Rainbow Alchemy Circle

Welcome sister!



If you’re here, it’s because I’ve invited you to check out this magickal circle I am creating.

Let me first say a little about the origins of this circle:

I was CALLED to create it. The Circle Guides whispered in my ear last autumn that I would be creating an Alchemy Circle sometime in the spring. In the very first days of May, as I was about to consult my business via a partner (Rebecca Liston, whom I cannot recommend more strongly), I was jotting down questions that I wanted to ask. In the moment that I was writing an Alchemy Circle question, I looked down and saw that I had written Rainbow Alchemy Circle and that each woman would hold a color ray. I got many details regarding the circle from Rebecca that day, and was lucky enough to have my first consultation with my Akashic Records teacher days later, and she channeled answers from my Records, confirming everything that Rebecca had said, and adding a few more details.


As for your invitation, I consulted my Faerie Tree, who confirmed that the invitations I was prepared to issue were appropriate. This magickal tree even gave me several names that surprised me at first! So, if you’re surprised by this invitation, maybe I was, too! I’m doing as I’m told, as I know that I’m not running the show.

In other words, nothing about the creation of the circle has been left to my brain; it is 100% guided.


Honestly, I don’t know how far and wide this Circle will take us. My experience of creating a similar one (the Oracle Circle, now closed) was that it took on a life of its own that I had not anticipated. The Oracle Circle had a potency AND an affect on members–including me!–that I had not foreseen. So while I can tell you a little about this Circle, I know it’s not at all the final word.

Here is what I know so far.


  • Connector.

    8 Magiciennes

    Will make up our Rainbow Alchemy Circle; each holding a color ray

  • Connector.

    Rainbow Magick

    In my exploration of this topic, I am hearing over and over that the difference between magick and alchemy is the GROUP. We are each already performing our own magick, but when we put it into the group container and hold it in LOVE, that’s when the alchemy occurs. Using the powerful alchemical nature of the rainbow (the wholeness of Light made visible) only increases the alchemical potency

  • Connector.

    The Alchemical Container

    Elizabeth holds the alchemical container, and each rainbow member adds her magick to the group, the sum of which is far greater than its parts

  • Connector.

    Manifesting with the Full Moon

    There are two live video calls per month; on the first, shortly before the Full Moon, Elizabeth live-channels a ritual or ceremony for the others to perform on their own.On the second call, the 8 magiciennes add their essential ingredient to the collective transmutational recipe

  • Connector.

    The Color Rays

    Each magicienne holds the color ray of her choice for a period of 3 months (or all 3 as she chooses); she will perform the ritual and add her color wisdom to the alchemical soup AS her color ray

  • Connector.

    From Magician to Eclipse

    We are to begin just before the Sagittarius Full Moon (Gemini Lunation, ruled by Mercury, the magician) and to run up through the Lunar New Year, in February; our final lunar meeting being a solar eclipse

  • Connector.

    Elizabeth's Contribution

    As High Priestess of the circle, Elizabeth holds the Magenta ray (the color which appears when the ends of the rainbow come together as a circle). In addition, she hosts, records, and posts the video calls (available on a private YouTube channel), lovingly moderates the Facebook Container, and each New Moon adds a channeled piece on Magick or Alchemy into the Facebook Cauldron, per the Circle guides

  • Connector.

    Your Contribution...

    …should you choose to accept this mission. Without the participation of the 8 magiciennes, the alchemy cannot take place, so should you choose to join us, it will be important that you add your energy to the circle for both cohesion and coherence. As a magicienne in this circle, you’ll be asked to show up at a minimum at the second post-ceremony video call, in/as your Color Ray (60-minute-per-month Live commitment), as well as performing the short ritual and journaling on it as your ray to share with the group. All postings made to the group will also reflect your color ray of the moment; and the more posts we have in the cauldron, the more potent the alchemy

More information to peruse:

WHY this Circle and why now?

