Sailing Through

Welcome Aboard!

Call 1: Embarkation
(from 13 April 2023)

Card and Crystals for Leg 1 of the Journey


Call 2: Beyond “nec plus ultra”
(Solar Eclipse Day: 20 April 2023)

Main part of the call, including eclipse journey and Akashic Records:

Intention-setting starts here:


Call 3 : Stillness in the Middle
(27 + 28 April 2023)

Oops! A few minutes into the call my line dropped and I couldn’t get back in! So this is the crystal description from Thursday.

Hahaha–the whole theme of stillness and frozenness really showed up on Thursday at our regular call time to freeze me out of the event!! Here is the TAKE TWO recording from the following day.

Crystals + Cards for the third leg of our journey

Five stones in all (again!!!), which is the number of change.

The crystals that came to guide and support us for this leg of the journey: Double Bloodstone (on the left), Peach Moonstone, Lepidolite, and under that, Clear Fluorite.

Call 4: Pinnacle! (Contemplation of Fullness + Emptiness)

Lunar Eclipse + Beltane Portal
5 May 2023

I kept getting multiple messages on what to call this leg of the journey, so decided to use both!! Check out the card–super potent, and highly suggestive than instead of thinking of this eclipse as “hard” to think of it as an alignment piece we’ve been waiting a LONG TIME for–perhaps even lifetimes. I love that!!!


Call 5: Moving Beyond Duality
(12 May 2023)

Well, I’m laughing because I keep having a devil of a time getting the proper players to load. Please bear with me. I finally got the post-call player up, but the other one (pre-call/during the call) doesn’t seem to want to go, so for now it can just stay… (snort).

I am sorry that the channeling portion is so long. I was having a hard time judging time in the Records.

On a positive note, I LOVED the nuance about the difference between duality and polarity. In fact, I am no longer sure the name of the leg (“moving beyond duality”) is still appropriate. The piece about the “both, and” really blew me away, and I loved the illustration of it: two sides of the same coin which APPEAR to be opposites, but are actually and materially the same thing. Wow!! I’d love to hear some of your take-aways.

Thank you again for joining me on this adventure! MWAH! Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. Even if you haven’t birthed a human child, you’re a pet-mom and progenitrix of all your thought-babies. And, celebrating the Mother is the perfect thing to do on a Moon-journey, after all.

Cards and Crystals for this Leg of our Journey:

The crystals that came to support this leg of the journey (including some potentially rough seas as Jupiter crosses into Taurus on 16 May where Uranus and the North Node are currently positioned, AND by so doing comes into a direct square with Pluto) were Rose Quartz for all forms of Love + Grace (particularly giving these to yourself first, and then to others), Snowflake Obsidian which all by itself embodies the energy of Eclipse Season (hidden truths suddenly coming to the surface), Labradorite for Magick in all its forms and the “Temple of the Stars” (aka Akashic Records), Lepidolite again for the balanced and peaceful heart, and finally Dragon’s Eye, for more balance, harmony, the Middle Path, grounding, manifestation, anything and everything about the Fire Down Below, deep Mystery, and anything that Dragon was reflecting back to you.

I invite you to take a moment to contemplate how these crystal beings are working together, and specifically how they are working together to help YOU, at this moment in time. Consider the combination of Dragon’s Eye and Rose Quartz, as these contain the main message of the pull.


Call 6: “Land Ho!”
19 May 2023: Taurus New Moon
Official end of Eclipse Season

Card + Crystals for this Leg of our Journey

This is the Queen card from the Wisdom of Avalon” oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid. All of the Taurus themes are here! So perfect…

The 6 stones which came for us on this leg of the journey were:

Double Hawk’s Eye for enhanced Visionary Skills (Jupiter rules the Third Eye chakra) and the ability to bring your very best ideas into form PLUS all the qualities of hawk you came up with: these stones are holding up a mirror for you.

Rose Quartz: All kinds of Love, starting with self-love. The is the ultimate Venusian stone, and of cause Taurus is Venus’ feminine home sign. Everything about Taurus is oriented towards Love: self-worth, appreciation of Nature, stopping to smell the roses (blooming during Taurus season), beauty, sensuality, pleasure… Partnerships as a theme is associated with masculine Libra.

Sunstone: a stone of the Divine Masculine, and all about aligned leadership. I love how this is suggestive of the new Solar Feminine, and supports the Queen card.

Snowflake Obsidian: This one seems to come up nearly every time! It’s so evocative of Eclipse Season the way it brings hidden truths to the surface.

Amazonite: the stone of Personal Truth. Offers you both the courage to say something AND the words to speak that will land with the least amount of damage to your relationship. Contemplate how this stone works with the Double Hawk’s Eye. I’m noting that Hawk’s Eye is a Third Eye and Solar Plexus stone, and Amazonite represents the heart and the throat, the 2 chakras in between the Third Eye and Solar Plexus.


Call 7: Scoping Out the New Landscape

(26 May 2023) Venus Sextile Uranus for Planting/Birthing Unheralded Venusian Energies


Card + Crystals for this Leg of our Journey

Call 8: Terra Nova/Integration

(3 June 2023) Sagittarius Full Moon

Cards & Crystals for this Leg

Today’s Crystals in order of size are:

Kyanite blade:

Ocean Jasper:


Smokey Quartz:



Dragon’s Eye:

Thank you SO SO MUCH for taking this journey with me. It has been the purest honor to voyage with you as your guide and fellow traveler.

Deep bow of gratitude and appreciation!

Eclipse Crossing Important Dates + Times

Here are some dates to put on the calendar. Please know that they are aligned with the Moon.

*** indicates a journey meeting

xxx  indicates no meeting but a key date

All meetings occur at 1 pm Eastern except our final collective gathering

xxx Thursday 6 April: Eclipse Season opens at the Libra Full Moon

***Thursday 13 April: Final Quarter Moon; first meeting of Eclipse Crossing
What to expect: a drummed journey to kick off the adventure from a deeply personal space; there may also be a transmission from the Akashic Records

***Thursday 20 April: Second New Moon (“Black Moon”) in Aries; Total Solar Eclipse
What to expect: live transmission from the Akashic Records; setting of intentions for the coming month; possibly a short drummed journey wrapped around the transmission

xxx 21 April: Mercury Stations Retrograde in Taurus (retrograde in effect until 14 May)

***Thursday 27 April: First Quarter Moon
What to expect: live transmission from the Akashic Records

xxx 1st May: Pluto stations retrograde at 0 Aquarius; Rx in Aquarius through end of our journey

***Friday 5 May: Full Moon in Scorpio (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)
What to expect: a drummed journey; this is the apex of Eclipse Season, so strap in!!

***Friday 12 May: Final Quarter Moon
What to expect: live transmission from the Akashic Records

xxx 14 May: Mercury stations direct in Taurus

xxx 16 May: Jupiter enters Taurus

xxx 17 May: Jupiter-Pluto Square at 0 degrees Taurus/Aquarius; these are fixed signs, so something might get shaken loose here (there might be a literal or metaphorical earthquake)

***19 May: Balsamic phase prior to Taurus New Moon; Eclipse Season ends at 11:53 am EDT
What to expect: live transmission from the Akashic Records; setting intentions

xxx 20 May: Mars opposite Pluto at 0 Leo/Aquarius

***26 May: First Quarter Moon
What to expect: live transmission from the Akashic Records

xxx 1st June: Jupiter conjunct the North Node

***Saturday 3 June final meeting at 3 pm: Full Moon in Sagittarius
What to expect: Drummed Integration of the journey