A Journey through the Akashic Records of Private Property, Material Exchange & Wholeness

Want to hear the goosebump-inducing teaser the Akashic Record Keepers gave us about this adventure? Scroll down to find the player, it’s just above the Citrine. Essentially, M3 is preparing us–in our bodies and our minds–to thrive in the emerging paradigm!

As I write this, we are in August of 2020. So much of the world has shifted, decayed, or been dismantled over the past months. Around the world but especially in the US, institutions that many had perceived as fixed or enduring are facing an “adapt or perish” challenge. Public education comes to mind.

Back at the end of January of this year, the topic of Money asked me to do a deep dive into the shifting energies (realities, really) around her. At the time, I had no idea that so much of the known landscape was going to become barely recognizable. Shift? Yes. Completely transform? Not so much.

Since then, I’ve been eager to lead this experience–both because I’m intensely curious about the topic, and because I cannot wait to channel through this new information for those who wish to receive and integrate it…

… Especially at a time when money’s relationship with power appears to be evolving quickly.

Here we are, undeniably at a turning point in human history, and Money (even the very concept of private property) wants to opt out of being a tool of oppression/separation and instead re-define itself as an instrument of wholeness.

This is actually the second iteration of this series of portal-jumping adventures, though you’re excused if you didn’t know about the first one.

Last December as I was preparing to lead the original Magick + Manifestation experience, my mother fell ill and transitioned during the launch. Her choice to journey on just 9 hours before the grand kick-off of the history-altering eclipse season–the effects of which we are still living through, and will be for many decades to come–profoundly softened my ability to market the program. Only a few members of my inner circle who knew about it privately before my mother’s sudden illness participated.

Even so, it was some of the most jaw-dropping, beyond-the-pale, beautiful and astonishing channeling I had ever had the privilege to bring through. Everyone agreed that it completely blew them away. It wasn’t just information, but shifted us on a cellular level and grounded us in the new magickal planes of the emerging paradigm.

What I’ve noticed over the past months is that those who participated in the original M+M adventure have their Shift-wave riding sea-legs, whereas many others I work with (and there’s not an energetic slouch amongst them!) do not yet.

Wow… these ultra-deep dives into the heart of the Akashic Records and the emerging paradigm are powerful trainings for spiritual leadership in the times to come.

It was at the end of this first experience that Money asked to be the topic of the next one.

Praise for Magick & Manifestation:

“Being on this Magick Carpet ride with Elizabeth was so much more than I thought it would be. The messages shared from the Record Keepers were mind blowing yet comforting, loving yet provocative. I absolutely loved how the crystals, card pulls and shamanic healings aligned with the messages. I went in with pretty high expectations and came away realizing there is so much more available than I ever dreamed!

Debbie Pokornik
Host of the Vibrant, Powerful Moms Show

Over the months since the topic announced itself to me, we have been in subtle conversation.

The idea of MONEY has expanded to include the concept of ownership, which, throughout the now-ending paradigm was unquestioned, at least in so-called civilized lands.

[In the distant past, humanity understood itself to have a deep connection with the Earth, from whom we received many gifts. As hierarchical (patriarchal) systems spread from the Fertile Crescent throughout the Mediterranean basin and beyond, a schism between humans and Mother Nature was enacted: When men declared their dominion over the land, that which had been divine became something to own and dispose of rather than to revere and serve with gratitude.]

Money no longer wishes to play a role in oppression and separation. She ultimately desires to disappear, though it will take many generations of humans for the transformation to a more compassionate world without ownership or money to be complete.

In the meantime, Money desires to shift our relationships to power and to ourselves, and this is the raison d’être of this offering.


It’s hard to explain the “Magick & Manifestation” format to someone who hasn’t experienced it, but I’ll try:

It’s not a program in which I teach a defined curriculum.

It’s more like bathing in the warm, healing waters of unconditional love & wisdom, and emerging a completely new person.

Think of it as a divine lecture series or seminar given by the Akashic Record Keepers crossed with the extreme sport of portal surfing on flying carpets.

Prepare to be moved. Expanded. Revolutionized. Alchemized..

