Robyn and Elizabeth on Intuition and Allowing

Robyn and Elizabeth on Intuition


In the changing business landscape that we all encountered in the second half of 2015, it’s more important than ever to be using and trusting your intuition as well as your intellect.

You’re invited to join Robyn McKay as she hosts Elizabeth Locey, Ph,D., to talk about the importance of blending the masculine and feminine energies of intellect and intuition; doing and allowing; figuring it out and channeled wisdom.

On this special call, join us to get some insight into why what used to work like gangbusters in your business hasn’t been performing up to expectations. (If everything is still running at top speed, you’ll be fore-warned and fore-armed for a time when it might happen to you or someone you know; it has to do with up-leveling.)

Now, you may remember Elizabeth from  a call she did with Robyn back in September, also about feminine energies. (Yes, they are that important now!) If not, here’s a quick intro:

Elizabeth a Ph.D. in French Lit/Women’s Studies who gave up tenure and a distinguished career as a professor and scholar to become an Oracle.

And along the way, she also invested in a ton of business training that she has since had to unlearn. That training worked brilliantly for a while (she built a global, six-figure practice in under 2 years), but then, once she had outgrown the “rules” of online marketing, she had to rely on her intuition to teach her how to recreate her business from alpha to omega. Instead of teaching French Cinema or Women Writers, Elizabeth now uses her award-winning teaching skills to lead people back to their inborn intuitions.


We’ve set up the call to occur at a special 11/11 portal, which is perfect for talking about intuition.

This call is especially for you if what used to come naturally is now engulfed in effort, and the more you push, the fewer results you get! This speaks to an ongoing energetic shift wherein, as we become more well known by the public and more comfortable with our own gifts and offerings, we are called to operate at a higher level, one that is more aligned with who we really are.

Ultimately, things are going to get easier (huzzah!) but it will require a mindset shift, and that’s what this special call is for. Register Here:


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