Hello and Welcome to our second iteration of Magick & Manifestation:
the MONEY adventure!

This is where you’ll come back to  listen to/download the calls and view the cards and crystals that have come to accompany us each week. Be sure to bookmark this page, as this is where I’ll post everything. It’s also not indexable, meaning you’ll have to have the link to get here (ask me any time if you lose it).

Our first 7 calls are channeling calls, where I open the Records of the energy of Money. Our final call is more of a guided journey, where we ground and unlock in our bodies all the light codes and new wisdom received during the first 7 meetings.

Scroll down for the audio player and images of any cards or crystals that wanted to join us for that particular portal. Look for those by date and in descending order below.


For all the calls, you’ll want to be in a quiet space where you can be fully present to the sacred offerings you’re about to receive. Definitely don’t try to listen while you’re doing something else, and this goes triple for DRIVING! Multitasking while in the Akashic Records is a tragic waste of an experience (and wobbles the field for everyone else, including me); attempting to drive while connected to All That Is would also be incredibly dangerous. I recommend getting grounded 3 to 5 different ways after listening before driving.

Honor yourself and the sacred nature of this work by slowing down, getting quiet, setting sacred space (this can be as simple as lighting a candle or asking your guides to imbue the room with unconditional Love), and picking up your journal if taking notes helps you to live in the fullest richness of the experience. (If it doesn’t, you’ll have the recording to keep, so know that notes don’t have to be taken in the moment.)

I’m so happy we’re on this adventure together!

May our Winged Hearts fly ever Free!

~ Call 1: 11 September ~

Audio Replay

Here is the audio replay–download here for your personal library! Be sure to get grounded after listening every time. The replay is only slightly less (like 1%) altering than the live call, so be aware that we go deep!


The crystals that came are just uncanny in the way that they spell out–word for word and practically in order!–the name of our adventure.

Triple Labradorite: Magick (fire element)

Double Dragon’s Eye: Manifestation + Magick (fire element)

Double Amazonite: Personal Truth (stone of courage; water element)

Green Aventurine: Money, Renewal, Healing, Letting go (water element)

Card for this Adventure

The first tool card from my friend Jen Duchene’s Illuminating Journey deck. Note the initiation of the first chakra.

Represents the fire element and the first chakra (so many connections with Dragon’s Eye!). Key words Jen has offered:
Heal, guide, light, clear energies, awaken.


Cards for this Week

Here is what Jen says about the One/1:

“The initial prime number, birthed out of the center dot of the zero. Number 1, first, self-sufficient, individuated from source. An initiation or new beginning, quest, or self-starting force.

“Original, visionary, daring, displaying leadership, initiative, single-minded, creative, trail-blazing, individual, focused, action, Ambitious, driven, brilliant, analytical, pioneering.”

I’ll come back before next week to talk about the various elements of the Soul Portal 11. For now, notice what you notice! Where is your eye drawn first? What jumps out at you?

Take note of those things and I’ll say more later.

One thing I find amazing is all the red and the ones across the 3 cards. Initiation. Life force. Inner fire. New beginnings. Mars. [Magick] Wand. (I wrote these before going to Jen’s book, cited above.)

Soul Portal 11: Illuminated Knowing (Lightning storm growing roots into the earth)

Alchemical symbol —
Hermetic Seal of light combines the circle, square, and triangle as emblems of the material body, soul, and spirit, which are the three elements believed to be necessary for alchemical transformation as well as pieces of what make up the philosopher’s stone. Representing the idea of all aspects brought into wholeness.
Symbol of Antimony — protective material that looks like metal. Teaches the values of transformation and adaptability. a fortifying symbol, that illuminates the free spirit & wild nature that lives within all humans.
Sound waves — the pattern of disturbance caused by the movement of a vibration traveling through a medium (such as air, water, any other liquid or solid matter) that is invisible to the human eye.
Quartz crystals — natural form of silicon dioxide. Energy carriers, vibrational communicators, healers, and purifiers that encourage harmony, clarity, and increase psychic abilities.
Raven — carrying magical listening skills and sacred signals. A courageous keeper of secrets and messenger, who beckons you to look deeper and dive within to bring change into action.
11–Master number–Called the Holy Breath by the ancients, this is a powerful threshold to cross. 11 invites true collaboration and connection between Spirit and Body. Finding balance through choice, trusting your path and standing on your own two feet.

