Ritual Space

For women who’ve loved working with Elizabeth’s magick & are looking for a longer, deeper journey to freedom on the pathways of Hieros Gamos & honoring the Divine Feminine

Introducing Ritual Space


Ritual Space is co-creative by its very nature, so let’s build this experience together. Here are the elements I’m feeling so far:

  • this is a gestational experience: 3 trimesters, each with a different focus
  • we mark the phases of the Moon and the Wheel of the Year–really feeling into the cycles that sustain us as women and as humans
  • there will be guided journeys at the Balsamic Moon and a short Akashic Records session as the Moon rounds to it fullness
  • in addition, every month will include either a multi-part honoring of the wheel of the year or a kind of masterclass on a topic (such as altar creation, astronomy/how to locate your Moon in relation to current astrological transits, crystals, etc.); in other words: what I offer out in the world is included for you as a member of the Garnet Temple
  • we deepen into ritual, with opportunities for members to share their favorite rituals as well: the whole point of this gestational experience is to birth a new, radiant self who amplifies the sacred and renders divine every space she moves into by her presence and expanding  love-field
  • I’ll pull crystals and/or cards for the week
  • collective witnessing of the sisterhood amplifies our individual and collective intentions
  • the foundational crystalline energy for Ritual Space is GARNET–representing life-force, creative fire, moon blood, sacred sexuality, and rich, luxuriant prosperity (all our needs are met when we take to time to get out of  the spin of our minds and into the Truth of our bodies)
  • I see us gathering in a space which is soft, red, velvety with filtered red light–the space of our womb sanctuaries, but also the halls of our Power; in a word, our original ritual space IS our sex organs–the locus of our knowing, our creative force, our pleasure center
  • it is my belief that all women attracted to this program are always already leaders; whether or not you see yourself as such, this Ritual Space is one in which to deepen and expand the recognition of our leadership gifts; the world needs feminine leadership now more than ever!

It is time for true Feminine Leadership to be reborn on this planet


Note: I wrote the following on 12.12.2020, never imagining that there would be an attempt to overthrow American democracy less than a month later, by those claiming to be patriots no less. The events of 6 January prove my point: as hatred and mistrust run rampant in large swaths of the world and many are willing to use violence to get their way, it is past time for women to step up into the roles we were born to play: holding clear space for the Sacred over the twisted, and for Love to prevail over fear. This is leadership at its best: aligned, loving, holding clear boundaries, and embracing evolution.

As we come into greater alignment with ourselves and our souls’ chosen paths through our sustained focus on the sacred (that golden fluid of synchronicity that we all constantly move through) we naturally harmonize with our authentic desires. Through stillness comes knowing, and once we know we can take aligned action.

We don’t do this work to “become leaders” but because we are cannot do otherwise but heed the call of our Higher Selves. And yet, as we move deeper into this age of instant manifestation/karma, people will notice that we seem to be doing things right. We don’t seem to fall down as often or as hard when the rug gets pulled out from under us. What makes us leaders is when others start watching us, and then copying what we model: the “I’ll have what she’s having” approach.

The old (Patriarchal, hierarchical) model for leadership was that someone (or small group) of people at the top would choose you, and then you’d be at the top as well, out of touch with the responsibilities and colleagues you had when you caught the eye of the king-makers. This is top-down leadership, and the 45th US president is a potent example of how hollow and obstructive this so-called leadership really is.

But we are not kings; we are Queens of our own realms. We don’t choose to lead because we want others to pick us as the leader–we’re simply taking the next best step and attracting the attention of the perfect people at the perfect time. We choose to lead ourselves from a place of alignment and curiosity, and if others want to walk in our footsteps, so much the better for them and the world!

Feminine leadership is compassionate, not narcissistic. Feminine leadership doesn’t put one at the tippy-top out of reach of those being “led.” Feminine leadership is an embrace. It demands honest communication and isn’t too proud to change course if things aren’t working.

Feminine leadership is never an end in itself, but stems from a desire to improve yourself and the world around you. It is a creative passion, like that glowing vulva-shaped garnet. that starts on the inside and ripples out.

Let’s turn leadership inside-out together, shall we? Starting with ourselves and transforming everywhere that we go to be

~Ritual~ Space

Let’s Connect In:

  • We honor the wheel of the year, so this red-hued re(b)earthing officially begins at Beltane, and ends in the weeks following Imbolc
  • Our focus will be bringing the Sacred (in other words, intentional LOVE) into every step, action, and breath we take and every word we speak, surrounding ourselves–and those in our frequency field–with peace, compassion, and gratitude
This is a 9-month program