We Are Finally Here…


… with our toes over the line.

The starting gun of the Age of Aquarius (it actually takes years to move from one epoch to another but the December Solstice 2020 is as close as we will ever get to a single moment in time of this event) has finally arrived!. We’re talking the fall of the Patriarchy, and more…

The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the December 2020 Solstice is here, and the word “shift” that is being applied (including by me until last week) is a complete misnomer. It is, in fact, a RUPTURE.

Join me for a 3-part series to ready mind, body, and soul for the new energies and to say good-bye to the age-old cycles which are ending.

On Sunday 20 December at 8 pm Eastern, come to celebrate and bury the old cycles.

On Monday 21 December, as the conjunction is exact, join me in an Akashic Records + Guided Visualization journey—ask your questions about the Rupture live or send them ahead beforehand. (1 pm ET)

On Tuesday 22 December, powerfully plant your seeds uncovered the day before and dreampt into overnight. (1 pm ET)

Joining me in the dimensional interstices is a powerful way to engage these energies from the inside out. Keep your feet firmly planted on Earth but travel far into the cosmic realms to harness growth, abundance, unconditional love, aligned next steps and more.

PLUS, as a bonus, upon registration get immediate access to the 2-hour channeling about this event, what the Akashic Record Keepers were calling the “Grand Mutation.”

Remember that energy cannot be bound by space-time, so the moment of the conjunction and these 3 days of massive change are captured in the audio replay. There is no possible way to “miss it” unless you don’t register.

Normally I would charge about $200 for this tri-partite event, but I want to make it accessible to as many as want it. The value of working with these energies (live or via replay) is incalculable. I’m offering 3 payment options: click the link below to check them out:

Join me to harness the power of this rupture for just $67