New Earth; New Rules–How to Thrive in the New Landscape

Live Channeling:
New Earth; New Rules
How to Thrive in 2018
and Beyond

Here we are in 2018! How time flies…

And how the world manages to surprise us these days…

In 2017, our planet was in transition. Things felt wobbly. Many familiar things (what we knew to be “true” about earth events, mutually assured destruction as a clear deterrent to nuclear war, human slavery as a thing of the distant past) were morphing, turning upside-down or inside-out before our very eyes. Real news became “fake news,” and vice-versa. The landscape was totally unfamiliar, and truth became a moving target.

Then, at the end of the year, Saturn moved into its home sign of Capricorn. Now we’re getting more structure. The landscape may still be unfamiliar, but at least it feels less like the ground will fall away from us quite so dramatically anymore.

As Lightworkers or Love Warriors or Champions of Peace + Justice, we chose to be here during this time. We helped to call in this new energy. And now it’s time to learn to live in it.


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The time for rebirth is here. It’s up to us, individually, to decide if this new life is going to be one of struggle or of ease.

On this call the Akashic Records Keepers got nitty-gritty with best practices and practical information about how to BE on this New Earth.

How best to respond when we’re triggered or so taken aback by what’s happening that we don’t know what to do.

How to support those around us—perhaps those who have a less solid connection to All That Is and the sense of security that goes with it—when things get tough. This could be family, clients, community…

How to do the things we’re used to doing (i.e., ritual, intentions) in a new way. Are there cherished old practices that we’d do best to let go of? New ones to embrace? Let’s find out. (I personally loved all the info that came out about how some beloved spiritual practices are now kind of “done,” and why. Wow!)

How to connect with our personal greatness, because this surely is the time to do so!

How to be so grounded in our own truth that we can stop apologizing for who we are and live in full awareness of the value of our sacred gifts.

How to emerge from the old paradigm and way of doing things without fearing financial insecurity.

And a whole lot more!

This was the most emotionally powerful, and potentially THE MOST IMPORTANT group transmission call I have EVER DONE. When I was closing the Records at the end, the tidal wave of gratitude coming from the Divine Plane was so intense that it took my breath away!

This call contains and expounds upon the jaw-droppingly simple recipe for making our own lives great (when you do it consistently, “everything becomes magickally possible, instantaneously”) and to pull the entire world into this new frequency of pure Love and away from self-destruction.

Register here for the 90-minute Downloadable Replay; listen again and again to the details of how to make your life more full of beauty, grace, ease, and all that you desire (not to mention doing your part to create/reveal the New Earth) for years to come for just $18

I thank you, and the Keepers and everyone behind them (all the legions of Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters) thank you for taking on this important work. They expressly mentioned at the end that everyone who listens to the replay or participated in the live call is “changing the way life happens on Earth.” The more people who follow these recommendations, the “faster things like poverty, injustice, and abuse disappear off the surface of this planet.” It’s the biggest gift you can give to Gaia and the collectivity of all life on Earth to help pull this new energy forward. Deep, Deep Bow of Gratitude!!!

Own Your Magick,

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I’ll have a lot more to say on the other side, especially about how you can learn more about this overarching Saturn in Capricorn energy I keep mentioning. I’ll see you over there!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D.

I used to be a scholar, professor of French and Women’s Studies, and even chair of my department until I was called to quit my guaranteed-salary-for-life career at the beginning of 2010.

Since then I’ve been working to empower the Divine Feminine in both men and women, and helping highly conscious entrepreneurs to overcome blocks and align their businesses with their soul purpose through their Akashic Records.

In November of 2016, days before the US Presidential Election, I was called to a new line of work: assisting entrepreneurial Lightworkers and change agents to step into the Legendary Self each one was born to be. This Mythic Self work happens via Akashic Records, energy work, and emotional transmutation.

The world is clamoring for leaders who fray their own paths, led by their hearts, holding the Light aloft so that those following can see where to go. If you are called by the idea of Being Mythic or operating as your Legendary Self, please reach out. I am also happy to channel personal Records for anyone desiring to know how to amplify their greatest gifts and soul purpose.

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I love this image as a symbol for 2018. Full of lush green growth, sacred geometrical balance, and imbued with so much LIGHT! This image simply captures the notion of “thriving in 2018” for me without resorting to the limitations of language. LOVE!!!!