Journey to the heart of Gaia

Welcome to Crystal Communion!

This page is your home base for our adventure, so come back here for new postings for each meeting. You can listen live to the calls here on this page as you gaze upon the crystals and cards which chose themselves to amplify and elucidate every leg of this journey.

BONUS CALL–the message
that inspired this Journey
(Contains the energy of 3/31/2022)

Beloveds, THIS is the call I did that turned everything upside-down for me in terms of my understanding of crystals and crystalline energies. I was so dumbfounded by it that I didn’t want to share it, though listening now I’ve integrated the messages enough to be much less startled by it, and only feel affirmed.

I strongly encourage you to listen, as it may help to pin down some of the things, if any, that have felt too “out there” or not entirely accessible. You can hear me laughing a lot as I’m channeling because what I used to think WAS laughable.

The line that struck me like a cannonball:

The crystalline realm is everywhere and everything, including you.

Let that land and blossom!


Call One: The Adventure Begins
(contains the energy of 9/9/22)


Our first call is complete! Wow–that was some big energy… Be sure to be tender and sweet with yourself today–give yourself as much water, rest, grounding, sleep, space, or grace as you need. Remember that we are working for the expansion of human consciousness. I certainly felt it today. Pace yourself accordingly.

Scroll down just a little to see the player, also the crystals that came today to anchor our collective voyage.

Remember that I will ALWAYS send an email with the day’s link prior to the call, and you can join from the email. If you don’t have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 944199#

*NB: I expected some big energy to come through on this call, but was unprepared for just how massive it was. As you (re-)listen, please be sure to drink plenty of water and ground yourself afterwards. Next time I will prepare myself a salt bath, because I was so undone that I couldn’t take care of it afterwards.

This is a reminder that we are moving big energy and helping to birth a new era in human consciousness, starting with ourselves.

Let’s be sure to honor that and give ourselves grace.

Above right is the player for the call; click it to download your audio. Above right are the crystals that came to illuminate that first leg: Amethyst, Citrine, Green Aventurine, and Smokey Quartz! Please contemplate them for yourself before turning to another expert (you are already the expert for you of course) to tell you what they mean to me, but when I saw them come out of the bowl I was delighted.

(I didn’t even see the SQ at first, and I really needed the grounding…I’ve placed an image of my huge Rainbow Obsidian at the bottom of this page if you need assistance in this area on the go.)

On the call I mentioned the card that came to represent not just this first call, but the energy of the entire journey. It comes from the Rebecca Campbell Rose Oracle deck, of which I’m quite fond. I know that at least a few others in this group have this deck.

The card that came in guidance was “OPEN,” with the keywords: “Say yes. Expand through the extremes. Trust life.”

Here is the entire message:

This is probably one of the biggest challenges of Life, keeping your heart open through the extremes. No one is immune to the highs and lows of the human experience. From the ecstasy to the agony, the joy to the grief, the love to the loss. We can’t bypass the difficult parts of being human if we want to truly experience the bliss. And if you close your heart off to the grief, you won’t be able to fully experience the joy.

The rose teaches us this, season after season. She knows that if She doesn’t surrender to each of the seasons, come summer She won’t be able to bloom. Birth teaches us this too. The safer the mother feels, the more she can open.

Living and dying with your heart open is truly a courageous act, as a life well lived is full of losses and tragedies as well as great love, triumphs, and adventures. When we’re going through difficult times, when we most want to separate, the healing is often found in connection, not separation. When we close our heart and shut down because the pain is too much, we often find ourselves more separate than before. The rose shows us how to open to the world, no matter what the day brings.

This card is here to encourage you to say yes to life, to expand through the extremes, and to put your two feet wholly and completely IN.

Wow. I’m blown away by how perfect this message is, though of course: how could it not be? I’m particularly struck by how the crystalline energy field in which we live picked up on so many of our themes: expansion, human experience, connection not separation, rebirth, adventure, bliss, courage… Did you find more resonant pieces? Please let me know!


Call Two: Opening Up
(contains the energy of 9/16/22)

Please remember to drink plenty of water and do your other grounding pieces as you listen and before flowing into the next thing. I’m really thrilled with this message. So beautiful and feels so “easy.”

I’d love to hear what stood out for you as you listened. What do you feel about the fluid nature of the crystalline? Please share!

