Sovereignty & Surrender at Sag Full Moon

Sovereignty + Surrender
at the Sagittarius Full Moon

Wow! I’m in the US, and here this rocketship (much more intense than an arrow shot into the heavens) of a Sag Full Moon snuck up on me right as we were waking up from a long holiday weekend. For my family, it was also the first true day of summer vacation, as my daughter’s last day of primary school was the previous Friday.

I always like to get these missives out on the day of the lunar event, but this time I just had to surrender to the massive energy. Whew!

Here’s a micro peek at the astrological energy of this Full Moon, and it’s massive. Full Moons are always the energetic peak of the month, but at this Full Moon we also have not one but TWO grand trines in Fire and Water (hmmm, maybe Pele and these flooding incidents have been taking notes), a rare and potent Finger of God pointing to Saturn, already extra powerful because Sovereign in his own sign of Capricorn, and much, much more. Every single planet has at least 2 other heavenly bodies in communication with it, either easy or challenging. No wonder we’re all feeling wrung out!

When I checked in with my guides about the topic for today’s message, it was “Let go of the delusion of control. Sovereignty and Surrender are team-mates, now go have fun!”

If that statement has you scratching your head, please read on:

The first part, about letting go of control, is one we’ve addressed here before (this link takes you to 3 great examples of surrender as the most empowered–and safest–choice you can make, including a voice from a live channeling). Energetically, letting go (surrender) is not the same as giving up, but the opposite.

Letting go of control is admitting that the small self or individual mind doesn’t have all the answers and cannot shoulder the weight of the world by itself. It’s the act of throwing one’s hands in the air and saying “I don’t know how to get out of this sticky situation!” Just that, all by itself, is the invitation your Guides have been looking for: opening the door for them to come in and help you.

Surrender, then, is the portal to Divine co-creation, and an expression of pure Love. It is the opposite of resistance. It is letting go of gritting our teeth and powering through.

Conversely, the desire to control is a fear-based response activated by our attachment to things remaining familiar. It’s essentially a deep resistance to what IS: an attempt to barricade ourselves in a fortress of “I want things to always go the way I want them to.” This is the energetic equivalent of being a tantrum-throwing 2-year-old.

For thousands of years of human experience, we have managed to get along more or less well in our fortresses of fear. Things have moved slowly enough that we could *usually* feel like we could get our way, or at least white-knuckle it long enough to get through whatever sticky situation we were resisting.

Yeah… That’s just not happening anymore.

Ever since the year 2012 (and it really started in the year 2000), things have moved more and more quickly on Planet Earth. We were used to Geologic Time, when it would take hundreds of thousands of years for a creek to become a river which carved out a huge canyon. No human lifetime could see any change at all.

Well, it’s as though that hard rock is now soft shale mud. The riverbed can take on new sinuous curves over the course of a single storm. If we try to hold onto what we know, we’re likely to be washed away.

This is really the main message of the Uranus in Taurus call I recently did. (I keep re-listening, and every day new people tell me how spot-on it was for them.)

According to the Akashic Records of this topic, we have entered an 8-year period where constant change and unfamiliar landscapes are just going to become a fact of life. We will eventually come to terms with all the sudden and dramatic shifts (i.e., the energy of it will be will be less unsettling because so familiar) but the beginning years will be tough because change is something that most humans don’t like, period. Thus, the resistance.

How does all this relate to Sovereignty, then?

Sovereignty, of course, is the sense of freedom, self-authority, and self-determination. Essentially: self-rule. The ability to choose in every moment what your next action, thought, or word will be. Not being controlled by others, but having the power to choose and do in your own realm.

Again, for thousands of years of human experience, people have thought of Sovereignty as the ability to impose one’s will upon others. To have power OVER. To coerce. We created hierarchies in which those at the tippy top could ordain how life would be for them and for those underneath (if those at the top even bothered to think of them at all).

Now, with this shift out of the aging and decrepit fear-based paradigm into one based on the building blocks of the rest of the Universe (that would be Love), the long-standing view of Sovereignty As Control is falling away. In its place is the more aligned view of Sovereignty As Surrender.

As we become increasingly more intuitive, and as our hearts open ever more widely to include others, their experiences, and their truths, the new, more expansive perspective of Sovereignty as being guided every step of the way (full surrender with no resistance) gains more power among humans. Soon it will be the only true way to view it.

A few weeks ago I did a Personal Oracle Consultation for a powerful intuitive whom I’ve been following for the better part of a decade. It was amazing, and top to bottom, it was all about Surrender. She gave me permission to share some of what the Keepers told her, so that her information might also help my readers. She asked that I let her know if this information helps others, so please be sure to reach out if this heals any wounds or connects any dots for you, so that I can pass it on to her.

In a nutshell, she was hoping to hold onto a soulmate partner and a piece of property which also had a soulmate quality for her: she could recall numerous past lives there. Another past-life connection who (mistakenly) felt wronged by my client had arrived on the scene and wanted to take these away from her in a kind of misplaced sense of retribution.

The guidance, over and over, was to let go. To release all attachment, because being attached was actually the weaker position.

Yes: holding on tight made the likelihood that she could keep both the lover and the land weaker, less certain.

(Let that sink in for a moment. This corresponds to the information I’ve previously channeled saying that a door with many locks is more likely to be breached than an unlocked one; a locked door holds more fascination and begs the question “what’s behind it that calls for so much protection?”)

If she was to be completely surrendered, and let go of all the agreements and commitments that she had made with partner and property; if she released her right, and even desire, to hold tightly to those relationships with lover and land, it was far more likely that she could actually keep them. Surrender, then, was the path by which she could be Sovereign on her land, with her beloved consort.

At the end, in order to soothe her grief and fears surrounding the situation, the Akashic Record Keepers told her over and over again (and I keep going back to this because it was so breathtakingly beautiful that it made me cry while I was channeling) just how loved she was.

In my own words-I never go back to listen to any channeling I do for someone else, as it’s not mine to keep-this is what they had to say:

You are so loved. Every blade of grass; every ray of sunshine or moonlight; every petal of every blooming flower; every birdsong you hear; every breath of wind; every cloud in the sky; every leaf on every tree; every scent that wafts its way to you: EVERYTHING in nature that you see, hear, feel, smell, or taste is a SONG celebrating YOU. It’s all an ode to how much you are LOVED by the Divine Plane.

When you let the song of your own heart merge fully with the song of the Universe in pure Love and Surrender, you can never lose. Ever.

Sending you SO much Love during these difficult times, and reminding you to

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: In a word, what do Sovereignty and Surrender have in common? F R E E D O M. Just sayin’.

Claim yours today.

P.P.S.: I’ve been stirring my cauldron cooking up some interesting offers around Sovereignty. Look for that in a future email/post, coming soon.