Single Mom Giveaway

Dear Single Mom–

Have you been looking for more peace and financial security? If so, then I hope you’ll check out my Abundance Zone Toolkit. It’s an mp3 that shares the tools that I used to increase my revenue by 700% in a single year! While they were originally created to serve entrepreneurs making it on their own, everything in it is fully applicable to dealing with kids–I should know! I’m a mom, too.

The Abundance Zone Toolkit, yours to keep on the next page, is a 30-minute gem where I walk you through my go-to tools. The first one is how to assess your energy signature, and change it, if necessary. What do I mean by energy signature? Well, a layperson might call it you mood. The energy you put out = the energy you’ll get back, so if you’re dealing with kids, bosses or colleagues and you put out frustration or anger, you’ll get that sent back to you. In the Toolkit I give you my top 3 ways to shift your energy so that you get more of what you want!

The second tool is the very popular pine Love Bubble meditation. It can help you to fills you–every cell of your body!–with pine Love and support, and when you’re filled with Love like that, nothing negative can reach you. When you walk around in your Love Bubble all day, your energy signature is sure to be yummy, so people will want to be around you (it will make you magnetic) and make you happy.

Finally, I throw in my all-time favorite tool, the Human Pendulum. This is the tool that I use every day to make decisions. If I’m not sure right away which way to go on a topic, I do this quickie exercise (it takes about 30 seconds at the most) to get a solid answer from my pine Self. Whew! No more waffling. No more back-and-forth. No more wasting precious minutes, days or weeks making the weighty decisions. Who has time for that? Use your intuition to quickly make the right decision, right away, and you’ll see overwhelm turn into a thing of the past.

I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. I used to be a scholar, award-winning professor, and chair of my department until I left academia for good (it was scary because my parents were professors, too–it was the only life I knew!) in 2010 to be a Spiritual Mentor and Akashic Records channel. In my first year I made a dismal income–about $14K, but the next year I crossed $100K using these exact tools!

Join me on the other side, and I’ll walk you through them.

Blowing Kisses to You + Your Brilliance,


Single Mom Giveaway


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