Sarasota Crystals Party Welcome!

Welcome to the Sarasota Crystals Party! I’m so happy to share some Earth Magick with you

Above is a photo of my actual crystals bowl, one that I set up in the spring of 2009 to be able to deal with all the shi[f]ts occurring in my life at the time.

Although hundreds of stones have left it to travel with those whom I meet in my travels, I still keep this bowl fresh by topping it off with new crystals all the time. You’ll get to meet the original bowl when I come to Sarasota!

To save time, I’ll be the one doing the pulling while I connect to your energy, but you get to take the stones home! I’ve heard from people as long as 2 years after a pull that they still have the little stones on their altar or a windowsill… I love that AND I know that if you lose track of your stones, it’s because they’ve gone to do more work elsewhere. Below you’ll find a very general key to the meanings of your stones.

We’ve set it up so that we’ll get about 3 minutes together (20 people per hour). That said, you’re welcome to come anytime and stay as long as you like! Often, hearing what I say to someone else about the same stone can bring you greater understanding of your reading, because I could talk about each one of the stones for an hour or more!

Don't forget to let us know when you're coming!

Here's where to pick a time (starting at 1, 2, or 3 pm on the 24th). You can come any time and stay as long as you like, but we want to know when to plan to pull crystals for you.

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Here’s a handy general key to the messages from crystals:

Personal Truth

Amethyst: Divine Connection

Bloodstone: Courage

Blue Lace Agate: Ease of Expression

Bronzite: Focus/Shielding

Carnelian: Action

Chrysocolla: Sacred Sounds

Citrine: Abundance

Dragon’s Eye: Grounding + whatever Dragon means to you

Dumortierite: Organization (often comes to those writing a book)

Fluorite: Manifesting Intuition

Garnet: Prosperity

Green Aventurine: Growth + Luck

Hawk’s Eye: Support for Great Ideas + whatever Hawk means to you

Hematite: Manifesting Light

Howlite: Initiation

Kunzite/Hiddenite: Joy + Gratitude

Labradorite: Magick

Lepidolite: Balanced Mood/Shine Your Light

Moonstone: Divine Feminine/Cycles

Ocean Jasper: Self-acceptance

Petrified Wood: New Beginnings (on the way)

Rhodochrosite: Heal Your Inner Child

Rose Quartz: Love

Smokey Quartz: Grounding/Protection

Snowflake Obsidian: Protection/Relevation

Sugilite: Follow Your Dreams

Sunstone: Aligned leadership

Tiger Eye: Success

When I pull these stones for you, they are either telling you something (i.e. “follow your dreams”) or filling in an energetic gap, or both. If you get Rose Quartz, it’s both telling you to love more AND bringing more of the heart-opening that allows you to receive (and give) more love.

Congrats–you now have everything you need to read your basic message from the stones that picked you (they choose you, not the other way around).


Of course, if this has really awakened a love of crystals and you want to know more–i.e., what it means to have double or triple stones of the same variety, what the chakra and elemental associations of each stones are, a much fuller description of all 28 stones, my no-fail step-by-step process for interpreting pulls including a sample interpretation from an actual pull that you can see in a photo–you’ll want to get the Earth Magick Essentials guide. ***This is by no means required for our Crystals workshop on the 24th*** but IF you desire to go deeper, this is where I recommend you go. You’ll also receive special invitations for online Crystal Pulling Parties and other special offers.

I wrote this Guide in 2015 especially to. support these crystal pulling parties/workshops.

It also outlines my sense of the role of crystals in the evolution of humanity as Gaia shifts away from a Patriarchal Order. The key above is great for a surface interpretation, but if you want to REALLY dive deep (and consider your Pull as a profound message from the Divine Crystalline Realm) you might want to take a look.

Crystal information is set up in easy-to-read tables.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person!

Own your Crystalline Magick.