Solstice Legendary Self Call

Are you called to explore what it means to live as your Legendary Self? Then join this Free Call:


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Are you called by the terms “Mythic” or “Legendary“?

Do you have a powerful mission to accomplish in this lifetime, and yet you have not quite been able to bring it into being?

Has your success been plagued by issues of worthiness, that keep you from charging more for your brilliant, Divine gifts?

Did one of the sets of wings above catch your eye?

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, PhD, and MY calling is to help people discover and step into their Mythic or Legendary Selves.

For over 6 years I was a master Akashic Records channel, spiritual teacher, and business mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs and artists (and before that an award-winning professor of French + Women’s Studies) .

Then, just days before the last US presidential election in November, I stepped out of an intense priestess temple in Hawai’i and received a download about leading Lightworkers to step into their Mythic selves. Two days later, as I was about to fly home to the mainland, I knew why: with the new president, things like justice, equality, and even basic human rights were about to get trampled on.

The Lightworkers of the world—those of us who came in with a contract for shifting the way consciousness is done on this planet—needed to mustered as Defenders of the Light; as Champions of Love and Truth.


This work was so important to bring out into the world that when I took my own sweet time to get over the jet lag, my car was destroyed in a massive highway accident in which the car that creamed into mine–an Envoy (messenger)–was driven by someone whose first name means messenger and whose last name was just like mine if you reversed 2 letters. Yep, I knew as soon as I came to and realized what had happened, that I was on the Universe’s clock, not my own! It made a sufficiently large impression that I got on the stick right away…

To date I have connected over 100 people to their Legendary Selves, and if this resonates for you, I’d love for you to join them.

Come to this free call to:

  • get a glimpse of your Legendary Self and the wisdom s/he desires to share with you, in a group exercise
  • learn why your feelings of not-enoughness are masking your true gifts and access to greater wealth and success (hint; it’s really because you felt like you were too much when you first got here, and to be loved and accepted you felt that you had to hide and apologize for your literaly out-of-this-world gifts and talents
  • discover why mythical creatures (faeries, mermaids, unicorns,  centaurs, dragons, elves) have called to you since your childhood
  • settle into a place of expanded peace and grounding as you move forward with your mission
  • receive exclusive savings on the life-altering 1:1 Legendary Self work with me

Register below to get the call-in details straightaway. People report that magick starts occurring in their lives as soon as they join my world. I’m a portal, you see.

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I can’t wait to hear how the call worked it s magick for you at the Solstice–peak manifestation moment of the year! When you listen to the replay, be sure to reply with your comments, musings, and what came through from your Legendary Self.