Navigating Consciousness

Welcome to the Next Leg of the Journey: 13 Weeks of Harboring Sisterhood and Navigating the Seas of Consciousness

Now that we have all found our inner compass and grounded ourselves in our Truth, it’s time to set out on the next leg of our Divine Feminine Journey together.

We spent our first 5 weeks together grounding our wisdom and connection in the tent of the Divine Feminine located on the Oasis of Sisterhood.

This first inwardly-oriented part of the journey was essential to (re-) discovering our own Magick and the alchemy of our Circle. I say re-discovering because I am pretty clear that this was a soul reunion for many of us…

Now that the golden threads of our connection are clear, let us embark on a journey that is simultaneously deeper and wider, as the seas are deeper and wider than the waters of our insular oasis.

During these 13 weeks between the Fertility festival of Beltane and the Harvest Festival of Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-na-sa), we will be rowing together and casting our nets wide. I envision there being ample opportunity to turn inward as well as outward in this second leg, especially near the end. It is clear to me that this 13-week journey is one that takes us out into the world, and maybe even further than we thought!! Our ripples will definitely be felt by those around us (they already are!) and especially by Lughnasadh.

Sister, I want you to know that I went into my Records to get the format of the program and the pricing after our group calls last week. There may be additional elements added in (for example, the occasional video sisterhood call) in addition to weekly calls and once- to twice-weekly emails, plus a group forum (on #Slack if not Facebook–though I don’t know how to use Slack, so this would get implemented later). We saw how “planning” worked last time, but this feels super-resonant so far to me, and I trust to you as well. The pricing is based on sacred geometry–the Fibonacci Sequence, associated with the Golden Ratio (considered the most perfect proportions ever by Italian Renaissance artists and thinkers), as well as the spiral that occurs in nature, and the path of Venus through the heavens–it takes her 8 years to form a 5-pointed star. The sequence goes (0, 1) 1, 2, 3, 5. 8, 13, and so on.

 Our Schedule:

Week 1 (Beltane Week): Opening Ceremony + Sister Spotlights (Getting to Know our Gifts)

Week 2: 9 May The Mothership (Dragon)

Week 3: 16 May The Seas of Consciousness

Week 4: 23 May Rowing Together

Week 5: 30 May Riding Akashic Waves (Elizabeth opens the Records)

Week 6: 6 June Gathering In (Seeing How Far We Have Come)

Week 7:  no official class meeting (Elizabeth’s Scent Priestess Training in California)
Short 1:1 calls with Elizabeth to be scheduled individually this week; No group class meeting, but celebrate the 13th with your own ritual!

Week 8: 20 June (TBA–yet to unfold)

Week 9: 27 June (TBA–yet to unfold)

***Week off to accommodate Canadian and US national holidays on the 1st/4th***

Week 10: 11 July (TBA–yet to unfold)

Week 11: 18 July

Riding Akashic Waves Again

Week 12: 25 July

Returning to the Harbor

Week 13: 1st August
Unwrapping Our Treasures + Closing Ceremony (Lughnasadh harvest celebration)

***Final private meetings with Elizabeth this week

I chose this image to represent our journey (it wasn’t the first or even the second header that I made!) for a number of reasons.

For one, because we are at the leading edge of this work, plying the seas of consciousness. (I mean this word in all the senses–working, exercising, folding/unfolding, traveling, massaging with our oars, etc.) We are opening up new feminine “territories” (yes, I know that means land) here.

The water element here is like an amniotic sea for re-birthing consciousness from one driven by fear to one Nourished by Love. I wanted it to be front and center, to remind us what this journey is all about; keeping our Eyes on the Prize.

The golden decorative elements on this keel feel so resonant: not only do they illustrate the Ancient-Future that we are breathing life into with this program, but the interconnected Mythic creatures all consciously knotted together represent for me the golden threads that link our arms, hearts and crowns together. I can see now, looking at these intertwined figures that illustrate religious texts like the Book of Kells (housed in the Trinity College Library in Dublin, the one library which looks/feels to me like the Akashic archive) are a stealthy way to integrate the Feminine into those patriarchal texts.

What do you see as you look at these Mythic Creatures? Something more akin to a dragon, or to the creature that graces Loch Ness? In any case, it speaks to. me of a long-forgotten (by the mass consciousness anyway) Feminine Mystery and the wisdom and connection that this implies.

ACK! Time to talk about Money!!

As I mentioned, I went into my Records to find out about pricing, and the result was that everything is based on the Fibonacci Sequence. Since our program is 13 weeks (the number of the Goddess), it seemed right to use the numbers leading up to 13 in the sequence, or else repeating numbers. The Keepers suggested a 3-pay of $358 as the ideal investment, but there’s also a single-pay option, as well as options for spreading out the payments for 5 and even 10 months.
They are all available when you CLICK HERE.

I love you each and every one, both individually and collectively. Thank you for all your input. It has been a true honor and pleasure to tread this path with you thus far, and I look forward to linking arms with you over the next 13 weeks.

I’m envisioning using some extra emails to answer questions in-depth that we don’t get to in the classes, so feel free to ask! I’m thinking of Kristine’s question on best ways of protecting the heart as an example.

I hope to see you on the high seas!