Our Crystals for this call:

EIGHT stones in all (abundance, infinity, manifestation, wholeness)! Including a rare TRIPLE–Amazonite, a stone of Courage, Truth, and healing Heart expressions. This is the headline. As I was starting the call, this biggest stone looked like Citrine to me, but in the enlarged photo it definitely looks more like Sunstone (that Sun-inspired energy is definitely there in both stones). Sunstone is a Divine Masculine, shine-your-light, leadership stone. Also blue Dumortierite, Dragon’s Eye (Red Tiger Eye), Sugilite, and returning headliner Green Aventurine!

Our Cards for this Call–from Jen Duchene’s Illuminating Journey Deck

Wow, when I first saw the Level 3 card come through, I was amazed, because of course 3 is foundational to the energy of this journey. It speaks not only of the opening up of binaries (part of the world that we are helping humanity to move beyond) with a third term, but also the foundation of the investment that the adventure guides chose for us–the expanding 3-6-9. Also, it repeats the joy-filled yellow/3rd chakra energies of the Citrine from last week and the Sunstone (which I had initially perceived as Citrine) for this week.

When the 22 came, I was immediately struck by just how perfect this Soul Portal card was for our “opening up” leg of the journey.

I’ll say more at a later date–am wanting you to have to experience of receiving this transmission without a gloss–but consider as you let these images wash over you how they align with the “opening up” theme and Crystal Communion in general. And because the Equinox is happening on the 22nd of this month, that further calls in the sense of balance.

Check out these amazing cards here. Jen Duchene herself is part of our traveling fellowship, and she has shared the following message about this pairing.

“Looking at the two [cards] makes me think that we need to open up ourselves to playful self expression and exploration.
Turning towards change
Being willing to go beyond the borders and follow the calling of our path.
The 22 s.p. has “crystalline crystals” which reference the doorway to becoming aligned to the crystal within and the knowing that goes with it.
We are called to the path we long to explore and have not had access to till now

Lol. I love how literal the signs are.”

Call Three–Stabilizing
(Contains the energy of 9/23/22)

The Journey Guides insisted that I subtitle this “keeping our footing as we shift shape.” And then the whole call was about NOT having footing. LOL!

I have to say that as the channel for today’s transmission, it was hard to hold onto, because it seemed to keep flipping in a kind of “up is down, left is right” sort of way! Not at all Orwellian, but in a kind of Quantum way. How to feel stable when “solid Earth” isn’t solid (as in during a mudslide or earthquake).

Last week we talked about how “crystalisation” is more about becoming this mutable (shape-shifting) liquid than actually becoming hard, immutable solid. Today’s message took that as a jumping-off point.

I trust that you’re all able to handle the “mind-blowing” nature of this new information. I think today’s major message of finding your tether in your own heart-space is key to sailing through this era of shifting realities.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey! And thanks to Jen Duchene for her beautiful card deck, which delivered one of my favorite cards, totally aligned with today’s date. You can’t make this up! I love how the feet (paws) of the Sphinx are so prominent. I also love how the pyramids recall the image generated for this adventure when we plugged in the variables “the planet as a crystal.” I’ve added it at the very bottom of this page.

Card and Crystals for the 3rd leg of our Journey

There is a gloss on the stones in the call itself (near the beginning).

Key take-aways:

  • 8 stones (following the 2-3-5-8-13 Fibonacci spiral that is literally represented in the card above)
  • Double Doubles: Bloodstone and Amazonite; I’ve always considered these the 2 “courage” stones in my bowl until recently when the Keepers pointed out that Carnelian was also a stone of courage. This feels significant that the highlighted energies for this week are about courage
  • There are only 2 real color frequencies here: green and clear, which really means only one–the continuum of green
  • Most of these are heart stones! Both sets of doubles, the Hiddenite that pairs with them as the smallest, and the Green Aventurine. Only Labradorite and Smokey Quartz  are not
  • 3 of 8 are about grounding (interesting on a call about “finding our footing”
  • What if anything speaks to you about how these stones paired themselves up?

These are the images that were generated when I plugged in the variables “planet as a crystal.” I love how powerful (and related to this call #3) they both are! Enjoy!

Call Four–The Jewel of Our Heart
(Contains the energy of 9/30/22)

Honestly, I don’t know when I have ever felt so whole, so wholly loved, and so blissed out as I do right after leading this journey.

It hasn’t taken me away from myself, but has restored me to myself, but a self I could hardly fathom. Phew!

Enjoy, Beloveds!

Cards + Crystals for the pure-bliss “Heart Jewel” Guided Journey

Ocean Jasper, Bronzite, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, (pale) Rose Quartz, and Smokey Quartz came as our Crystal Guides for this Journey Call.

“The Anointed” from Rebecca Campbell’s Rose Oracle

Key words: Answer the Call, Leadership. Empowerment. Soul gifts.

“This card is here to herald you into an even more powerful expression of what you came here to be and do.” 

Before leading the journey, this did not feel like the most powerful message, but now the energy behind it is amplified 100x.

This is the Close-up of the Rainbow Andarian Oracle, which doesn’t appear in the booklet and is the only stone to have the word “Oracle” attached to it.

“Infinite light and love are available to you through my essence. […] Access to Universal Intelligence is yours. I can assist you in accessing your Akashic Records, the birth records of your soul’s many incarnations. […] I will activate your rainbow light-body, the overcoat of your soul, infusing you with the full spectrum and full potential you came here to become.”

I love how closely aligned the messages from these two cards are. You can’t make it up!

Please remember to take good care of yourself and to get grounded after listening. It is a super-blissful energy, but for all that it remains VERY potent. Be good to yourself!

Call Five–Taking Wing
(Contains the energy of 10/7/22)

I’m sorry there’s so little visual contrast here–all the stones are very pale, and sitting on Selenite which is itself sitting on white paper.

We have DOUBLE Labradorite (really our guide for this entire journey, all over the main marketing image). Labradorite represents Magick of course, and also the “Temple of the Stars,” which is another name for the Akashic Records.

The other stone is of course a Citrine, which we’ve also seen before. Citrine represents the energy of the Sun (our system star) and also our personal sun + the ways in which we shine our own light out of our Solar Plexus.

These are all fire element stones. In what way(s) do you perceive fire to be related to this “taking wing” topic?

What are you noticing as you look at this card?

These cards are from Jen Duchene’s Illuminating Journey deck. First we have a “tool” card, which is Liquid as a Magick Potion. What are other associations that you have with the element of water? I love how the color and the element are picked up between these two cards.

Her 28 Soul Portal is called “Meeting of Worlds” with the subheading “The crossroad of evolution and revolution requires your participation.” I’ve actually been wondering when this card would show up, as it seems central to what we are up to here in Crystal Communion. What does pouring water on this crossroad bring?

Also, doesn’t the planet on the left just scream Labradorite?! You can’t make this up…

Crystal-Yellow Dragon from Diana Cooper’s Dragon Oracle. This is the only one in the deck with the word “crystal” in its name. I pulled this Thursday evening & was unsure whether to include it, but then when Citrine showed up in our pull, it was a must.

“These dragons remind you that you are a being of the universe. The ultimate is to become a cosmic master, so step onto a diamond path. The C-Y Dragons will ensure you connect with those who are ready for the light you carry. When you meet people, your light will automatically light up the keys and codes of mastery latent within them. The time for this higher service is now.”


Call Six–New Perspectives/Expansion
(Contains the energy of 10/11/22)

I’ve been hearing that “widening the lens” and even “higher perspectives” would be appropriate descriptors for this transmission. What I’m seeing is each of us using our winged hearts to rise above Planet Earth to see it with new eyes from up high: a falcon’s eye view, or even the view from a comet. There is more for us to see and know from up here.

I initially resisted the “higher perspective” label because it seems overused to the point of being meaningless, and also because so often a spiritual perspective is seen as one that comes from a sky-god rather than our Earth-Mother, and she is so so clearly the heart and the source of this adventure.

Cards and Crystals for Call 6


This week we have an interesting mix of returning crystals and new stones, which suggests to me that these new perspectives might include reframing what we’ve seen again and again before as well as bringing in new information.

By far our largest stone is Rhodochrosite, one of my longterm favorites. It’s a heart stone but also a fire element! The pink + creamy suggests to me that our inner-child/heart wounds as humans can be soothed and healed by Cosmic Mother’s milk. It addresses self-sabotaging behaviors and allows us to shine our light in its full (winged) radiance!

Other heart stone Green Aventurine at the bottom right is a water-element stone and has been here often.

Next, we have returning headliner Labradorite and newcomer Garnet! This stone essentially represents Gaia herself. Welcome, Goddess of Abundance! Think: Prosperity, Life Force, Vitality, Grounding, the Fire Down Below, and more. I look forward to seeing how her themes show up in the transmission (please, someone ask!).

