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Special Crystal Reading with Elizabeth

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Well,Ā hello and welcome to the crystalline path to enlightenment. I’m so glad you made it. Readers of theĀ Village PearlsĀ  sacred practices volume have exclusive access to this invitation.

My offering to you is a special Crystal Reading, with stones pulled from my bowl, interpreted live for you on the phone.Ā The stones are uncannily accurate in delivering the support that you need, and everyone loves the easy, graceful, DIVINE support of these pulls.

You’ll also get my popularĀ Earth Magick Essentials: Tap into Messages from the Crystal KingdomĀ guide to use for future reference.

Cover Image Earth Magick Essentials

This colorful 15-page ebookĀ features a handy guide to the 28 different stones in my bowl: laid out in easy-to-use table form including an extensive description of the properties of the individual stones, as well as their chakra and elemental associations. It also includes essential information on how Crystal Magick works, and how to interpret your own pull or set up your own bowl if you would like to integrate the wisdom of crystalsĀ into your daily sacred practices.

Peek Inside the Earth Magick Essentials

Of course, it would be great for you to read the guide prior to our special one-on-one call. As a former award-winning professor, I am always looking for ways to “teach people to fish” rather than to hand them fish. I have seen over and over how much more depth is available in the a-ha! when the recipient of the pull connects the dots herself or himself. However, I am always going to add my refinements, or even give you the full reading if that’s what you prefer. (This option is less powerful for you, which is why I prefer to stand back at first and give hints.)

Expect this call to run about 20 minutes. You can come with a question that you would like to have answered by the stones–it could be as simple as “What kinds of energetic support do I most need right now?–or with an intention that you would like catalyzed and made manifest by the stones. These are both very powerful options. In addition to the pull and the interpretation, you may ask any questions about crystals or my work that you’d like.

What you’ll get:

check20-minute Private call with Elizabeth ($200 value)

checkCrystal Reading: your choiceĀ of a question answered or an intention illuminated/activated with full interpretation of the stones pulled and how to capitalize on that energy ($100 value)

checkYour own copy of myĀ Earth Magick Essentials GuideĀ (sold for $17) that you can refer to again and again

checkBONUS #1: AĀ special promo code for $100 off my next CrystalCRUSH program.Ā This bonus alone pays for your purchase today!

checkBONUS #2: Enrollment inĀ my popular Crystal-Pulling PartiesĀ ($50 value per unlimited request)

The value of this package could easily exceed $500 if you come to at least 2 pulling parties.

All for just $97


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