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New Event: Oracle Series on SEX,

Love, Money + Spirituality

Series opens on Monday 27 June at 6pm UT / 1pm ET / 10am PT

Healing the separation REAL FINAL


There is so much swirling energy around spirituality, love, and money–and how sex intersects with each of them–these days, that it feels important to address it with some wisdom from the Akashic Field of Pure Truth and Love.

From the mass shooting at the Pulse night club to the elevation of Mary Magdalene to a rank equivalent to the (other) apostles by Pope Francis in the past 2 weeks, the ties between sex, money, love and spirituality have been pulled tighter into what might appear to be a knot.

This is an opportunity for radical healing.

I am proposing a set of three public Oracle Transmissions to whomever feels they need some clarity or healing around how Sex intersexts with the issues of money, love, and spirituality.

This is a very holy trinity, but I know that for others considering spirituality and sex (to say nothing of sex + money) in the same breath is beyond the pale. And yet…

And yet, these are the issues facing us in our quickly-evolving world.

This series of Oracle Transmissions is meant to both wash away expired, moldering ideas about these topics and where they meet, and to anchor in new wisdom, straight from the divine plane.

What they will provide is both healing (in a very real sense of the energetic, emotional, and mental bodies) as well as something solid to hang onto as the structures in our world are falling away around us. Even if we are cheering as systems that have oppressed us for lifetimes are dissolving, it is nonetheless very disconcerting to feel the ground under our feet give way.

These topics are meant to push our edges, and personally, I am looking forward to being challenged by much of the information that will come through.

Detail on Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral fachade: Adame, Eve and the forbidden apple

Call #1 on Spirituality + Sexuality:

We start here because this is what is most “up” in the world at this moment, and causing shame and complexes in the West for over 2 thousand years.

I imagine people might ask about the more explosive crossing of sexuality religious beliefs that caused the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooter so much anguish and confusion. Or, what it means–for women in general, but also for the whole question of “morality”–now that Mary Magdalene’s rightful place at Jesus’s right hand has been recognized by Pope Francis.

Will the Adam + Eve story shift? Will this be the piece that undoes misogyny’s hold on our culture?? Who knows. Come with your questions to find out.

(Note: I chose this image particularly, not only because it’s from the façade of Notre Dame de Paris, but also because the serpent is CLEARLY rendered as female. In a cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary, this kind of iconography sends a double message. Associating the feminine with chastity on the one hand or the root of all evil on the other in basic religious texts has not been without cultural collateral.)

Lest we forget that religion and spirituality are not synonymous, I also imagine that questions regarding the rise of the Divine Feminine will come up during this call, as I personally would like to hear more divine perspective on this, Goddess culture today and in ancient times, etc. Questions regarding Mary Magdalene will surely lead us there, but I’d love to see what you have in mind. I can also see how the subject of the sacredly sexual priestess would come in here.


Bright flamy symbol on the black background

Call #2 on Sexuality + Love:

As with all Oracle Transmissions, the sky’s the limit here on questions: What IS the relationship between love + sex, anyway? In what ways can and do sex and love connect, and in what ways do they bifurcate?

What does it sometimes seem that as love grows, sexual desire lessens? What are the best ways to foster a healthy sexual relationship with one’s life partner over time? Is monogamy the best way forward for humanity in the coming age? Questions about forms of sexuality or love that fall outside of cultural norms–i.e. LGBT identity, polyamory, serial monogamy, “infidelity,” polygamy, polyandry, asexuality, etc.–could all be addressed on this call.

(There may be some bleed-over from the other calls, of course, as these issues–spirituality, love, money and sex–are all intertwined.)


Depositphotos_21381731_Sex MoneyCall #3 On Sexuality + Money:

There’s an enormous taboo in Western culture on the idea of taking money for sexual favors. In most parts of the US and beyond, prostitution is illegal, but typically only the women and not their johns, are targeted for arrest.

And simultaneously, so much of normative heterosexual relationships are based on just that. For example, if a woman’s dinner is paid for by her date, there’s an unspoken assumption–generally on both sides–that in exchange, some sexual favor will be granted (from a goodnight kiss at the door to an invitation to sleep over). People whisper about a “kept woman,” but not about a housewife whose basic needs are no less paid for, but whose relationship with the recipient of her favors is sanctified by marriage (see call #1 above). This call is meant to explore this double standard.

