Midterm Elections Live Channeling

No matter who wins, come for Divine Perspectives on Midterm Election Results

In the United States, the November 2018 Midterm elections (for Congress, State Houses, and Governors across the country) are historic. Never before has there been such a push to vote early: in Texas and Nevada, for example, early voting numbers were higher than ALL votes cast in the 2014 Midterms! I was one of over 2 MILLION advance voters in Georgia.

Never before have so many women and people of color been on the ballot, and many of these candidates cite the election of President Trump as the catalyzing factor. These Mid-term elections are widely seen as a referendum on the President’s performance.

Voters today are saying “I’m here to save the Republic,” as they’re interviewed at the polls. This may have to do with the allegations of election tampering by the Russians in 2016, as well as what they see as either right or wrong in the current government.

Whoever wins in local/state elections, or whether or not the houses of congress change hands, there are certainly Divine perspectives to be had. Sign up to ask your questions and receive practical tools + advice on what’s next for everyone.

Register below to submit a question/participate in the live call, or to get immediate access to the recording once the live call is over. The live call occurs on (New Moon day) Wednesday 7 November at 4 pm Eastern. After registering, follow the instructions on the Thank-you page to submit your question.

Looking forward to seeing you on the call, or hearing your feedback if you come just for the replay.

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Was leaving a guaranteed salary for life in the middle of the Great Recession scary? Nope. I knew that I had to leave, and that I would be fully supported.

Since packing my academic regalia away, I have put on the robes of Oracle, Mythic Midwife, and Slayer of Limiting Beliefs.

I help Love-Team Champions to undo all the ways in which they have clipped their own MASSIVE wings, and to tear down all the stifling boxes they’ve built around their greatness just to get along and be loved + accepted in the muggle world.

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