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Your Abundance Zone Toolkit


  • These are the exact tools Elizabeth used to increase her income by 800% in 2012. That’s 8 times more, in a single year! And you can turn things around with these tools as well
  • Learn how to read your energy signature: are you in the Abundance Zone, magnetizing perfect clients + opportunities, or are you repelling people unconsciously? If you’re in the Scarcity Zone, learn the infallible tools for snapping out of it, instantly
  • Elizabeth walks you through the Divine Love Bubble meditation, to keep your energy clear and attractive all day long. Fill every cell in your body with Unconditional Love with this amazing tool!
  • There’s also a no-fail intuitive tool to help you make on-the-spot decisions that are also spot-on, so that you can move forward quickly and confidently in your business

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