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Monica Shah

“Elizabeth solves the consummate problem for every business owner – making decisions. She gets help from the very source itself to get answers. It doesn’t get better than that. Getting a reading from her really helped to answer so many questions about my business, my direction and my life. And with those answers it freed up the energy I needed. Finally, now I can concentrate on moving forward. Every business owner should have Elizabeth in her corner. Her help, advice and insights are invaluable.”

-Monica Shah, MBA, Breakthrough Business Expert


Elizabeth got me out of my head and took me to a place of play, curiosity, and fearlessness. As a creative-type, I’m no stranger to that place. But as a business owner, sometimes my connection with it wears thin. Elizabeth helped me shore up that connection, and she plugged me into a whole new fierce and fabulous way of doing business. Before working with Elizabeth, I believed that business was for serious people (I’m not). Working with Elizabeth helped me give myself permission to let my whimsy + intuition + silliness guide me. And that has made all the difference! At a time when fear would have kept me trapped behind my computer all day, hiding… Elizabeth took me to a place where anything I want is possible. She’s helped me show up in the world in a much more significant way. I know that my business is about to cross 6-figures [in 2011] as a direct result of working with Elizabeth. And I’m so glad I trusted my instinct to work with her.”

-Stella Orange, wordsmith


Amethyst W in blue“Shout out to Elizabeth Locey for her Clarity Injection! I love it when I get to work with and RECEIVE from a channel like Elizabeth! Her insights were powerful and really resonated.

I now understand more deeply & clearly my fascination with the peacock and why this has been a power symbol for me up until now. As I move through the suggested ceremony to release attachment I’m excited to see what will emerge from here for me and my business and I’m grateful for Elizabeth’s keen ‘eye’ and wise guidance!”


–Amethyst Wyldfyre

The Empowered Messenger


Mary Kay MaasI have been working with Elizabeth Locey for about 8 months now and I have to say Gloria, Hallelujah! I cannot think of a better mentor to have on this journey. I know I’m a trailblazer. I know I have a big mission. And finally I’ve found the help I need to get there. I had been going in circles for the last 8 years, trying to find my way and I was tired of chasing my tail. I wanted a quantum leap and I just happened to find Elizabeth, an expert in quantum leaps. She did octuple her income after all.


Her gifts are delicious. Month after month my personal and the mastermind channelings knock my socks off. Elizabeth is my mirror. I can see more clearly because she reflects me back to me. Elizabeth does not judge. She is gentle and kind. And what’s definitely a new paradigm for leadership, she is totally open, transparent and authentic. She shares her journey. She shows up perfectly imperfect to hold the space, hold my hand when I need it, and flip me right side up like a hero turtle.


I cannot speak highly enough about Elizabeth Locey. She embodies her humanity gracefully and rocks her divinity all at once. There is no reason to go it alone. Get a coach. Let them light the way. If your gut says Elizabeth’s the one, you will not be disappointed.


Mary Kay Maas

Speaker/Singer/Songwriter in Asturias, Spain


Cecelia Dawe-GillisEvery time I smell lavender I am reminded of my Akashic Records reading with Elizabeth. Lavender is associated with one of my past lives. So, I often get to experience the safety and comfort of “home.”

“During my session with Elizabeth I had a weighty decision to make. This decision involved thousands of dollars. As she methodically went through my choices, I received a percentage [of favorability for a certain option]. In no time I’d made one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. A decision that is in my highest good and one that saved me over $17,000. Thank you, Elizabeth.

With grace and gratitude,

Cecelia Dawe-Gillis

Scientific Hand Analyst                                                                                                              


Karla Barbee Profile

When I started the Shine Your Light program I was struggling to get clarity on who my ideal clients were and how I wanted to focus my message.  I have always tried to use my intuition to guide me but I wanted to master this so I could use it strategically in my business. I knew I need to work with an expert.

The Shine Your Light program is so content rich and Elizabeth guides you step by step on how to build your intuition skills so you can make decisions confidently in your business. Before the end of the 6 month program I had such clarity and confidence that I launched my business working privately 1:1 with clients and successfully ran two group programs!

The (included) Clarity Injection with Elizabeth was invaluable! It provided such detailed information about my ideal clients, my message and how to focus my programs. This session saved me months of frustration. It also gave me the confidence to develop talks and start setting up speaking engagements which I had been avoiding. The Clarity Injection sessions are priceless and so fascinating!

