Realignment Huddle Activated!

You’re all set to huddle up with your Keepers + Guides in the Records!

Your final step is to set up a time. Check out the calendar below for a time. Click “set time zone” to get to the next page then fill out the form with your questions so that I can look them over quickly to see if they need shifting.

Or simply text me at 404.414.2293 to see when I’m available if you find no good time in the near future for you.

I can’t wait to retrieve the answers you need! (Happy dance!)

Remember, you’re receiving this offer because you’ve been around the block with me a few times. You know how to best ask questions, what ego resistance feels like, how to get grounded, etc., but as a reminder:

  • All questions you’d like to ask with the word “should” need to be worded “is it best” instead
  • Drink plenty of water during AND AFTER your session! Even though this is short, you’re nonetheless touching the Godhead with me for a long time
  • In addition to tripling your water intake on the day of and after, we suggest a salt bath before bed (or any time after your huddle) to release limiting beliefs and other things you’ve let go of on all beyond-physical levels to avoid detox symptoms the next day
  • If you find you’re having a hard time processing the information, please book another huddle session asap (text is best!) to help you integrate and perhaps answer clarifying questions in your Records

Keep on doing your amazing work in the world! I’m so proud of all you’re up to in moving the world into a place of more Love, Peace, and Understanding! xoxoxo