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Experience the Akashic Records of Gratitude!


Hello, and thank you for checking out my free gift Offering, this short yet richly potent channeling from the Akashic Records of Gratitude, with questions asked by Susan De Robertis. This recording was originally created for the Manifesting Money Made Easy Telesummit of September-October 2016, but you don’t need to know the secret handshake to join us.


You probably know a lot about gratitude already, but in this transmission from the Akashic Records, the Record Keepers talk about the connection between gratitude, self-love & manifestation. When you listen, you’ll hear Susan being blown away by the feeling of Love that is the pure vibration of the Records, as well as by the level of information being shared.

What are Akashic Records and who am I to be foisting them on you?

Let me elaborate: the Akashic Records–sometimes called the Book of Life or the Tree of Life–are an ethereal archive where all information about everything in the Universe for all “time” (time doesn’t exist there as we humans know it) is stored.

Every person, place, event, date, idea, etc. has its own Akashic Record. And these Records can be consulted, and the information shared, by people who are trained in the reading of them. Records are unthinkably vast. The Record for an Old-Soul human, if it were in an actual library and not stored in the ethereal, fractal planes, would be as big as a US state!

artemis-flowers-gift-cropped-117Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., and I quit a successful career as a professor and scholar to do this important work in 2010. I went straight from working in a literal literary archive–hunched over manuscript drafts of my favorite French novelist–to exploring the ethereal archives of the Records. In one click of the “send” button when I resigned, I went from being a socially-sanctioned Wise Woman, wearing a suit in my book-filled office, grading stacks of papers, to being an olde-style Wise Woman: Oracle, priestess, spiritual guide through the end of the world as we know it.

In short, I traded in my trusty red pen for a crystal-topped staff, my long priestess robes and trailing sleeves whipped by the wind that my powerful life-change had wrought. So, I hope you’ll take me up on my offering, which is no less heartfelt for being free of charge. Just add your information to the boxes below, and we’ll begin.

Deep bow to you!

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