Sept 2015 Pulling Party Details

You made it!


Here are the details for this month’s crystal trainings/pulling parties.


If you’re coming on Thursday 3 September, here’s the link:


If you can’t make it Thursday and want to join the Tuesday 8 September party, this is where you can join us:


(Incidentally, after the calls are over, those links are where you can go to pick up your recordings–yours to keep and refer to!)


I love having people live on the phone (especially for the pulling party), so unless you’ve got a conflict, you’ll want to dial in:

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Local Numbers:
Pin Code: 944199#


And, As promised, here’s where you can download your PDF on using crystals as an entrepreneur:

header_29Oct (1)

Crystals Entrepreneurs Secret weapon


Enjoy! And be sure to invite a friend to the pulling party. They’ll need to sign up here:




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  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you for offering the crystal pulling today. I have downloaded my guide and look forward to this evening.

    I do not have a specific question but I do appreciate any information/assistance the crystals would like to offer.

    All the best to you.

    Tonya (Louisiana)

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