Our final 2 stones are again a retuning star and a newcomer—this time it’s Bloodstone (representing the intuitive Courage and trust of the Spiritual Warrior, and Sugilite (though what’s mostly visible in the photo is black matrix), which is a lovely and rare crown chakra stones which green-lights your dreams! When we can see more than matrix (what she grows in) she is a gorgeous deep purple color. I find it interesting that many stones have wanted their portraits taken without their best sides showing. I suspect that our crystal teachers are reminding us that the essence of their energy isn’t available only to the outer eye, but the inner eye as well.

I love that we have 6 stones for episode 6 of our journey. I’m seeing 2 triangles (one masculine, one feminine) creating a Star of David or Merkaba pattern to expand our understanding of these new perspectives..

I was mistaken when I said that Sugilite was a newcomer to our party. it was actually in Call 2, about opening up! Considering that this stone’s energies are all about opening up our crown chakras so that we can pursue our dreams, I think it’s hilarious that I didn’t see this connection before!

Jen Duchene’s beautiful Soul Portal 26 The Golden Palace joins us for this call. What do you see here? Any connections to the crystals themselves?

The sub-heading: How do beauty, strength, discovery, and riches show up in form?


Call Seven–No Separation
(Contains the energy of 10/21/22)

What I had written before the call: I’m so excited for this journey call! Bring your water and your sacred tools! I can already feel this call will be a Love explosion, but maybe not in the way we think…

And now after the call:

I am so blissed out! Sometimes as the channel and container-holder it’s a challenge to really feel the transformation to which I’m holding the portal open, but this time was not one of those. I felt completely embodied in the experience as I drummed us through.

I’m not sure “Love explosion” is the best way to express the energy from this leg of the journey, but I can also see it as that. More like an ever-expanding Love network encompassing all Creation, maybe…

If I don’t say it enough, it’s my total honor to be bringing this work through with your help. I truly could not do it without you.


Cards and Crystals for Call 7:

Seven stones for call #7! I was reminded that we had six stones for Call #6 so this feels totally appropriate.

All but one of these stones is a returning teacher for us; I’m kind of geeking out tracing which calls had which stones, etc.

Our new crystal teacher this week is a Blue and Golden Tiger Eye, which I like to refer to as Eagle’s Eye. Take a minute to pause here, and feel into what qualities eagle represents to you in this moment. Simply make a list of 5 or more: “Eagles are [blank], [blank], [blank], [blank], and [blank].”

And while you’re at it, make a similar list for Dragons, as we have a Dragon’s Eye again this week.

Eagle’s Eye (like the entire Tiger Eye family) is a stone of balance and manifestation. It’s a success stone. Can you imagine an Eagle not getting what it sets out to achieve?! Same for Dragon, right?

This Blue and Gold stone combines the power of the3rd Eye intuitive mind with the Solar Plexus to bring all your best visions or ideas into form in the world. I’m really loving that we have so much support for bringing into form at this drummed journey call.

Our biggest stone was a Citrine (abundance, manifestation, being our own brightest star, and transmuting negativity to joy and light–in other words, into photons who want to play with us at becoming whatever we expect them to be).

It is paired with Dragon’s Eye, which, beyond any meanings or qualities are showing up for you in this moment (please don’t skip over this important step in self-illumination; write it down, and perhaps the next time you listen to this same call, you will have different insights) always speaks to me of the deep feminine Mystery, where magick and remembrance come together to create the mythic potentials of the ancient future.

In between we have Eagle’s Eye, then Ocean Jasper. This latter is a stone of radical self-acceptance. It calls for embracing all parts of ourselves which we have previously rejected or shoved under the rug. It last appeared at our previous drummed journey, call 4, about the heart jewel.

It pairs beautifully with recurrent headliner Green Aventurine, the stone of turning over a new leaf. Green Aventurine asks us to release what no longer serves us so that we have room to joyfully take delivery of the new version of ourselves. Perhaps in the context of Ocean Jasper, we are embracing some parts of us that had previously brought self-judgment, but releasing the judgment (shame, regret, grief, etc.) itself.

Next are more heart stones, which are also Courage stones. Amazonite is about the courage to speak one’s Truth, and to heal self and other with those heartfelt worlds. Bloodstone brings us grounding and the trust to keep going in the face of the Unknown.

Which takes us back to Dragon.

Today’s card is Jen Duchene’s Soul Portal 27: Flying Carpet Ride. All lies beneath you, the land becomes water, paradise is everywhere. Fly with open arms.

What objects or figures leap out at you?

There’s an endless knot symbol and also a key (both golden) that appear to be cut off by this image, above and to the right of the lotus. That endless knot in particular feels very much a part of the energy of today’s session, so I’ll add a lower-resolution, un-watermarked image to share those parts.

