No. More. Speedbumps.

You’re One Step Away From Rocking Your Intuitive Edge!


Dear Conscious Business Owner,


You know that you’ve got it goin’ on. Business is fun, you’re good at it, and finding the money is no longer the issue for you. You want more spaciousness, more ease, more freedom.


You’re an overachiever at heart, so you’re w-a-a-a-a-a-y done with baby steps, and on to the quantum leaps.




Your business is like a lean, mean, racing machine: it’s fun to drive, and  you love to see how fast you can go.


Here’s the thing, though: when you’re going that fast, it’s hard to see the road ahead. Even the smallest speed bumps can flip you over in an instant, and if you try to avoid them, you risk running off the road.


Don’t settle for speed bumps. Simply avoid the course-corrections that slow you down.


How, you ask? Well, it’s actually pretty awesome.


In addition to being a smarty-pants (I have a Ph.D. and was an award-winning professor), I also have an incredible gift: I’m an Oracle.



That means I channel Akashic Records. Your Records are an archive containing everything you are now, everything you’re destined to be, and everything you’ve ever been, right down to the smallest sneeze, in any one of your multiple lifetimes. It’s your soul, where your higher self hangs out, and what you re-integrate when you’re done with your body this time around.


Unspeakably sacred, yet imminently accessible when you have the right person helping you.


And since you’re here, I can assure you that that “right person” is me.


Together, you and I enter your Akashic Records, where you’ll have access to every answer about who you are (on a soul-level, today, and what’s available in this lifetime), what’s best for your business and your life, and the best way to get where you want to go. All the tools you need are at your fingertips. You just need to pick them up and get on with the creation.


Plus, if you want your intuition running 24/7 to keep steering clear of those roadblocks  and speed bumps, I’ll teach you that too. 


Ready to kick it up a notch? Book your “Co-Creative Confab” with me now to find out how.


Blowing Kisses to You + Your Brilliance,