Saturn In Capricorn Channeling

Welcome to the Saturn in Capricorn Channeled Wisdom Call! (Scroll or Read to the Bottom of the Page)

Starting at the Winter Solstice 2017, Saturn moved into its home sign of Capricorn and will be there–extra powerful–for 3 whole years. On this call you’ll learn how to work WITH the energies of an extra-strong Saturn to feel empowered to manifest your heart’s desires rather than feel like a victim of someone else’s agenda. This is THE moment to create your own reality, and in fact, you will be whether conscious of what you’re creating or not.

Just a few of the topics addressed here are: best practices include starting from an aligned place; staying present at all times and grounded in your own truth and in your body, Instant Karma, creating/manifesting from a place of alignment, and the truth about what Saturn means or represents outside of a Patriarchal system! (Of course no one really knows this because all of recorded history has been patriarchal, so this is a HUGE reveal!)

This call is so powerful that in the first few weeks of being released, it was passed all around the world several times. I decided not to put this behind an opt-in–it felt better just to offer it freely, without asking even for an email in exchange–so if you listen and love it and pass it along, please do let me know.

In this channeling, the Keepers mention the “Breathing in the Stars” meditation they gave me a few years ago as a helpful tool. It helps you to get out of your ego brain and merge with the truth of the Cosmic You in just a few short minutes. Clients have reported using it with their kids to help overcome resistance and insomnia, and I use it to get out of my own way when making powerful intuitive decisions in my business. Find it here.

It’s pretty long (just under 2 hours long) and loaded with information, so don’t feel you need to consume it all at once.

Opt in below for free to listen and download it to any or all your devices, and please share this link liberally on social media or directly with your friends who might be interested or helped by this information.

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Own Your Magick,

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D.

I used to be a scholar, professor of French and Women’s Studies, and even chair of my department until I was called to quit my guaranteed-salary-for-life career at the beginning of 2010.

Since then I’ve been working to empower the Divine Feminine in both men and women, and helping highly conscious entrepreneurs to overcome blocks and align their businesses with their soul purpose through their Akashic Records.

In November of 2016, days before the US Presidential Election, I was called to a new line of work: assisting entrepreneurial Lightworkers and change agents to step into the Legendary Self each one was born to be. This Mythic Self work happens via Akashic Records, energy work, and emotional transmutation.

The world is clamoring for leaders who fray their own paths, led by their hearts, holding the Light aloft so that those following can see where to go. If you are called by the idea of Being Mythic or operating as your Legendary Self, please reach out. I am also happy to channel personal Records for anyone desiring to know how to amplify their greatest gifts and soul purpose.