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Welcome to the Oasis…

This is the community page for our “Wrapping 2020 with Grace” edition of Marry Your Intuition.

This is the final live voyage of Marry Your Intuition, recorded in November and December 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic was raging and as the US presidential election was being contested. It’s important to bear the context in mind, as you will be transported back to that moment.

If you are joining the Home Study version, please go at whatever pace you prefer, but know that the calls were recorded twice a week for 5 weeks with a short break for US Thanksgiving.

Please scroll down to find recordings of all the calls as well as images of the cards, crystals and whatever ancillary material wants to be shared.

The journey is progressive, so I recommend going in order the first time. After that you are encouraged to follow your intuitive guidance, of course, and to listen as often as you like.

If you haven’t yet, you might want to check out our pre-journey warm-up, the Friday the 13th of November call. There are clear points of reference between it and the other “stops” on this pilgrimage to our deepest essence-self. I would put the player here but then you’d miss the card and the crystals. Find it here. (This is not the opt-in but what happens on the inside.)

Call 1: Entering the Oasis/Gathering In


Audio Replay

Our opening call, from 17 November 2020, where we gather as a powerful collective of women (with the powerful collective force of Truth and Wisdom and Open-heartedness. Here we enter the Oasis for the first time on this journey.

The Initiator Archetype from the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spisbury: Our Foundational Energy for this (Initiatory) Journey

The decks I am using principally in this Initiatory Journey into the Divine Feminine Mystery are the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury and Jen Duchene’s Illuminating Journey Deck.

*The 13 Moon images are from the travel deck–they have key words on them and so serve my purpose better–but I strongly recommend her “Temple in a Box” (the 13 Moon Oracle linked above) which contains the cards, the full-sized book, a moon map, CDs, and much more. The travel deck is a pocket-sized affair with a very limited amount of information (literally about 20 times less per card than the full version) and does not feel to me to carry the sacred vibration of the Temple in a Box.

Call 2: Awakening the Senses


Audio Replay

Oooo! Today (11/20/2020) we had an extended visit from Hathor! Wow! So much magick…

She’s the perfect guide to begin our journey to the heart of our sensual selves…

Alchemical Goddess Frequency Card

The message that came through for this card: “Drawing this card is a notification to prepare for a quickening of your lifestream and evolution.This can happen in many ways, some subtle and incremental and others sudden and pronounced. This is a call to prepare you body/vessel for the quickening process.”


Call 3: Entering the Tent


Audio Replay

Here’s our first call after the US Thanksgiving break. We entered our Sisterhood Tent for the first time and took our seats. What does your cushion look like?

13 Moon Great Mother Frequency Card

Jen Duchene’s & 7 Level and Soul Portal 18
“Let it Flow, Let it Go”

Crystals for Call 3


There were 5 crystals pulled to guide and support us on this leg of our journey:
Double Amazonite for the courage to speak one’s personal truth

Labradorite for Magick + Akashic Records

Howlite, a stone of Initiation and Power, also of past lives

Clear Fluorite, stone of Intuition and protection

Have the courage to speak your Personal Truth and honor your intuitive flashes. This pull really speaks to the Gemini Lunar Eclipse, with its emphasis on communication and magick. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Magician. We already had the “Initiator” card at the beginning of our journey and the presence of Howlite here supports the challenge and the beginning. (The stone that Ariel Spilsbury associates with that archetype is Purple Fluorite; I feel Howlite is an apt companion as well.)

Call 4: Embracing Subtlety

Audio Replay

Wow! Some pretty groovy stuff happening here: Artemis was our Lead Goddess today, presenting us with Moon-and-Star crowns and working with the Violet Flame among other things.


Call 5: Temple of the Stars I

Audio Replay

SO much came through about the Grand Mutation occurring on the Winter Solstice in 2 weeks, and what the repercussions are for the end of the Old Paradigm and the birth of the emerging one. I’d love to hear what really stood out for you!

Call 6: Hieros Gamos/Sacred Marriage Ceremony

Audio Replay

This potent ceremony is the very heart of our initiatory journey.

Please listen as often as needed, as the healing provided here is potent.

Gateway to Benediction Card
(Illuminating Journey Deck)

The land of salt purifies and blesses, encapsulating reflective surfaces, definitive shadows, promise and portents.

This is Soul Portal 32 (a 5), and a card Jen identifies as a healing card. What do you see?

Call 7: Initiation

Audio Replay

As we continue our journey, recall that this recording was made the day after a Solar Eclipse! “Initiation” carries the dual meaning of challenge and beginning