Mini Oracle Message for You

Delphi Temple

You want answers. You’re a genius! You’ve totally come to the right place!


And… you want to experience the magick of the Oracle but don’t know if you’re ready to invest in the full-on Oracle session. Now we’re the geniuses, because we’ve come up with a solution:



Dip a toe into the universal wisdom pond with the Mini Oracle Message!


Here’s what you get:

  • A short, 20-minute call with Elizabeth
  • Your Records opened live in front of you, so you can experience the awesome energy of it
  • A message from your personal Record Keepers telling you what, in their opinion, you most need to hear in that moment
  • A short grounding exercise
  • Best next steps from Elizabeth based on the message you got


How it works:

This service is reserved for people who have not worked with her before. Once you opt in, you will be taken to a payment gateway (it’s only $25) and then to her scheduler.

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