Karla Barbee
Certified Natural Health Coach
Living Your Vibrant Life, LLC

“I felt held, heard, and challenged by these Keepers, through Elizabeth’s deep and wise channel.

The effect of my session was very energizing. I was able to let go of some past issues and (karmic) relationships that I knew were holding me back from moving forward in my spiritual healing business and my life, and I am still feeling the presence and encouragement of these Light Beings. In their gentle way, they are opening a portal for me to share in a vision of my work in the world and sense of Self within the greater design. This opened a much BIGGER picture for what the future holds for me.

Thank you Elizabeth for holding me in a place of my greater potential!”

-Diane Young,
Soul Connection Coaching


“I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for the Akashic Records reading she facilitated for me. The information was very accurate. It correlated to and complimented several other types of readings I’ve had, which to me, helps paint a more complete picture of understanding. She shared the information in such a supportive and encouraging way, even the harder to hear aspects about my life. I felt very thankful and positive about life circumstances I had felt somewhat discouraged by before the reading. I’ve enjoyed her reading, class, and friendship. I look forward to experiencing many of her other spiritually talented offerings. She is such an open and giving person. Thanks again Elizabeth!!! Keep up your meaningful work.”

–Jane McCoy, Musician + Teacher

Emporia, KS




I am a painter. For almost a decade I have felt new paintings inside but the paintings I actually produced seemed to stay pretty consistently the same and pretty consistently I’ve felt frustrated by it. Also I have had an idea for a book/blog/video/ tv show that I have been researching for about as long.

A friend recommended Elizabeth. She did the reading— a very easy and comfortable interface between her, the Keepers and me— and although I had a few other questions these two illustrate the result.

First, during the session I felt not as if the Keepers were giving me knowledge from outside myself. What they said resonated as deeply my own and struck home. The advice was a simple, common sense solution for going forward. Simple and common sense the way a wise mentor might council you.

It was clear the paintings I had been feeling were the ones I needed to make. I saw it. Even if the exact “how” was not yet clear. That is in the doing. And the huge unwieldy idea for the second project could be started as a blog. It could gain momentum with time, but it could be started however modestly now.

I took a sledgehammer to a wall in my studio the next day opening up space and light. I’ve ordered large canvases. I’ve registered the blog.

Simple steps but profound ones for two projects that spent way too long in stagnation for lack of clarity.

my website is

All the best Elizabeth


Stephanie Pedersen

“The [Rock Your Intuition] Program really is the chance to develop this part of you–the strongest part of you–that makes you a leader. I would strongly, strongly encourage anyone who wants that for yourself to jump in. Not only will you create a bigger life–by using your intuition–you be surrounded by strong, powerful allies!”

-Stephenie Pedersen


“As one privileged enough to be in the very first live [Rock Your Intuition] Program, I cannot say enough great things about it. The calls each week were value packed, the one-on-one Akashic records channeling with Elizabeth is priceless, and the Facebook group was so much fun. I met so many like-minded entrepreneurs and we had many fun, deep, and thought-provoking conversations within the group. Elizabeth is very involved and present with the Facebook group, unlike some programs you enroll in where the leaders are inaccessible. The content is original, not cookie cutter like so many carbon copy courses popping up everywhere these days. Elizabeth is the real deal. If you are looking for a way to take you biz to the next level by learning how to trust your gut and use your intuition to boost your biz, I highly recommend it. YOU WILL LOVE THIS PROGRAM!”

–Kimberly Collins Stieber
Bliss Dog Therapy


Gayle Hilgendorff“The work I did with Elizabeth in her [Rock Your Intuition] Program helped me tap back into my intuition, and trust my heart and gut to guide me in the right direction. Since I’ve been making decisions using my intuition, my business has moved forward significantly. I know this is because I feel happy and aligned with what I’m doing, which reinstates my confidence, and attracts the right business to me.

–Gayle Hilgendorff, Executive Health + Leadership Coach


Michele HentgesI needed some guidance and clarity around “what’s next?” after founding and managing a marketing consulting firm for the past 16 years… I signed up for Elizabeth’s [Rock Your Intuition] Program in May — the rest is history! In addition to Elizabeth’s supportive and enlightening gift of guidance I was also given access to my Akashic Records. Receiving that information from my Akashic Records was truly a pivotal moment for me. I’m happy to report that I fully expect to be launching my new business before the end of this year. I am so excited about this new adventure! I am so grateful for Elizabeth and her gift.

– Michele Hentges, marketing + technology consultant