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Sweet sister, my gift to you is a potent meditation that you can use any time (it’s easy to learn, which makes it most portable) to anchor in more Light, and to shine yours without others finding it too harsh. We use the Loving energy of crystals to assist us.

Ideal times for using this meditation are when:

  • You are entering a networking meeting and desire to magnetize the perfect new people to meet
  • You are about to have a sales conversation
  • You are preparing to teach a class or host a live event and want to be accompanied by all your guides
  • You need to speak to your partner/boss/colleagues/clients/children about a topic you suspect they might not enjoy
  • You are entering your daily practice or ritual time; this will prime all the pumps
  • You are having trouble falling asleep
  • You are in a grumpy mood but do not want to be
  • You desire to feel more beautiful and Loved
  • You need to get out of your head-space and into a more creative or intuitive realm

Light up your entire body and align (with) all of your chakras using this powerful and easy tool.

This is truly a tool to help your Inner Beauty to shine.

Here you will be layering on 8 successive “coats” of crystalline Light, each harmonizing with the frequencies of your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star chakras, and then adding two powerful filters–one golden and one pink–to help your Inner Light to shine just as brightly as ever, but receivable as less “harsh” to some. (You may have experienced how bright lights create sharp shadows.)

Just fill in the form below to be taken to where you can listen and download.

If you sign up above for the download, you’ll also be invited to schedule a free, 15-minute call with me to discover which crystalline energies want to partner with you for the coming period. I’ll pull the stones from my bowl (there are over a thousand stones in there, as you can see from the photo) and will tell you what they mean and how you can best work with them.

Thanks for joining me here.

Own Your Magick,