~ Call 2: 25 September ~

This Week’s Card:



See the start of the audio for information about the card. It (and the crystals) played a major role in the call of this week. Water, butterflies, delight, Nature…

Audio Replay

This week one of the main features was the collar vs. the butterfly, but so much more: being de-centered around money, a sticky residue or film from past and present lifetimes under the Patriarchy, and more.

Crystals for this week

This week’s crystals were:
Double Citrine
: abundance, manifestation, delight (solar plexus)
Rose Quartz: Love (heart chakra, water element)
Ocean Jasper: Self-Acceptance (water element; solar and heart)
Hematite: Manifesting Light, grounding, balancing polarities (root)
Moonstone: all things Divine Feminine, accepting/embracing cycles (all chakras, air)
Sugilite: encourages you to follow your dreams (crown)
Blue Lace Agate: Communication support, harmony (throat chakra, water; reminds me of waves lapping up on a beach)

~ Call 3: 2 October ~

Audio Replay

Once again, the crystals and cards overlapped and were very elucidating. Lots of practices were discussed including “flushing, ” taking an ionic shower, and keeping your hand on your heart.

Cards of the Week

The tool card of the Magic Bean absolutely aligns with this adventure! Earth element, mentions magick, alludes to manifestation, and uses the same colors. We are planting a new energy of wholeness in our lives. This work is foundational.

As for the Soul Portal 31, it’s also a 4 (earth element, foundation), like the number 13. I read out the description of symbols on the call before the channeling began. Check out the description of the pearl as being the result of wounding. (really fits (heals??) last week’s collar exercise.


The crystals that came to partner with us this week:

TRIPLE Amazonite (the courage to speak your personal truth; high heart chakra; water element)

Labradorite for magick

Dragon’s Eye (hahaha–we already had the Dragon Whisperer card) –see call one for a description; essentially it means “magick & manifestation” with an emphasis on money

Chrysocolla (the other high heart chakra stone in my bowl, it asks us to make sacred sounds to heal ourselves and those around us; I generally hear to howl like a wolf)

~ Call 4: 9 October ~

Audio Call:

Here’s our audio for this week. One of the most memorable aspects for me was this idea of stepping us up into the higher frequencies of the emerging paradigm. I’s love to hear YOUR takeaway.

This Week’s Card:

This Week’s Crystals

I didn’t even realize while we were still on the phone that the 33 (6) of the card was reflected in the number of stones pulled. Wow! The 6 represents harmony, community, increase, which are also elements suggested by these stones. You JUST CAN’T make this up!!!

Our stones this week:

DOUBLE Labradorite for Magick

DOUBLE Citrine for Manifestation

(still laughing it the super obvious reference to our adventure’s name)

Green Aventurine for the energy of renewal, letting go of the old so that the new expansion can come in (often also refers to money, because it’s green)

Blue Lace Agate for harmony in relationships and communication.

We’ve seen all of these before in the previous 3 calls, some again and again. When things keep showing up, that’s obviously something to pay attention to.

I also want to mention that the stones (even when they’re the same kind) don’t look similar to each other. This is a reminder that things are not exactly as they seem! The Labradorites and Citrines are very different in aspect, but they are what they are. I see this as inviting us to be aware of a RANGE of “sameness.”

The Green Aventurine appears to have less Mica (sparkle, opacity) than usual, and the BLA doesn’t have any of the typical “waves” on it. Again, noticing difference which is also inclusive. Does this have to do with the 33 Christ Consciousness energy?

