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Opening the Conversation

Have you been editing yourself? That is to say, have you been holding parts of you back, hiding your precious gifts, or softening how you show up in the world?

We usually do this so as not to be seen as too different, or to fall out of favor with someone whose approval we want. Maybe we’re afraid of surpassing them. Maybe we’re afraid of confusing them. Or even horrifying them with our not-normal-ness.

Take a deep breath, because I’m here to tell you that as Star Children, we came here precisely to be not-normal! Normal is what got the human race (and all the plants, animals, oceans and rivers on the planet) in this predicament in the first place. It’s our very willingness to be exceptional, extra-ordinary, unconventional–even revolutionary–that called us here now.

AND … childhood is an interesting thing. It’s a time when we–willingly or not–give up our essential Divine Wisdom to start believing what our families, schools, and religious institutions teach. It’s typically a matter of survival. If we don’t, we’re not accepted. If we don’t, we’re not loved.

It’s also a time when, as we are giving up our wisdom, we start to find ourselves wrong, because different. We start censoring. Hiding. Editing. The most precious and extraordinary parts of us were tucked away out of shame.

And so we learned to ACT “normal.”

But for so many reasons the time has come to flip the script, and stop hiding our precious gifts, including the facts that there are more of us here now (extraordinary is on its way to becoming the “new normal”), and because Patriarchal structures and institutions that people have counted on are starting to crumble. People need beacons of Light in what they perceive as the darkness to lead them. We are here to BE that Light.

Come, let us stand shoulder to shoulder as a rampart of Light, Freedom, and Justice, and realize our full, MYTHIC potential here on Planet Earth. Read on, or simply go ahead and schedule a call with me now to get started.


Praise For Elizabeth

-Stella Orange, Wordsmith

“Elizabeth got me out of my head and took me to a place of play, curiosity, and fearlessness. She plugged me into a whole new fierce and fabulous way of doing business. Working with Elizabeth helped me give myself permission to let my whimsy + intuition + silliness guide me. And that has made all the difference! She took me to a place where anything I want is possible. I’m so glad I trusted my instinct to work with her.”

-Dane Maxwell, Musician + Entrepreneur

“Elizabeth shines when guiding people through their darkest fears into Love.”

-Gayle Hilgendorff, The Healthy Leader

“The work I did with Elizabeth helped me tap back into my intuition. Since I’ve been making decisions using my intuition, my business has moved forward significantly. I feel happy and aligned with what I’m doing, which reinstates my confidence & attracts the right business to me. Even when trusted advisors tell me differently, I know what the right moves and decisions are.”


Hail and Welcome, Beloved!

This is the page where the magick starts to take hold. As you read through, notice where the portals start to swirl and unfurl. Where the alchemical process initiates its transformational work.

This process begins in earnest with a heart-to-heart between you and me. Already on that initial phone or Skype conversation, the clarion call goes out and the games begin. New possibilities open like a many-petaled rose. I invite you to read on to help you discern if such a heart connection is appropriate.

I work with those who know they are here for a reason–a BIG one. I work with those who are committed to changing the way consciousness is done on this big blue marble of ours. My clients are incredible manifestors: their creative power magnifies everything they magnetize; the good, the bad and the ugly. This is why so much of my work is about clearing out limitations–so that only expansion is amplified, not old unconscious patterns that suck the life out of your dreams.

I revel in working–it’s really more like playing most of the time, but a very EARNEST playfulness–with those who want to be on the front lines of knocking down the old, oppressive paradigm, and helping to erect, on the sturdy foundation of Love, Freedom, and Integrity, the New Order of wholeness and unity.

I am called to muster the troops of Light Warriors. To make sure that they are equipped with their sacred tools and weapons, energetically prepared, and at the height of their full mythic power for the epic multidimensional contest between the old grasping energies of fear and oppression, and those of LOVE.

WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

If you’re hearing the call to invest yourself with helmet, Light armor, and numinous weapon, I invite you to step to the front of the line here.

What Elizabeth Offers

The Legendary Self Exploration

Being Mythic 3-Month Intensive

Begin Your Mythic Journey
with Elizabeth

The Deep Dive. Fully Embody
Your Legendary Self

Like a Shamanic Journey….
but on STEROIDS!Jen Duchene, Wealth Astro-numerologist

In this powerful session, you’ll start with a visualization that brings you face to face with your Legendary Self, get to know her or him, voice the answers your Legendary Self offers in response to your questions.

Then, through your Akashic Record Keepers, you’ll deepen into answers about your greatest gift the world can’t afford to miss out on; the ways in which you’re already showing up as your Legendary Self and the best ways to leverage that; as well as how to start or continue unspooling the stories that have kept you from stepping into being the person you were BORN TO BE.

Find out more here.

The Being Mythic program is for completers of the Legendary Self Exploration who want to dive deeper.

This is essentially a 3-month hunt for buried treasure. Treasure that you buried as a child because you thought it meant you couldn’t be loved or accepted.

Isn’t it time to bring that treasure back to the surface? To own it? To Love it? To use it to heal yourself, and by extension, the rest of the world?

Take my hand and let me show you what’s possible… 





Curious to see how Elizabeth can help? Her personal attention opens magickal portals, and requires a
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In addition to her recorded calls, you can join Elizabeth live. Watch this space for her live healing channels and other online events. Her healing channels include powerful emotional release and integration on a topic she was called to elucidate, followed by participant questions and answers from the Akashic Records.

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Here’s where you can explore all of Elizabeth’s oracle transmissions and literally download them to your own devices. Paid and free, series and one-offs, with and without healing exercises to listen to as often as you need–this is your portal to Elizabeth’s compendium of channeled material. Enjoy

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Books + Articles

Elizabeth is the author or co-author of numerous best-selling books and articles. Peruse this page to get a feel for her publications, both spiritual and academic. Topics range from her birth as a channel French and African literature and crystals, but the theme is always one of connection with the Feminine.

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