Opening the Portals

You Are Invited to a Live Sacred Circle in North Atlanta on the Final Friday the 13th Full Moon for 3 Decades to Open Portals to
the ~ New Love Paradigm ~
for Planet Earth

I am hosting a 3-4 hour Full Moon Ritual on Friday the 13th Highest of High Feminine Holy Days to anchor in a New Paradigm on Planet Earth: Synarchy, or a love-based energetic order ruled by the Divine Feminine and her consort the Sacred Masculine. Synarchy will replace the Patriarchy which has been the oppressive system under which humanity has struggled since before written language, and it is my pleasure to be working with untold others around the globe to activate this emergence with our intention.

We will hold sacred ceremony, taste ritual foods, release our Patriarchal wounds into the Earth, and be activated by the rays of the Full Moon.

This is not a drop-in event but a Sacred Ceremony. Upon entering you will pass through gates and be anointed. Feel free to bring small items of personal importance to be charged on our altar under the Moon Rays, to be reclaimed at the end of the night, shortly before midnight.

If you have questions (I have purposefully been vague, as the ritual will be channeled based on the needs of Planet Earth and the humans present in the Circle), please text or call (leave a message) 404.414.2293 or email me at

Entrance fee of $130 includes the “Creating Synarchy Now package” (see below) of live channeling, activations, a Facebook community, and more (this package sold separately for $85)

*Children/young adults living in the same household who can hold sacred space are invited to join their parents for free, as they will be leading us through these new energies soon. It will be an honor to watch them take their appointed places.

Payment options available when you click here to Buy for $130

May our Winged Hearts ever Fly Free!

The Creating Synarchy Now Package includes:

  • A live channeling from the Akashic Records of this unique Friday the 13th with a Pisces Full Moon. Ask any questions you like about creating the New Paradigm Earth, about the Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine, or Patriarchy, or anything else generally relative to this topic. No personal Records will be opened, but you WILL be touching the Divine Matrix/Godhead for over an hour, so be aware that you must drink plenty of water and ground yourself well before driving. This call will occur live on 12 September (exact time and details revealed upon registration) and if you can’t make it, please submit one or two questions to be asked + answered in abstentia. A link to the replay will be provided so that everyone can download it to all their devices and listen as many times as desired; this information will be in effect for at least a year, probably longer
  • Powerful Activations of Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine so that you can operate more seamlessly from this potent place in all your dealings, to be downloaded and listened to as often as needed
  • A channeled ritual for the Full Moon night of Friday the 13th (that you won’t really need because you’ll be in Sacred Circle with me)
  • Suggestions for your altar on this High Feminine Holy Day
  • Inclusion in a Creating Synarchy Now FB group where I will demonstrate anointing yourself with my specially-blended oils or your own, and where you can ask questions; moderated by me (optional)
  • A short 1:1 call with me during the week of the 15th to integrate this powerful astral alignment event (date and time to be determined based on our mutual availability)