Leo New Moon Crystal Oracles

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The Leo New Moon of 2 August 2016 is a powerful one.

With six planets in fire signs–Sun, Moon, and Venus in Leo, empowered Uranus (standing still) in Aries, and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius–this is a potent creative time.

Using crystals to alchemize your New Moon intentions is powerful. They not only anchor in the intentions, but also offer you the energetic and emotional support that you need to bring your intentions to fruition.

Crystal Workstation

This is a powerful alliance between New Moon magick and Earth Magick.

Leo rules the heart, and the Leo-Aquarius axis (they’re opposite each other) is the axis of Love. Aquarius gives it and Leo receives it. How can you open yourself and your heart up to receiving more LOVE?

At this Leo New Moon, you can set intentions based on the house in which the New Moon is occurring (at 10 degrees Leo) if you know your natal chart. OR, you can use the following themes to inspire your intentions:

  • Love, romance, the fun side of relationships

  • Amplifying your Light (joy, optimism) in all ways

  • Firing up your creativity, or re-kindling old projects for completion

  • Enhancing your innocent, childlike, playful side

  • (Re-)connecting powerfully with children

  • (Re-)committing to having fun and to following your heart’s desires

So, how do you use my crystal oracles to support your New Moon intention-setting? Click the link below and follow the instructions. I’ll be pulling the stones for you and listing what they are. If you’d like to interpret their message, rock on! I’ll be back to add my thoughts once you’ve taken a shot at it.


***Nota Bene***
The most powerful time for setting intentions is Tuesday 2 August 2016 at 4:44 pm EDT until Midnight Wednesday night, 3 August 2016. Make sure to purchase and post your intentions during this window for most potent manifestation!



Leo New Moon Crystal Oracle $13



What people are saying about Elizabeth’s Crystal Oracles:

“Wow! Wow ! Wow! Let me breathe for a second…Elizabeth! I had such a chill when I read the names of the Crystals that came to support me. I am gushing because they are exactly what I need what my intentions are…. I am gushing here, you are amazing and I am so grateful that you’re sharing your gift for us! Love and light and magic and beauty to you Sister! I love love love playing with you and the pure Magic that is always available to us! Woooeeeeee thank you Elizabeth, Sister Oracle!”

Gorgeous energy as always. Thank you for your spirited generosity and clear wisdom.”

“Thank you Elizabeth! Your crystal pulls for me are always right on! Even if I don’t always see it right away {grin}”

“Yes! Elizabeth… Thank you thank you for being my oracle catalyst. You are a wonder!! I love you.”

“Thank you so much Elizabeth. I had been feeling on edge, like change was about to happen when you shared your status and you were in tune with what I was about, guiding me to think of my intentions with more clarity. These stones really resonate with me, I feel as though they speak of my ability to bring about abundance and inner-success, that they will help clear all my doubts and nay-saying criticisms so they no longer hold power over me. I feel centered and grounded from these pulls, as though they are to help me with a transformation to take action on opportunities in the near future. Thank you again so much!!”