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20 November 9 UT/4 ET/1 PT

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Do you want to SAIL through the holidays AND fire up your intuition so that you can hit 2015 at top speed? Then join me Thursday for a FREE training call that’ll get your intuitive juices flowing.


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey: PhD, Oracle, Crystal Junkie, and Intuitive Expert. I invite you to find more time, energy + money by Rocking Your Intuition this holiday season. Make it easy on yourself: when you know what’s in your highest good, it’s a cinch to make the right decisions! Breeze through shopping and planning; trust yourself to know which events to attend and which ones to skip; honor your body by choosing which treats to indulge in and when to stop.


Often, we think of the holidays as “the best time of the year” but come out at the end feeling like we’ve been run over by a truck: rushing from store to store or from event to event, tension-filled family gatherings, too much of the wrong food + drink, stress over not being as happy as you “should” be, loneliness in a crowd, overspending and more add up to feeling trapped in the too-much and the too-little.


Don’t let December 2014 be that way. Come find out some of my very best tools to Rock Your Intuition, and find grace, balance, and extras of what you need most during the holidays: time, energy, and money.


Just join me for me free call on Thursday 20 November to kick off the holidays right: by learning to connect to the infinite resources of the Universe and your Inner Team.


Here’s a secret: it’s all a choice. Balance, grace, and extras, or stress, rushing, and not enough. You get to choose. And when you choose to Rock Your Intuition + Connect to Spirit, things get clearer and easier.


Here’s another choice: if you think “easy” is how you’d like to experience your holiday season this year, say yes to yourself and sign up for my no-cost training coming up this week below. And when you do, you’ll get FREE access to my Intuition Tools You Can Use kit, available for download on the other side.


What are YOU saying yes to this year?

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