Call Eight–Breaking Free
(Contains the energy of 10/28/22)

Holy smokes!!! This definitely felt like the climax of the adventure. Get your grounding tools and water jugs ready, because you’ll need them! Feel free to “chunk it down” if you need to (don’t forget to call your spirit back into your body if you take a break) but know that at the end the Keepers synthesize in a really sweet way, so it’s best not to leave prematurely.

As the channel, I was very grateful to all those who asked questions because that really helped me hold the information.

There was so much more that could have been said, but this was a longer call than most (1:31:32), and the Keepers could tell that everyone was cooked. They’ve already told me that next week’s theme is “weaving the new reality” and that it will pull the threads from all the calls together.

I think it’s entirely appropriate to bring any questions that you didn’t get to ask, or which didn’t even come into your awareness until after the live call, to call 9. You might sit with the arc of the journey between now and then–as I hope to do as well–to see what threads to follow.

Deep, deep bow to all of you, even to those who haven’t heard of this adventure as of the live taping, because your energies were definitely present, and time is a construct. LOL.


Cards + Crystals for Call 8

This week again we have DOUBLE DOUBLES! And a total of 5 stones in all. The Doubles are Double Labradorite and Double Dragon’s Eye (though they are smaller, I saw the Dragon’s Eyes first). The singleton is Amazonite, a stone of Courage. All three of these have been in the spotlight again and again during this journey.

Your invitation is to make an intuitive list of 5-10 qualities of Dragon.

There is still so much Venusian energy in the air less than a week after the Venus Star Point activation and just over 3 days past the Scorpio Solar Eclipse with Venus conjunct the Sun-Moon at 2 degrees 00 Scorpio.

After several weeks of the number of stones equalling the number of the call, this week the stones (5) and the call (8) add up to 13, the number of the Divine Feminine, due in part to 5 and 8 being Venus’ sacred numbers (8 years to trace a 5-pointed star as seen from Planet Earth). Of course 13 reduces to 4, Mother’s Earth’s number. Check out the numbers on the 2 cards that came for today’s call. You can’t make this sh*t up!!!

Instead of splitting the cards with text, I’m keeping them together so that you can see the similarities.

They are both number 2 (generally interpreted as the number of the feminine) and feature full moons, yet also the gender-marked masculine of the animal species in question: a stag and a lion with full mane.

Jen’s Illuminating Journey card is one of the first she ever pulled for me, so it’s one I especially cherish. Soul Portal 2 is called The Gift of Nature. Finding peace and stillness in polarity.

What jumps out at you as you contemplate it? As usual, I saw something new this time. Allow yourself to arrive at a general sense before reading on or listening to the call.

Some of Jen’s words seem to apply particularly to our theme today. I’ll read them on the call.

The other card is from the Priestess of Light deck by Sandra Anne Taylor and Kimberly Webber. One interesting thing I did not know prior to purchasing this deck was that Webber’s paintings were both the starting point for the oracular text for each card, but that they also contain crystals and minerals themselves: “Pure crushed gems and minerals–including Lapis, Egyptian azurite, mica, marble dust, malachite, gold, copper, and cobalt–imbue the paintings with luminosity and healing power.”

I’ll also read some of what Taylor wrote about this card on the call, but here’s a spoiler: “You must have the courage to express your truth and make your desires known”–hello, Amazonite! You really can’t make this up!!

Call Nine–Re-Weaving the World
(Contains the energy of 11/04/22)

Please do all of your grounding practices after listening, and if you need to stop before the end, please call your spirit back.

This is a powerful transmission, wrapping up the channeled information from this entire journey, so please act accordingly.


Crystals and Card for the 9th leg of the journey

Seven stones this week, and the Headliner is a new one! Peach Moonstone. Moonstone activates all the chakras, but the peach variety is particularly associated with the womb chakra.

In supporting roles we have Citrine, Labradorite, Rhodochrosite (it looks like it has a tiny heart on the top!), Smokey Quartz, Kunzite (the exact same energy of joy and gratitude as Hiddenite, but in a pink form rather than green), and the Amazonite which pairs with the Moonstone. Perhaps their message together is to let your heart and your womb speak a trans-personal message about the power of the Divine (and human) Feminine.

Moonstone is a crystal associated with a lot of folklore through the ages. It was reputed to help lovers separated by distance (and perhaps a forced marriage) to stay connected and true. There’s faerie lore about the Moonstone that even the Disney corporation has picked up on.

