SIB Thank You

Welcome, sister! You’re in the right place…

The downloadable meditation is available just below. I hope that you will use it whenever you need an energetic boost or to elevate your radiance factor. In a word, your Inner Beauty.

I’d also love to hear back from you about how you like it and when you use it. Thank you. It is my pure pleasure to share my gifts with you so that you can share more of yours with the world.

An optional expansion on the crystalline meditation is to receive a Crystal Blessing from me. This is when you and I get on a call together, and the crystals desiring to support you at this time come forward with their Love. It’s like a crystalline tarot reading, except that it doesn’t just give information; it offers immediate healing.

How this works is: I connect to your energy and ask the thousand or so crystals in my bowl to respond with their blessing. It’s the exact energetic support you need in the moment, and it is UNCANNY how accurate these blessings are. The stones don’t lie!

After I pull your stones, I always lay them on Selenite (those white stones in the photo below and also in the Soul Star level of the WALK AS LIGHT meditation) to clear and charge them before putting them back in the bowl to be available for the next person. The bowl itself is also always being cleared and charged by additional Selenite so that there is never any energetic bleed-through from one person’s blessing to another.

It is a time commitment for you, and a time + energy commitment for me, so please do not sign up for one if you are “meh” about it.

Just reply to the confirmation email you received when you signed up. I cannot wait to share the wisdom and the unconditional LOVE of crystals with you personally!

Own Your Crystalline Magick,

If you want to schedule your personal crystal blessing, please find a time here: