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Get ready for a fun call with Stephanie and Elizabeth where you’ll laugh a lot and learn fun ways to kiss your Chief Worry Officer good-bye!

I’m one of those people who love to share great–free!–resources with a friend. Are you? If so, check this out: tell your friends about this event with no strings attached; I have no way of capturing their addresses, so you’re definitely not doing anything that I wouldn’t do for my own friends! And, in the spirit of exchange, I’ll send you to a page where you can download an audio file where I walk you through of one of my most popular meditations. Is it a deal?

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Hey there!

Want to join me for this amazing teleclass with my mentor Stephanie Pedersen and her good friend Elizabeth Locey? I just signed up, and here’s the coolest part: in addition to learning how to use intuition in business (the best f*ree biz advice there is), Elizabeth will be channeling from the Akashic Records of Intuition on the call. Don’t know what that is? Come and find out! Early registrants can submit questions for the Records! The only investment is an hour of your time.

See you there, I hope!

No thanks, just take me to the call details.

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