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Village Pearls Cover

I’m glad you made it. Readers of theĀ Village PearlsĀ  sacred practices volume have exclusive access to this invitation.

I’m pleased to offer you at no charge access to my popular report Crystals: The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon. This handy guide will help you to understand which stones I use on a daily basis to stay grounded and invigorated, to keep my energy balanced, and to keep my sacred gifts in top working order.

If you’ve ever been drawn to the energy of crystals and stones but didn’t quite know why, this is an excellent introduction. It maps outĀ in layperson’s terms how crystal energies work, and outlines 13 of my favorite crystals that are sure to become some of your most reliable allies if you choose to use them.

I say that crystals are theĀ entrepreneur’s secret weapon, and indeed they do help with running a business and assist in project creation from inception through sales, but you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to use these stones. We are all the CEOs of our own lives!

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In addition to the special report on crystals, on the other side of the form below you’ll find an invitation to join my popular Crystal-Pulling Parties–for free! I will occasionally announce to my list that I will host a crystal-pulling party, and you’ll have a window to get your request in.

How do the parties work? Once you post your request, I’ll pull stones from my bowl in reply to a question or in support of an intention, and you’ll use the key you receive in your confirmation email to read the message from the crystal realm. When you post your interpretation, I’ll come back with any refinements if needed. The stones are uncannily accurate in delivering the support that you need, and everyone loves the easy, graceful, DIVINE support of these pulls. Here’s a photo of my bowl during a crystal-pulling party:

Crystal Workstation


The shimmery white stones you see are Selenite (featured in the report you’ll be downloading) and I use them to clear the mini-stones in my bowl after each reading. They are pure white Light in tangible form! Read more in theĀ Secret Weapon pdf when you register below for this free gift. You may already have many of these crystals in your sacred space or jewelry collection!

Simply complete the form below to be taken to the download page. I’ll see you on the other side!

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