One final note:

Our doubles are Fire element (Star-Fire [I think that’s the name of a new program, fyi!] and Solar-Fire) balanced by 2 Water element stones.

~ Call 5: 16 October ~


What a call! What an energy signature for this massive SuperNewMoon in Libra day. We recorded the call until 30 minutes before the New Moon was exact. If you don’t know much about astrology, just know that the energies were B-I-G. And set up for healing! (The Stewardship question really stands out for me.)

The call ended abruptly. Please say “I call my spirit back” as often as needed to get yourself back into your body.

The closing I use (which you’re free to articulate here of course, to help you close off the massive cosmic energy) is “Love for life and all it holds, we step back into the world with Love and Joy. Amen, the Records are closed.”

Card of the Week

For this week I went to the 13 Moon Oracle deck from the amazing Ariel Spilsbury (sanctuaryoftheopenheart.com) for this potent New Moon day.

One of my Beloveds who is currently following the first M&M journey through eclipse season wowed me by pointing out that our New Moon/Solar Eclipse call from Xmas/Boxing Day last December ALSO had this card as the foundational energy. You can’t make this up!! If you were a part of that journey, you’ll know that that was one potent call (the first time a new human relationship to TIME was really examined)!

Speaking of “transmute,”I was also surprised to see the Keepers walking us through an emotional transmutation exercise. It’s a little different than the one Jessicka Chamberlin taught me years ago, but still very similar. She is a part of the live group! If you want to know more about this very special tool that I personally use all the time, you may reach out to her here: joosey@me.com


Our Magickal New Moon Crystals!!

***First off, let me say that when looking at these stones blown up like this, it’s clear to me that the green stone on the upper right is NOT Amazonite (as I believe I said it was on the call) but Green Aventurine. They are both heart stones, so the overwhelming energy signature of this pull is not shifted away from Love (or water element) but this speaks to turning over a new leaf (perfect for the New Moon, of course).

Green Aventurine asks us to let go of old patterns, beliefs, behaviors, or relationships (this is a Libra New Moon, after all) that have overstayed their usefulness. In order to embody our highest available essence at this time, we need to release to old energies which are taking up all the room.

I want to note that this is the first week where stones directly signaling magick (Labradorite) and manifestation (Citrine, Dragon’s Eye) have NOT appeared. This pull was ALL ABOUT LOVE. It’s clear to me that that’s the secret behind Magick + Manifestation anyway.

The biggest stone (though it doesn’t necessarily look like it) is Mookaite, which is generally considered an Earth element stone that’s good as an anti-aging tool, re-setting our DNA to “factory settings.” As I mentioned on the call, to me Mookaite has an incredibly soft, loving-grandfather kind of energy, holding a true Divine Masculine presence of gentle structure and absolute unconditional love.

Then Chrysocolla (this particular stone is actually Quantum Quattro, of which Chrysocolla is one of 4 minerals that I short-hand as Ch, though it’s even more potent when teamed up with Malachite, Shattuckite and Dioptase!) for release of old traumas and calcified emotions (howl at the Moon!). QQ brings in the Third Eye to the Heart-Throat (High Heart) chakra activation, so that you can see yourself more expansively.

Our other 2 stones are Rose Quartz and Kunzite. Note that the Rose Quartz lower right is broken. When stones break they become “empathic warriors,” helping us along the path to healing because they’ve done it before we have. Here, it really feels like the path is to healing a broken heart (around ourselves but also around money).

Kunzite is a stone of Joy + Gratitude. It opens up the heart like a flower.

Note that the main messages were Mookaite (grounding, love, release of toxic patterns) and Green Aventurine (releasing the old so that you can step into the new amazing you). I love the contrast of old and new here. I tend to evoke the ancient-future self with petrified wood, but it’s also very appropriate for Mookaite. To me, this is about the emerging paradigm, which is the old, old one, and also new in the sense that we’ve never quite been here before.

Feel the energy of springtime and know that it springs from the compounded gifts of the old. Ah, the death-and-rebirth cycle of the New Moon!