What You Need to Know about M3:

  • Magick & Manifestation: MONEY meets eight times on consecutive Fridays: 11 Sept – 30 Oct at midday in the Eastern time zone
  • The first 7 calls will constitute the portal-jumping adventure; the final call will be an integrative guided shamanic journey designed to anchor and unlock all of the Light codes channeled during the previous 7 weeks
  • Many love to be live on the calls, but if you can’t be, simply send in your questions for the week ahead of time and listen for them to be answered on the replay (all calls are yours to download and return to whenever you are in need of a boost)
  • Expect calls to run at least 90 minutes; give yourself plenty of time to get grounded afterwards
  • M3 is not a coaching program designed to shift your mindset around making or receiving money
    • HOWEVER it IS a sacred agreement with your divine self intended to shine a light on the ways money has been used collectively in the past for both good and ill, and to illuminate the path forward into the emerging paradigm around the questions of money, ownership and power
    • While we will not be opening any individual/personal Records in M3, the collective answers we receive will no doubt have a bearing on your personal experience, and (I suspect) shift not just your mindset but everything about how you partner with money and inhabit your power
    • M3 is a collective journey with no 1:1 time, but if you desire either private Records time or emotional support/mentorship, that can be arranged separately
  • The start and end dates of M3 are not random:
    • Sept 11 2020 is the 19-year anniversary of the World Trade Center (the nerve-center of the biggest economic power of the time) towers being destroyed; the lunar nodes are back where they were, ready to offer a clean energetic slate and initiate a new cycle around money and power
    • October 30 stands at the gateway of All Hallow’s–a cross-quarter holy day and understood in many cultures as a moment when the veils between the worlds are thinnest; doing our integration at this time will maximize its potency
  • M3 is an “all-in” kind of experience (whether or not you can be live on the calls): if you choose to join this adventure, it is your promise to honor the sacred contract with yourself of stepping more fully into your own power
  • M3 is an alchemical experience; prepare to be alchemized
  • The commitment to the sacred energy of the Akashic Records M3 requires will very likely shift your relationship with your own intuition and guides in the most expansive ways

Want to get a feel for the M3 adventure? Listen to the Keepers talk about it

Some take-aways from this short channeling; listen in below:

  • Keepers were laughing that so many humans think money is hard, but really it’s super easy–it’s all LOVE!
  • Pandemic is helping us to detox from fear (this may sound upside-down, and the Keepers explain)
  • M3 is primarily about the “resurgence of the Regime of Love”
  • Relaxing into the idea of Money as a form of divine Love will serve you
  • The point of M3 is to prepare your bodies to give and receive money as a pure Love energy
  • The real magick of this adventure is not what you’ll receive in your mind (there’s a lot for the mind to chew on here) but what you’ll get in your body: it will open you up to receiving golden light codes that have been waiting for an access portal to Earth (you’ll want to listen to this part–it’s super goosebumpy!)
  • Essentially, M3 is preparing us–in our bodies and our minds–to thrive in the emerging paradigm

You’re going to be touching the Godhead for over 20 minutes, so be sure to get grounded after listening, Dear One!

In addition to the potent channeling, each call will also feature crystals and cards to help set the stage, hold the container, and elucidate the truths coming through the Records.

Citrine (above) is a key ally in Manifestation, activating the Solar Plexus to help us bring our desires into material form while transmuting negativity to joy & light.

The card that came to accompany M3 was The Bee from the Wisdom of Avalon oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid (Hay House). You really can’t make this up!!

Here is the Bee’s message:

“When the Bee buzzes onto your path, it’s a reminder that with hard work and a firm commitment to building your dream, a sweet outcome is assured. The bee is a symbol of luck, so expect miracles and your life will be victorious and sweet.

“Remember that you also create your own luck. That is, effort is essential as you progress along your path in order to make your dreams a reality. The Bee is an industrious, busy creature that’s always making honey. […] The Bee is always a fortunate omen.”

Magick & Manifestation: MONEY is for you if you’re an energetic match for these criteria:

  • you are open to being drawn into the expansive energies of the emerging paradigm; they may well feel unsettling at first, but the container will hold you and you’ll be  ahead of the curve and the crowd when the shifts arrive in the out-picturing
  • you have the financial integrity to see the 8-week adventure and all the payments through to the end (joining us represents a sacred agreement with yourself first, and also with Elizabeth)
  • you desire (and can allow yourself) to be shifted and alchemized
  • you can trust the journey and surrender to being in the Unknown without resistance, because even I as the guide don’t really know where we’re going (it’s bigger and more amazing than either you or I could come up with in our wildest dreams!)
  • you understand that this is a sacred journey requiring energetic integrity and open-heartedness: you agree to honor your experience and that of others (no multitasking on calls), as well as Elizabeth’s contribution (please get permission and use proper attribution, no matter how jaw-dropping the information)

Be sure to check with your intuition about whether you are the right fit. If right now doesn’t feel like the right time, trust that and know that this adventure will be available in the future, when you do feel like an energetic match.

If you ARE ready, I cannot wait to have you join us! Register below; there are payment options when you click the link

I am so looking forward to jumping through these portals! I’d love for you to join us if it’s aligned.

Here’s to more Love + Magick everywhere.

May Our Winged Hearts Fly Ever Free!