It might be easier to answer this if the Rainbow Alchemy Circle were my own brainchild rather than something I’ve been called to offer to select magickal women. However, here’s the why as I feel it:

I am really feeling this Rainbow Alchemy Circle as an ANCHOR OF LIGHT on the planet. Each one of us brings our own magick to the circle, and each one of us will reap personal benefit from the intentions that we place into the alchemical container at the beginning of our 9-month journey together, which by itself is already beautiful. AND, I have heard over and over again that it is more than the sum of its parts.

We will be rippling the Love transmutation out into the wider world. Not only that, I clearly see that in our work together, we will be opening up the fractal planes and seeding the new paradigm of Love consciousness there.

If it is true that the Western woman will save the world, as the Dalai Lama says, then we are clearly the ones we’ve been waiting for. We’re not the ONLY ones, but we are the ones!

I see this Circle as part of a wider birthing (or midwifing) process: opening up dimensional consciousness and offering a new way of being and doing in empowered flow as an alternative to the now-dying Patriarchal structure.

Do you want to join me for this rebel-magick adventure? For me personally, I am already feeling that I’ll be healing many lives of being tortured, burned, and drowned as a Wise Woman or Witch on this journey; this is one of the intentions that I will be placing into our container as we begin.

How to Hold a Color Ray

Several invitees have asked me how to hold a color ray. First, let my say that I think everyone knows, if she lets herself really surrender to it, how to do this, so please don’t take what I say here as any kind of hard-and-fast rule. Here are some thoughts or possibilities, though:

  • wear the color as you’re doing the ritual and on the video calls (this is the only ask, actually)
  • wear any crystals that are associated with the color ray during rituals, calls, and in between
  • use an anointing oil associated with your color ray for rituals, calls, and in between (I can provide mantras from Scent Priestess Diana DuBrow for each ray/oil)
  • focus on opening the chakra associated with your color ray on a regular basis
  • meditate on the color
  • be on the lookout for how the color–which chooses YOU, not the other way around, typically–shows up in your world
  • explore elemental, planetary, and any other associations with color rays and their chakras
  • create a “color board” (like a vision board, but with color) for visual inspiration
  • listen to the musical note associated with your color ray
  • meditate on the complementary color to your ray in order to really feel the difference (advanced practice)

What color has been calling to you? (It may not be the one you think!)

There is, of course, an energetic exchange for this potent circle, payable on 6/6, 7/7, 8/8 … through 2/2 of next year. If you’re interested enough in this circle to find out more about it on a private call, I’m happy to share it with you.

I hope you’ll want to join us in rippling the rainbow magick out into the world!

P. S. : here are the dates of the Full Moons with which we will be working Magick. We will meet for the ritual channeling one or 2 days prior to the Fullness, and for the group-activity call about 2 days after. The timing of the second call will be determined ahead of time in collaboration, as it is ideal if all 8 members can be present at once (I will read into the container the notes and other contributions from any member who is prevent from being present on the call.) My preference is to settle on dates and times as soon as the circle gels, so that everyone can relax and reserve the times. Dates listed for the second calls are suggestions:

Sagittarius Full Moon: 9 June at 9:10 AM ET void of course 6/10, 2:20 AM – 7:36 AM
Call 1: 8 June; Call 2: 12 June?

Capricorn Full Moon: 9 July
Call 1: 6 or 7 July depending on timing of the Being Mythic retreat; Call 2 : 12 July?

Aquarius Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse): 7 August
Call 1: 4 August; Call 2: 9 August?

Pisces Full Moon: 6 September
Call 1: 5 September (day after Labor Day in US); Call 2: 8 September?

Aries Full Moon: 5 October
Call 1: 4 Oct; Call 2: 6 Oct?

Taurus Full Moon: 4 November
Call 1: 1 Nov; Call 2: TBA: Traveling for Priestess retreat

Gemini Full Moon: 3 December
Call 1: 1 Dec; Call 2: 5 Dec?

Cancer Full Moon: January 2
Call 1: 29 Dec; Call 2: 3 Jan?

Leo Full Moon (Ultra-potent Total Lunar Eclipse): 31 January
Call 1: 29 January; Call 2: 2 February?

Bonus/Final Call to celebrate Lunar New Year and Solar Eclipse: 15 February