Plumbing the Depths

This event (recorded live on and holding the energy of 13 October 2019) is a potent journey. Come back to listen during Eclipse Season (always a good time time to explore depths whether we want to or not) or whenever you feel like you’d be served by more illumination on what’s been hidden on your journey that you’d like to shine a light on. I’ve left all the other details the same on this page to offer a snapshot in time.

Here we are at a turning point in history.

The masks are falling. Shameful truths are coming to light. The malignant narcissists and bullies (all adolescent boys, really) on the world’s stage are losing it. The Patriarchy’s rotten foundation is finally starting to crumble. Visibly.

We are moving inexorably toward a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in mid-January.

Pluto just came out of a months-long retrograde period where each human was turning over her or his own compost pile, looking for treasures to be up-cycled or those things we are definitively done with to be thrown on the bonfire.

And here we are, at an Aries Full Moon, for the second month in a row occurring on a 13th, the number of the Goddess.

Venus just moved into Scorpio. In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are shortening. The final harvests of the year are being welcomed and stored for the long winter.

It’s time to go deep. 

What is happening outside in the world is a bit of a sideshow. I’ll admit that it’s one I can’t stop watching with a mix of horror, revulsion, and fascination.

If you’ve been following me for any time at all, you know that 13 is the number of the Goddess.

The Divine Feminine Mystery is held here in multiple sacred Geometries. If the Patriarchy is afraid of this number (long associated with “bad luck” by those who do not know better) it is because the life-giving Power of the Feminine is held in the secret/Sacred Geometries of the 13.

To honor this very special Aries Full Moon–the second in a row happening on the 13th–I thought it would be both appropriate and fun to host a no-cost event on Plumbing Our Depths.

Venus is now in Scorpio along with Mercury, and we are in the grip of Pluto until after the Lunar New Year in February.

Unlike many of my offerings, this Shamanic Journeying event is open to men as well as women. I cannot say with any certainty where we will journey to when I drum us down into the Sacred Well, but it will no doubt be a potent sojourn.

Be prepared to strike gold.

Sign up below at no cost, and please share this registration page with your friends.

*NB: The live journey is now over but these journeys take place outside of space and time. No matter when you join us–live or for the replay–It WILL be the exact moment of the Aries Full Moon.

The replay is available as soon as you register. Set sacred space for yourself, get quiet, and take the journey. It’s a visualization with some Akashic Records channeling thrown in while we’re deep in the Mystery.

I cannot wait to take this journey together!

May our Winged Hearts Fly Free!