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Welcome to Elizabeth Locey’s Free Gift page!


This is where you can sign up to receive my special report, Crystals: The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon and score a private call with me where  I’ll pull a crystal from my special bowl which contains thousands of individual crystals and nearly 30 different varieties, while on a short Skype call.

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Your PDF on using crystals includes a description in layperson’s terms of why crystal energy works so uncannily well on humans, the kinds of support you are missing out on if not using crystal energies intentionally, and a list of my top-12 go-to crystals to support me in my business and life.


If you’re reading this page, you’re at least partially convinced (or intrigued) by the ability of crystals to provide critical support in areas where you naturally have some gaps. If that’s you, I was in the same boat six years ago: crossing my fingers and hoping that it was true. Read about my intense conversion experience in the report, along with the other key details about the best crystals to use for different situation that entrepreneurs face, sometimes on a daily basis.


Next, we’ll get on Skype to pull crystals for you from my special bowl in a short, private call. This bowl has several thousand crystals in it, and almost 30 different types of crystals. When I connect with you and pull the stones, they’ll indicate the exact energetic support you need in the moment. The stones don’t lie! Prepared to be blown away.

bowl of crystals

During this conversation, feel free to ask me any questions you may have about crystals or how crystals can best support you. I’ve got plenty to share with you, so this mini-call will go quickly! Look for the confirmation email you receive for more instruction on how to sign up for our 1:1 call.


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