the number of weeks in a trimester, the sacred number that holds together the 12 signs of the zodiac at the hub of the wheel.

Friday is named in English for Freya, the Norse Goddess of Love + War, but in romance languages like French, you can see it’s named for Venus (vendredi).

When her special number falls on the day of the week dedicated to her, a special gateway opens up. There are never more than 3 or fewer than one Friday the 13th per calendar year.

This month, Friday the 13th is also the day that Mars stands still in the sky to end his retrograde movement of the past 2+ months. Mars and Venus are the cosmic lovers, the representatives of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, respectively.

Mars travels backwards only once every 2 years.

The co-incidence of Venus’s rare Holy Day with the end of Mars’ inner journey or vision quest is the rarest of rare astrological moments!

To have the stars line up like this for us is just phenomenal. Come celebrate and partner with it on this no-charge call.

What does it mean in the world that Mars and Venus are amplified and meeting on this day in Divine partnership?

What does it mean to YOU?

Find out as we journey deep into the heart of this Venusian holy day where Feminine meets Masculine.

Sign up below; this event is open to all genders, because no matter how we identify, each one of us holds interwoven in our hearts a Feminine Creatrix and Masculine Guardian.

The altar is laid. The candles are burning. The cards and crystals are laid out and awaiting your presence.


Join me and those alumnae of Marry Your Intuition who are volunteering to act as Temple Keepers for this sacred event. We begin at 11 am Eastern, 8 am Pacific, 4 pm GMT.


Yours in Beauty, Love, and Infinite Possibilities!

P.S.: Even if you cannot make it at 11 am Eastern on Friday the 13th, know that the energy of that moment in time is held within the recording. There’s no such thing as “missing it” if you listen in later. You’ll be right on time!