Patriarchy Eclipsed Complete

The live call is in the bag… listen and download below.

Oh, and it was so good, too. There were many things that we planned that we didn’t have room for in terms of time and cups getting “full” but it was still way better than even we anticipated!

Like what you heard? Let’s talk. I want to get to know you better. At the very least, I’d love to hear your take-aways from the call, and anything that came up for you later. What have the fruits of this magick portal been for you? Find a time below. (Hit “set time zone” to get to the scheduler). I can’t wait to talk to you!!

Considerations for the replay:

Light a candle.

Have your journal available for taking notes or jotting down intentions or limiting beliefs you would like to eclipse.

If joining live, be sure to be in a quiet place.

Give yourself this time for YOU. There is much nourishment available here. We encourage you to take full advantage by not allowing distractions to take you away from this precious replenishment time.

Wishing you a MAGICKAL Friday the 13th portal!


P. S.: Nedjma and I would love two things:

(1) for you to let us know what your take-aways from the call were (insights that landed, favorite exercises, etc.); and

(2) for you to share the registration page with your friends so that they can enter into conversation with us as well. Here’s an easy-to-share version of the link, just click the “share” icon at the lower right:

Eclipsing the Patriarchy Within

Many thanks!! xoxo