One of the things that has often fascinated me about Thai culture is that, because their religious background has no Adam-and-Eve-like notions that sex is bad and we should be ashamed of our desires, pleasure is celebrated rather than hidden away. Sex is also a commodity that is freely traded. If a young woman is desirable and available, why not let the anglo tourist pay for her attentions, especially if it finances her schooling or her family’s living expenses? (I rather admire their business acumen: at least they get more than one dinner and a show out of it.)

Again, the topics of these 3 calls will likely bleed over into one another, though we’ll attempt to keep them more or less delineated.

This is one reason why it’s best to sign up for the entire series at once. Another good reason to jump in with both feet is that you’ll have all the call-in and replay information in one place and won’t need to scramble at the last minute.

Finally, perhaps the best reason to sign up for the series is that you’ll be added to a special FB group where you can post your questions ahead of time if you can’t make the live call, and where you can ask questions and get support throughout the series and beyond.



Artemis-4Pools-1I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. + Oracle.

After a short yet distinguished career as a professor of French + Women’s Studies, I have dedicated myself professionally to channeling Divine Wisdom in service to humanity, awakening in people the long-dormant magick of using intuition and crystals, and guiding a select few along their evolutionary edge via Personal Oracle Consultations.

One of the most exciting things going on in my life right now is fully stepping into my highest sacred purpose in this life: setting up my Sacred Grove Finishing School for Oracles (TM). In the meantime, I am training select people to channel Akashic Records privately as well as supporting a small group in my Oracle Circle.

My beloved service-in-the-wider-world piece is doing public Oracle Transmissions on topics that are begging to come through, because so many are thirsty for the wisdom, healing, and support they provide. This series is of course an example. If you’d like to explore more, my Own Your Throne: Money + Sovereignty Series dovetails very nicely with the topics of this series, and while highly recommended, is not a prerequisite for participating in this one. We are half way through 2016, but there’s much to heal and learn from my January How to Flourish in 2016 transmission; it knocked everyone out!


Here’s what you can expect in an Oracle Transmission:

Each call starts off with a powerful energy clearing session that you can listen to over and over to (re-)clear your field, let go of the limiting beliefs and old stories that have been hanging around for years, or surfaced since the previous listening. Energy cannot be bound by space and time, so I will be with you supporting you at every step, each time you choose to listen. This is alone is worth the registration fee: you can listen every day if you need to.

These healing/clearing sessions are the perfect preparation for the Oracle Transmissions that follow; each call contains about 90 minutes of questions and divine answers about that call’s topic around sexuality, spirituality, love + money. (Less is more when it comes to mind-blowing information.)

“The channeling was amazing and I’m still feeling it.”

For just $99, you’ll get to step into the Vortex with me three times, let go of whatever you need to release, benefit from all the questions and answers about loving yourself into wholeness around the hot-button topic of sex, especially where it touches questions of spirituality (which for many means morality), love, and money. You’ll also get to add the recordings to your personal listening library to refer to again and again throughout the years.

For this series, you’ll also be able to buy the calls (or participation in the live calls, if you decide quickly) individually. Each call is available for $36, though we hope you’ll opt to join us for the entire series. Especially because the FB group is only available when you subscribe to the series.


If you have participated in or listened to previous Live Channelings/Oracle transmissions, you know what a captivating energy this vortex invites you to partake of. It’s the frequency of pure Divine Love, a vibration that is almost shimmery: sweet, gentle light, like floating on the clouds. You should know that the energy of the ethereal plane is still very present when you listen to the replay. You’ll want to get grounded afterwards before doing serious work or getting behind the wheel of a car, as this sweet energy is so potent that you’ll be walking a few inches off the ground until you do.

Also, please note that you will benefit from the energy work at the start of the call every time you listen. ENERGY WORKS OUTSIDE OF SPACE AND TIME, so you can re-clear or re-heal yourself every time you listen. Trust the Magick.


Healing the separation REAL FINAL

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Detail on Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral fachade: Adame, Eve and the forbidden apple

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