To me, Moonstone connects us to the brilliance of Mother Nature. Moonstone grounds us cosmically to our planet’s singular luminary orb. Moonstone shines with an apparent inner light, much like our Moon in the night sky.

Beyond being a signifier of the Divine Feminine, especially in this womb-chakra peach color, Moonstone connects us to a daily (nightly) reminder that death and rebirth are natural, dependable processes that follow one upon the other without fail or interruption. When we follow the Moon from dark to fullness and back to dark, we are soothed and inspired by the Mother energy contained there, constantly birthing and rebirthing. She shows us that yes, change happens, and no, it’s not something to fear. It is SO dependable, in fact, that the cycle connects us to the continuity of time, and change through time.

These cycles also remind us that to everything there is a season. It does not serve humans any more than it serves the land to plant new seeds immediately after a harvest. The land needs to lie fallow for a period in order to replenish itself in advance of the next creative cycle. The same is true for humans. Moreover, if you’ve just planted new seeds, don’t expect to harvest their fruit right away. Allow yourself to bask in the Truth of the cyclical message of the Moon and Moonstone.

I love how all of the chakras are represented here, with a special emphasis on heart and womb. So perfect…

Soul Portal 8 of Jen Duchene’s Illuminating Journey deck is called Fortitude. Lioness and Goddess roam the golden plains with 8 golden apples floating into form.

Call Ten, Final Leg–
Straddling Multiple Realities
(Contains the energy of 11/11/22)

I found that, even as the space-holder, to be quite profound. Please do drink plenty of water and employ all of your grounding techniques after you listen! I cannot wait to hear what came up for you.

Credit for the emotional transmutation process (which I did not realize was going to come up, but which seems perfect, given the need to clear ourselves of old patterns before moving forward) is due to my dear friend Jessicka Chamberlin of Creative Human Capital. Big tip of the hat to her! I use this technique all the time for myself, my friends, and my clients.


Crystals and Card for the final leg of the journey

Six stones; one set of doubles, and a new one as biggest headliner!

DOUBLE Bloodstone for having the courage to keep moving forward into the Unknown. This stone bridges the heart and the root chakras. I note that grounding to our own hearts has been a theme of our journey.

Newcomer Hematite feels so very aligned–Naisha Ahsian calls it “Manifest Light.” It’s one of the most grounding stones around, but the “manifest light” part is about harmonizing polarities (masculine/feminine, dark/light, etc.) So perfect for the straddling of multiple realities!! When you can hold and harmonize both sides, that’s when you can pull more Light onto the Earth plane. I’m also aware that the name Hematite recalls Bloodstone–it’s so full of iron that it streaks red on a streak plate. The Ancient Greeks named it for Blood (think of other words like hemaglobin or hematoma). It’s also super shiny–so much so that it can reflect negativity back to the sender–and in some forms highly magnetic, either attracting or repelling.

Next is Dumortierite, a 3rd Eye activator that we haven’t seen since call 2–“Opening Up.” Interesting that it arrives at the opening and at the closing of this adventure. Dumoriterite is a stone of order. It orders ideas more than spaces. Linked as it is to the mind, it helps us to discern the proper order for our thoughts and words.

The recurring thread from our fist pull and final one (and many others along the way) takes the form of Green Aventurine, the stone of letting go (to grow) Like a snake which outgrows its own skin, this lovely heart stone teaches us that it actually feels better to let go of the old than to hold onto it. In this way, Green Aventurine is a stone of death-and-rebirth. It represents the new birth of spring after the long, still period of composting in the winter. That which rots is nourishing the growth of the coming season. This is therefore a stone of potential, abundance, and expansion. It’s quite lucky. I find its vibe very Jupiterian that way.

Our final stone is Labradorite, one of our way-showers. It is a stone of magick and the Akashic Records. As such, it carries an energy of quintessence, a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Paired with the double Bloodstone, it speaks to me of all the magickal paths opening up if we pull on our Courage boots and march straight into creating this new world which we have chosen to help birth.

This Soul Portal is called “Library of Knowledge: Inside the Akashic Records or hall of all.”

What all do you see here?

Please reserve a time–I think our usual time might be best–on Friday 9 December for an informal but recorded integration call. On this last day I’ve heard that it’s important to come together one more time to share what we received on this final leg of our journey. We are working powerful magick together, and it feels important to allow the right amount of time for our insights to “gel” and also to share them as in a potluck banquet 13 weeks (one trimester/season) after our collective adventure began.