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Rounding Out 2016 with Grace + Courage

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“I was blown away by how resonant [the Keepers’] answer was! And so this validation

from them helps me trust myself/my guides more. Thank you!!!”

Back in the first days of January 2016, I was channel for a message about How to Flourish in 2016. On the registration page, I wrote these words:

Wouldn’t it be nice to equip ourselves with best practices for riding the waves of change in the coming year? Personally, I’m eager to learn how best to face what is coming, and not just find myself in a year’s time washed up on the shore, battered, bruised, gasping for breath, and spitting sand. I want to RIDE the waves, not be knocked down by them. Cruising along on the crest, the wind in my hair, borne forward to my brilliant future. THAT is what I want for 2016. For me and for you.


That’s what I wanted, but that’s not necessarily what we got. What I’ve heard from most parts is that a lot of humans feel like they’re spitting sand right about now! Even the initial message from the Keepers back in January, when read in retrospect, feels a little ominous:

“The best way to flourish in 2016 is just to keep a smile on your face & joy in your heart. There are plenty of opportunities to feel anguished, stressed, angry, perturbed, frightened, or even threatened or menaced. And yet, the best way to flourish in 2016 is to recognize that every time you might feel one of those ways, to feel the feeling (dance/shake/cry it out) and then know that you aren’t imprisoned by it. Those feelings are there to point you to something, but you do not need to stay locked inside them. Every time you’re feeling an uncomfortable feeling, the two steps to take are (1) feeling the feeling until it leaves your body and (2) knowing that you can always choose joy. Joy is always a viable choice. Listen to the message of the feeling and take the action suggested. Then return to choosing joy.”

The energy we were all in when I channeled this was one of eager anticipation of the year to come. Now, three-quarters of the way through this turning-point year, it’s like we’re all veterans home from the Front, hobbling on crutches or with bandaged heads, still reeling from shellshock, and about to be heading back to the trenches.

Let me remind us (I need to hear it, too) that we chose to be here at this critical juncture. We have all been preparing ourselves for lifetimes for this very moment. We came here not merely to be witnesses to this crossroads in history, but to turn the tide.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


We need to keep shining our Lights and opening our hearts in the face of the seriously scary sh*t that’s going down out there in the world. As we approach the U.S. presidential election, we lightbearers must be grounded, open, clear, and courageous. We have to hold as pure a frequency of Love and Truth as we possibly can, in order to be able the tip the scales away from fear and manipulation.

I have been feeling since the Solar Eclipse on September 1st that I needed to do another live channeling on how to thrive (or even just survive) the last hurrahs of 2016, updated for the higher intensity energies that we are living through right now.


I picked this date not only because it marks the official start to the 4th quarter of the year, but also because it is a New Moon. All day long on the 1st is a powerful day for setting new intentions. During the healing portion at the front of the call, your powerful intentions to release what has been holding you back will be made even more potent by Moon Magick. (To reap the most benefit of the Moon Magick, make sure to listen–and set your intentions–sometime during the day on the 1st.)

If you’re new to my world, the Akashic Records are an ethereal archive; a virtual storehouse of all the Divine Wisdom there is to know. I say “Akashic Records,” but these days it’s more of a shorthand. These days I’m channeling pure potentiality, All That Is. I’m not a braggart by nature, but I have to admit that I keep astounding myself and those for whom I channel by the depth of the truths that come out of my mouth when I do this work.

In this Oracle transmission, you’ll receive soul-level answers to dozens of questions about how to finish 2016 with grace and courage. People typically find that they receive exactly what they need, even if they’re not live on the phone to ask questions.


Here are some reactions from those who were on the live call:

“I feel MUCH more at peace, and centered in myself. So much needed. Thank you


“I love the TRUST, PRESENCE and GRATITUDE trio. Last year I had meditated on the 4 absolute essential qualities to nurture as an awakening human and 2 of these qualities were in there. I was never quite satisfied with the other 2 “self awareness” and “aligned action” and this call has given me more clarity on that. I understand Self-awareness was actually the awareness of things around us without which we cannot feel awe or gratitude. Will meditate on 4th quality!”


“Wozer! of a call – I laid down, ate some chips, just out of the tub and ready for a nap…. Mother Raven shook me in my boots – if I’d had them on it would have been literally. I loved the car analogy, especially the muddy windshield.”



I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. + Oracle. After a short yet distinguished career as a professor of French + Women’s Studies, I have dedicated myself professionally to channeling Divine Wisdom in service to humanity, awakening in people the long-dormant magick within them of using intuition and crystals, and guiding a select few along their evolutionary edge.

I invite you to join me for the magickal energy clearing and the illuminating  questions and answers.

For just $35, you’ll get to step into the Vortex with me, let go of whatever you need to release, benefit from all the questions and answers about thriving for the rest of 2016 and beyond, and download the recording to your personal listening library to refer to again and again throughout the coming months.

If you have participated in or listened to previous Live Channelings/Oracle transmissions, you know what a captivating energy this vortex invites you to partake of. It’s the frequency of pure Divine Love, a vibration that is almost shimmery: sweet, gentle light, like floating on the clouds. You should know that the energy of the ethereal plane is still very present when you listen to the replay. You’ll want to get grounded afterwards before doing serious work or getting behind the wheel of a car, as this sweet energy is so potent that you’ll be walking a few inches off the ground until you do.

So what do you say, are you going to come play with me and find out how to ride the waves of change in 2016 that are already gathering? Click below if you’re a yes.


“Rich Rich Call. So much there, Thank you… Priceless.”


“This was exactly where I needed to be this weekend.”


Finish 2016 with Strength, Grace + Courage