~ Call 6: 23 October ~

This week the Keepers answer the question of “what is Love?” (The building blocks of everything.) Recommendation: DANCING! Delight. Remember: Love is the sine qua non of Magick! This week’s practice: Be aware of the back of your heart. Theme of the week: Money isn’t really about money. It’s about LOVE!

Cards of the Week


Double Labradorite!–Magick + Akashic Records

Chrysocolla–Healing sounds, releasing “stuck” emotions

Garnet!–Prosperity, Life Force

Sugilite–Follow your dreams!

Amazonite--Courage to speak your personal truth

~ Call 7: 30 October ~

Today’s call highlights: vertical vs. horizontal axis; Taurus Full Moon on Halloween’s relation to M3, focused vs. diverse energy (also vertical v. horizontal) and how that related to abundance, practice for the golden light grid: crystalline light dripping like honey meditation (+ reminder of sending Love + gratitude back through the matrix with intention through steps/touch from a few weeks ago).

Card of the Week

Jen calls this “The Initiation” and I love how this notion a of a NEW journey (full of challenges perhaps) intersected with the crystals and what the Keepers had to share with us today. So much Masculine, and yet: balanced with the Feminine.

Here is the link to her website. If you end up buying a deck from her, please let her know that this was where you discovered/fell in love with her deck. I don’t get any kind of commission, but it’s important to me that she knows that I’m sharing her work with Love.

Crystals for this Final Portal

This week we had DOUBLE Bloodstone–the stone of the Spiritual Warrior (see the Soul Portal 1 card for an illustration–you can’t make this up!). It’s a stone of Courage, to help us move forward to meet the unknown future with trust. (Note: the other courage stone in my bowl is the Amazonite which we have seen many times.)

Next have have the very large Green Aventurine, which we’ve seen many times before on this adventure. Key words are: renewal, springtime, death-and-rebirth, turning over a new leaf, letting go to grow. Very often this stone is associated with luck and money.

Finally, our old friend Dragon’s Eye, which all by itself contains the twinned ideas of magick + manifestation.

Journey’s Culmination: Embodiment Call

→→ Be sure to listen to most of the previous calls before coming here.

Use this guided visualization as a capstone experience. I won’t tell you where you’re going (it’s best to have it unfold in so-called “real time” [snort!]) but this was potent!! I even got kicked off the call as we were talking about the cards, which means the energy was quite intense!

(Our fellow traveler was saying the word “magick” when I got rather brutally spit off the line.)

Four cards and 3 crystals came to accompany us for this re-birth experience.Find them below.

Come back to this experience as often as you need. Some have reported falling asleep. Know that if this happens, it just means that you are integrating so much that you mind needs to turn off to give full bandwidth to the magick happening in your body. Celebrate this!! Then come back to listen as many times as you need to or want to. There’s much more to explore than we had time to do on the live call.

This one is meant to be experienced multiple times.

Let your body (intuition) tell you when is the right time.

Cards of the Embodiment Experience

The card that came from the 13 Moon Oracle was “Attune” from the Wise Woman archetype (associated with Libra, where the Sun was during the majority of our journey). It’s her sacred tool: the staff. I saw it and laughed out loud given all the talk on Friday of the horizontal and vertical axes, which are the focus of this card.

Please don’t jump to conclusions about the meaning of this card before listening to the recording and understanding how it might be woven in with all the other cards. I was called to pull from this deck as the foundation of the adventure lay in the Bee card from this deck (“Wisdom of Avalon” by Colette Baron-Reid). Be sure to do the exercise it calls you to and know that “[t]his is an auspicious omen of transformation.”


Crystals for the Capstone Experience

For our final, integrative experience, three (M3) crystals came to assist u:

Rhodochrosite: a lovely pink stone which helps to fill in all the gaps or wounds in our heart with unconditional Love so that we can live in wholeness and shine our magick heart-lights our brightly. This is a fire element stone which also empowers our Solar Plexus chakra (the seat of manifestation in the human body)