Akashic Wisdom on Recent Hurricanes and Earthquakes

Why have we been experiencing so many Earth Events lately?

What is the best way for Light-Bearers to respond?

I had been asking myself this question, and my friend/colleague/client Lissa Walsh called to ask the same thing. We talked for a few minutes, then decided to get more clarity from the Akashic Records. It’s my pleasure to share them here with you. (Scroll down to find the player–it’s in purple.) Please listen, share with friends or family members in need, and download if you wish as my offering.

The Keepers framed these events as Gaia’s birthing pains for a new planetary paradigm, and everything we do, say, or think about them is best run through that filter–of the woman in labor.


A woman in labor, but also a planet/star in her own right, not needing any prayers or space held by humans. She’s got everything that she needs in that regard from the Cosmic forces of the Universe. She’s not like us–humans–who need to be reassured that we’re loved.

There’s a whole section on how to pray or hold space for the humans who are directly affected by these Earth Events.

And another where Lightworkers are asked to hold two levels of awareness and trust: on the human level, to be truly compassionate (and to use the “golden beam/web of hearts” prayer outlined in detail later). and simultaneously to hold a divine perspective that everything that happens is ultimately for the best, which doesn’t always look compassionate from the human lens.

Finally at the end, there’s a question about what we call this new post-partriarchal society–a matriarchy?

Absolutely not! One of the problems with the Patriarchal Order, according to the Keepers, was the hier-archy that the patri-archy established. A matri-archy would do the same, which is to arbitrarily and unjustly separate different groups of humans into better-than and less-than. There is absolutely NO ROOM for that in a Love, only LOVE paradigm.


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., and I quit a successful career as a professor and scholar to do this important work in 2010. I went straight from working in a literal literary archive–hunched over manuscript drafts of my favorite French novelist–to exploring the ethereal archives of the Records.

In one click of the “send” button when I resigned, I went from being a socially-sanctioned Wise Woman, wearing a suit in my book-filled office, grading stacks of papers, to being an olde-style Wise Woman: Oracle, priestess, spiritual guide through the end of the world as we know it.

In short, I traded in my trusty red pen for a crystal-topped staff, my long priestess robes and trailing sleeves whipped by the wind that my powerful life-change had wrought. So, I hope you’ll take me up on my offering, which is no less heartfelt for being free of charge.

When you’re done here, I invite you to look around this site, exploring some additional offerings.

I have more channelings from the Records (this one on Gratitude is popular), some gift meditations (this one is powerful and speedy, this one is even faster (22 seconds flat, and a great anytime spiritual reset), and this one including crystalline/Atlantean energy is longer, though you can do it quickly; I’ve just taken the time to unpack it as much as possible).

And of course I’m more than happy to talk to you about channeling your own Records for you! My most recent and life-altering work is about discovering your Legendary Self.

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