Shine Your Light Download Material

Material For January

Class 1–Course Intro +Introduction to Energy:
Class 2–Using Energy to Attract Clients (Q&A on Sales Calls):
Class 3–Visualization of Sacred Garden + Higher Self, for C-Creation:

Material For February

Class 1 on Intuition:
Class 2–Using Intuition in Business:
Class 3–Live Channeling of Akashic Records of Intuition:

Material For March

Class 1–Personal Intros + Initial Session Strategies:
Class 2–More Intros + List Building:

Material For April

Call 1: Crystals + Chakra System:
Call 2: More Crystals!:
Call 3: Live Channeling of Akashic Records of Crystals:
BONUS CALL with Jordana Jaffe: Business Systems: