Live Channeling 28 February 2014

Here’s where you can listen to the audio recording the the Live Channeling on Current Energies. (There were no questions about Astro-Weather asked, so that doesn’t appear.)

I’ve already heard so many people tell me how touched they were by this channeling–how full of light and uplifted they were as they were listening live! Hooray! I felt it, too.

I have to say that the energy for this started affecting me well before I opened the Records, and lasted well beyond when I closed them, despite my best efforts to get grounded right away. I have performed many live channelings in the past, though none with this many participants. Whoa! It took everything I had to hold it all, and over an hour to come down, even with food and other grounding techniques which usually work right away. Please don’t let this keep you from listening; I say this only to let you know that extra grounding may be necessary afterwards.

The Keepers told us that the current energies are feeling weird for a couple of reasons. One was to keep seasoned entrepreneurs “nimble” and creative, precisely because EVERYONE called to join or listen is a born leader, and we all need to know how to respond quickly when things change, because others will be looking to us for guidance.

The other reason that I recall most clearly is because humanity is coming together–really fast, and the speed is disorienting us a little. The image they kept showing me was Pangea–the single land mass from primitive Earth. It took hundreds of millions of years for the continents to drift apart, but now it’s like they’re coming back together at a rate you can SEE. If we were each an island in our own separateness (from each other and the rest of the Universe) our islands are new cruising through the oceans to merge with one another! Our Higher Selves are going “Wheeeeeeeee!” and enjoying the ride, but we’re getting a little motion-sick…

There’s SO much more in here, please don’t hesitate to listen over and over again, or chunk it down into smaller bits if it gets to be too much for you.

Listen in now, and Enjoy!

P.S.: Remember, you may feel so good after listening that you forget to get grounded. PLEASE DO NOT get behind the wheel of a car until you are 100% sure that you’re back on the Earth. Conversely, this is GREAT energy for doing inspirational work–anything that you’d like a boost from the Universe from in terms of great ideas flowing in. You’ll be flowing with the Divine!

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