Independence Day Channeled Call

Welcome to the special Eclipse Event. Listen + Download Below.
~Be sure to drink PLENTY of water while listening and get grounded in at least 3 different ways afterwards, before driving!~

Greetings! I’m so glad you’ve joined us as a leader in these new energies.

Listen and download here:

According to the Record Keepers, all who have opted in to this channeling have a soul contract as leader in the area of human consciousness. You are a “shifter”–the first time I’ve heard them use that term!–of consciousness and the frequency of the planet.

Please honor yourself and that contract by listening from a quiet space. Light a candle if you like. Take notes if you like.

Then, before operating heavy machinery, ground yourself by drinking lots of water, arching your back, wiggling your hips, running your hands over your arms and legs to feel the edges of your body.

Other good grounding options are: lying or walking barefooted on the earth, hugging a tree for several minutes, holding a yoga pose for over a minute, eating grounding foods (foods high in minerals like apples, proteins, or root veggies).

If you need to come back into your body quickly, potato chips are good for that. Not super-healthy in most respects, I know, but for keeping you out of a car accident, they’re great.

Please do share with me what jumps out at you, catches your attention, or particularly resonates. I have had one participant let me know that she got sleepy part-way in and wanted to hold onto certain words but found that it was as though she was “listening from afar,” unable to zero in on certain concepts.

This is perfectly normal! It speaks to a deep integration at work, wherein the body and the mind disconnect on a conscious level to be able to operate shifts at the level of sub-or even hyper-consciousness.

Remember that there is no way to do this right or wrong–however you integrate this material is perfect for your now-experience and will likely shift as you listen subsequent times, which is highly recommended.

Many people report (and I experience this all the time!) that we don’t hear certain things on the recording the first 5 or even 10 times we listen. Eventually–when we have the ears to hear–something we might’ve sworn was never there before is suddenly audible on the replay.

Be sure to get grounded each time you listen, and to not listen while driving, of course.

If you are new to my work, or to the Akashic Records, upon listening to this you’ll have a good idea of what the energy of the Records feels like (pure, unconditional Love) and how I work with them. There’s lots more to learn and explore across this site, and I invite you to send me a message if you have a specific question.

Know someone who would benefit from this information? Please do share the registration page so that they can be connected with me and get their own copy.

In addition to channeling topics, I love channeling for individuals, couples, or businesses. During this COVID period I’m less tied to my appointments calendar; a simple email or other message is the perfect way to find a time to chat about the life-changing alchemy of putting the energy of the Akashic Records to work for you.

There is NO BETTER accelerator for growth out there in my opinion, and it’s a lot easier in so many ways than the typical personal growth fast-tacks (sudden career or relationship shifts, or a health crisis). Check out the Wisdom Portal (a more traditional Akashic Records consultation) or deepen with your Legendary Self, a unique  experience only available through Elizabeth which combines guided visualization and Akashic Records to establish a lifelong partnership with YOUR Legendary Self (that aspect of your essence which holds the thread of purpose through lifetimes).


May Our Winged Hearts Fly Ever Free!