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Own Your Throne Money & Sovereignty Series

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If you’re on this page, you’ve already subscribed and listened to the first call in the Money + Sovereignty series. I appreciate you being an early adopter! You likely came in before I knew there were going to BE more calls! I used to have a page where you could get the series, the first call, or the second set of two, but that seemed confusing, thus the new page!

Here’s some info I added on the original page about calls 1, 2. and 3 (of which you’ll recognize some, of course!)

Call #1: Own Your Throne: How to Reclaim Your Sovereignty to Change Your Personal Financial Matrix [Call duration: 3:17]

This call was originally intended to stand alone, and it addresses such issues as how to expand your capacity for receiving, how to heal your relationship with money, what it means if you’ve been feeling thwarted in your financial goals. Essentially, this call is all about opening up to Magick (including a special vision for Lightworkers of getting out of their own way) for better financial health. That magick is LOVE. (Self-love, generosity, trust, and surrender.) 

Call #2: Divorcing the Patriarchy: How to Untangle Yourself from the Current Socio-Economic Structures [Call duration: 2:26]

The truth is that neither men nor women have access to their thrones fully under the Patriarchal system. This call explores how to see where you’ve gotten yourself entangled, and starts process of unraveling where you’re caught in the net and re-weaving a new, more powerful story.

Call #3: The Sacred Marriage: Reintegrating the Sacred Feminine and Masculine to Birth a New Economic Paradigm, Personally + Globally [Call duration: TBA]

As of this writing, this call has not yet occurred (in our space-time anyway). However, the plan for this call is to look at ways to bring wholeness to your heart (compartmentalization and splitting-off being hallmarks of the current, and moribund, Patriarchal system) so that you can employ that Love Magick everywhere. One of the places where most Western humans need reintegration are in their masculine and feminine. Join us to help influence the direction of the call.

Here you go, and thanks for your continued loyalty to your personal growth and evolution.




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Of course, you’ll get all of the call-in information and the replay link to Call #2 (and call #3 if you’re reading this after the 26 of March) when you subscribe.

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